Fix Why is my laptop battery draining so fast- (9 Best solutions)

Battery draining in laptops is universal specifically in windows machines, the problem is common be it windows 10 or 11, Microsoft operating system drains batteries faster than other counterparts.

Though the issue is constant yet there can be various other things that involve draining your laptop’s power some of them can be fixed immediately to boost the laptop’s efficiency so suggest you go through this post to get a complete guide.

If your battery is outdated or older then that might be a battery fault, however, this is not always the case before considering replacing the battery you can test out a few things to check if battery life improves.

Moreover, even if your new device is unable to generate good working hours, then you must be thinking Why is my laptop battery draining so fast below are listed reasons that might cause your battery to drain quickly, let’s also discuss solutions for how to fix laptop battery draining fast.

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Why is my laptop battery draining so fast?

Why is my laptop battery draining so fast

As discussed, there is no one specific reason why your laptop delivers weak battery performance so we have to examine every possible solution until we reach a conclusion.

Additionally, make sure not to open the laptop internals to check battery health specially if the laptop is in the warranty stage, as non-technical users might end up damaging hardware, regardless most of the below steps do not mandate you to open your laptop.

1. Working on heavy Intensive tasks

Before going into any other detail first you must check the usage, for instance, there are chances your laptop battery dealing with heavy applications and the battery is not capable enough to handle the pressure.

Tasks like playing games, streaming, 3D modeling, or editing videos and images put a lot of stress on your battery as result your laptop battery drains in a few hours.

Moreover, multitasking is part of our daily work where we open multiple internet tabs and other files to improve working efficiency but this can also lead to battery drainage.

The good thing is you can easily check the applications that are consuming battery and disable them temporarily, just go to the settings section and click on system.

There are a lot of options that pop up you have to click on battery and scroll down below you will see the list of apps with percentages mentioned indicating usage of battery.

However, at times systems track app usage only on battery power not while the machine is plugged in so if it is not showing you a result make sure to try again by removing the charger and now take your decision either to remove or to disable any software.

To eliminate apps from your computer again go back to settings and click on apps, under the apps section you can see a complete list of programs you are using, click on the apps that you wish to uninstall especially those that are consuming your laptop’s battery.

2. Too many software and applications active in the background

While using the PC or laptop we intend to install a lot of software and most of the time we do not use it but do you know that they keep running in the background?

It also uses the resources of the machine not only the battery but also the ram and CPU, indirectly it also spoils the performance as result your device restricts its capacity as at the background apps utilize the CPU or ram.

Always you should keep on checking the background apps on your system, for now, to disable them go to settings, click on privacy and find the background apps option you have to scroll down a bit once you find click on it and start disabling which is unused for a long time.

This step will drastically improve your battery’s health moreover this is temporarily disabling you can always utilize it whenever needed, to accomplish apps again you can follow the same process and enable the app you want to use.

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3. Laptop working on high brightness

If you have practice working on a bright screen then you have to largely compromise on your laptop’s battery nonetheless it’s also harmful to your eyes so always keep the approach working on low brightness where you can view the visuals properly.

This is a very simple step just click on the downside of the laptop’s taskbar, click on the battery symbol and manage the brightness.

Moreover in case do not find the option in the taskbar then you can also go into settings and click on display, and reduce the brightness level.

There is also another method you can apply to increase battery support if you are not doing any work where resolution matters then suggest you lower the resolution since you are already in the display option find the resolution section, and change the resolution of your display.


4. Overuse of backlit keyboard

Modern laptops are equipped with backlit keyboards to smoothen your work while doing late night shifts, also nowadays gamers like to use those colorful and designer keyboards but heavy lighting contributes in quickly lowering the power.  

Therefore, limit your laptop’s backlit usage so as to make sure on the settings only if require basically avoid as much as possible to see a positive outcome.

To turn off the backlit support press the function keys moreover switch is depending on product to product but most probably F9 or F10 is the possible key to turn off backlighting.

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5. Using many Peripherals on a laptop

This is another major reason why a laptop drains the battery so fast, remember everything uses power so if your laptop is continuously connected to a wireless keyboard, or mouse or attached to any external drive then try to limit your usage.


6. Connecting to wireless connections Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Apart from peripherals, wireless internet and Bluetooth also plays role in consuming battery power immensely.

However, we all need to use the internet on daily basis without a web connection there is hardly any work done be it official or personal.

Additionally, Bluetooth connection might be in use while online meetings or classes so not by any means I am suggesting you remove the connection.

Yet we can always control the usage, try using wired headphones or a wired internet connection we have alternatives to implement so why not use them?  

To eliminate the wireless internet support, go on to the settings section click on network & internet, choose the WI-FI option, and under the settings you can disable the wireless internet service.

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7. Wrong power settings

The power settings at high performance can also be the reason for quick battery down moreover this is only recommended for users who constantly doing any demanding task like gaming, streaming, or designing.

However, for the normal task, you can always keep the laptop on battery performance instead of best performance mode to make the changes go into the taskbar and click on the battery icon from there you can change the settings.

The best method is to click on the settings tab then choose power & sleep< choose additional power settings< and click on create a plan from there you will have 3 options as below.

  • Balanced- This option is auto-generated and recommended, as it keeps a good balance between performance and saving energy.
  • Power saver- The power saver helps the device to reduce battery drain as much as possible but after enabling this you have to compromise on performance use it smartly while doing heavy tasks disable it and for power-hungry work enable it.
  • High Performance- This option provides an efficient and faster system but also consumes battery life a lot quicker so you have to sacrifice battery.


8. Enable Battery saving mode

This feature is an amazing trick to enhance your laptop’s battery capacity instantly and the great news is you do not need technical knowledge to enable battery-saving mode.

Just click on settings< go into system< check on battery option now set the level where you want a laptop to conserve its battery by clicking on the battery saver option.


9. Change your display settings

To increase battery life, you can also implement this method proven technique go to settings under the system choose power & sleep.

Make sure to reduce the duration of on battery power turn after preferring a minimum of 5 minutes you can set it up according to your preference.


10. Check your battery health

If you have tried all the above steps but are still battery performing poorly then suggest checking the battery quality you can also take the help of a technician.

Best to consult with the brand’s service center, which will give you an honest answer about the battery replacement.

Moreover, there are few applications usable to check battery health by yourself,  apps such as battery optimizer install in your system as most of them are free to use yet it’s better to consult with a person who understands the technical aspects of a laptop.

How do I stop my laptop battery from draining so fast

  • Use battery saving mode this will reduce laptops battery power usage once reaches a certain percentage recommended is 20%
  • Never let your laptop use its entire battery power always put it on charging after 20% usage and don’t charge 100% keep it anything up to 90%
  • Disable the unwanted applications running in the background as it uses your laptop’s resources without any reason.
  • Use your laptop on low to mid bright screens.
  • Limit the usage of backlit keyboard lights.
  • Try to use a wired internet connection and minimize the Bluetooth connection.
  • Limit the connection of the external peripheral.
  • Change the display settings by reducing the battery power off duration timing.
  • Underclock the CPU and GPU usage.
  • Reduce the refresh rate if you have a gaming laptop you can set the screen up to 60hz.

Final words

There are many ways to tackle the issue of Why is my laptop battery draining so fast, do not panic as I understand it’s quite frustrating to find the solution, as entire working efficiency affects you if the laptop battery does not support long hours.

We have discussed all the possible methods to recover your laptop from the low battery life issue, I am sure it has helped you to increase your battery if you have any queries share your thoughts and also share them with your friends who are facing the same issue.

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