Why are gaming laptops so expensive in 2023


Gaming laptops are a massive asset, you have to cut your purse to fetch the best gaming experience, these are super flexible and made with portability in mind.

In fact, some of the high-end laptops are capable of beating desktop performance on the latest heavy games.

There are many reasons why gaming laptops are pricey when compare to regular laptops that we see in the market.

The major reason is cost, the brands have to put a lot of budget to make robust gaming machines where they have to add power-packed components with excellent cooling technology to ensure durability as well.

All these processes have been long researched and putting the right hardware under the system is necessary to avoid any glitches in the future.

Moreover, gaming laptops are even worthwhile for daily tasks, additionally, the professionals like designers and engineers prefer gaming laptops due to their strong tech support.

In a gaming laptop, you get super display settings to run graphics-intensive tasks, for more detail read the below point-by-point discussion on Why are gaming Laptops so Expensive?

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Why are gaming laptops so expensive?

Why are gaming laptops so expensive

1. Graphics card

Normal laptops largely have an integrated graphics card that is attached to the processor but for games, you need a lot of graphics processing power to generate fast-paced visuals that i-GPU is never able to control.

Manufacturers have to invent more undersized GPUs to fit in the smallest space, mostly dedicated GPUs attached to the motherboard which acts as separate hardware.

One of the biggest reason why gaming laptops are expensive as it provides super-efficient graphics card that delivers smooth images, a lot faster to get an edge over your competitor.

However, you need a GPU to play all modern games but it is highly supportive while playing e-sports and multiplayer genres where FPS matters a lot.


2. Faster Processing system

The processor in computers is key to success either for games or for day-to-day tasks every machine has a processor inbuilt.

As it is known as the brain of pc or laptop, though the role of the CPU is similar in each piece of equipment the construction and design have a huge difference between a gaming laptop and a business laptop.

It puts a lot of budget on making a stronger CPU as regular devices are not meant for heavy tasks such as video play, 3d modeling, and rendering.

The Processing system of the CPU in a gaming laptop is designed with 45watts TDP whereas other types of laptops come with 15watts, its quite evident big difference in power.

Moreover, to make your overall operating experience smoother manufacturers add an SSD drive into the system that loads the machine within a few seconds, for instance.

All modern laptops have SSD, as HDD is out of trend due to its slowness still SSD drive and maximum storage capacity makes gaming laptops pricier.

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3. Screen and refresh rate

Playing video games is all about staring at displays especially if you are gaming enthusiastic you must be sitting for hours during gaming sessions.

For this you need a comfortable viewing experience, now definitely desktop has a variety of options for screen size.

Still, Gaming laptops are typically made with the largest screen with maximum optimization that is suitable for high-end gamers.

Firstly the quality and resolution are of high standards you surely get full HD resolution and anti-glare coating to provide soothing long hours of gameplay.

The most prominent distinction is the refresh rate of the monitor which actually plays an integral role in raising fps.

Usually, a few years back 60hz was the standard refresh rate in laptops but with the latest games released in 3 -4 years the whole scenario changed, and 60hz went out of the equation specifically for Gaming.

The standard of today is 144hz and exactly gaming laptops provide you the high frame rates compare to other non-gaming laptops.

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4. Design, Robust build, and designer keyboard

This may sound silly but it’s true that it raises the cost while building a laptop, generally, the design of the gaming rigs is far more embellished and animated presenting a very contemporary feel.

In most of the machines, there is a lot of branding, logos, and lighting employed to give gamers a gaming vibe with its existence in the studio.

Besides build quality being an essential part specifically in high-end variants, gamers are rough users, and manufacturers have to create a durable and rich-build machine to enrich their longevity.

The keyboard plays a crucial role in smooth gameplay you need appropriately spaced keys to move the fingers more quicker.

Likewise, there are a lot of multicolored keyboards you get with a lot of modifying settings, and some of the gadgets allow you to reverse colors according to your preference, this all takes a lot of steps for brands to fulfill users’ needs.

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5. Advanced cooling system

The heating solution was the biggest concern in gaming laptops a few years back, but with a lot of research and inventions.

The efficiency of the cooling system has improved immensely in the last 2-3 years, nevertheless functionality in basic laptops and desktop correspond to gaming machines has a big difference.

The desktop PC has a lot of room to intake and dissipate the air that keeps the desktop cool during heavy loading.

Whereas regular laptops are not meant for any heavy work so they do not need to get an advanced cooling system.

Moreover, every laptop has a cooling technique but here I meant as non-gaming devices do not generate a lot of heat, and the brand does not have to stress much about extra space to manage overheating issues.

Video games are very high-end tasks as result they do generate a lot of warmness that laptops can not handle all that pressure, which can damage their durability.

So to sidestep all these, gaming laptops are prepared with advanced cooling technology and make venting systems with high standards there are pipes and extra fans in-built that keep the machine less heated.

However, gaming laptops do heat a lot more than their counterparts in fact in certain cases they can reach up to 90 degrees but to some extent it’s acceptable.

If it fluctuates and does not lag your performance if you want to know how to keep your gaming laptops cool you can read our article here.

For instance, let’s get to the point all this adds plenty of significance to your gaming set up also enhances durability and performance, this is another very basic but important reason why are gaming laptops so expensive.

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6. Battery 

Now, this is debatable as gaming laptops do have pretty average battery life, still, it’s true that if the process consumes power, then the machine will consume a lot of battery.

It does not mean that brands use the very low-powered battery in gaming laptops, in fact, the reality is these types of machines require heavy watts of battery to tackle all the pressure during gameplay.

Manufacturers have to make sure to add batteries that can last longer in terms of durability so users do not have to think of replacing them constantly.

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7. Advanced technology 

Competition is inevitable and technology has reached the point where gamers or users always look for new inventions and technology.

So they can utilize it to their benefit as result brands always keep doing experiments and coming up with improved versions of their previous models.

However, the latest trend is all about MUX Switch this has become mainstream, and gamers who looks for a new gaming gig look after this feature.

Where with one set you can operate a machine on an integrated GPU or dedicated GPU, all this offers you advantages that reflect in the prices of the latest gaming laptops.


8. Customization and Manufacturing charges:

 The biggest reason why are gaming laptops so expensive? I have discussed many times above that it requires a lot of research where a lot of manpower is involved from technicians to testing each component.

This all adds to the pricing after the final model is created and in this process, manufacturers have to go through a study and constant implementations with different kinds of hardware and tools.

Lastly, there are other accessories that also add to the cost such as charging ports, and packing materials.

For instance, laptops offer very limited upgradability after purchasing them, just for example in a PC desktop you can change almost all parts but in gaming laptops, you have only the option to replace ram and storage which is pretty much useful.

Frequently asked questions


1. Are gaming laptops more expensive than desktops?

Yes, gaming laptops are more expensive than desktops however it depends on your funding, there are two aspects we have to consider while comparing gaming laptops and gaming desktops.

However, if you want to know in detail read our in-depth post on desktop PC vs gaming laptops article here.

For instance, there is a simple reason why gaming laptops are pricey manufacturers have to fit all the hardware in a small space with special attention to providing an excellent cooling system.

Also, the components like GPU and CPU have different sizes that take a lot of research, testing, and effort to take a longer process.

Now coming back to questions see the first thing is if you compare only hardware and specification then there is no debate you will get a pretty more power-packed PC than a laptop with a better processing system with strong hardware.

Moreover, you also have to consider other accessories with a computer that actually makes a tie between laptop and desktop but as I said earlier the GPU and CPU in gaming laptops are underclocked compared to their PC counterparts making the PC a better choice.


2. Are gaming laptops better than standard laptops?

Yes, if you compare to performance gaming laptops are way more efficient and faster than normal laptops, the biggest difference is their processor, ram, and hard drive, also dedicated GPU helps in quick rendering visuals so you can do highly productive work easily.

Though there are major drawbacks of gaming laptops over standard ones are battery life and portability.

The battery life is pretty average and these machines are very bulky, so if you do normal tasks where you have to operate web search, MS office, and watch movies you can choose a regular machine over gaming.


3. Are gaming laptops good for everyday use?

This is also depending on your usage, however as I said you will not find any lag in performance while doing daily tasks, and you can work on it quite smoothly.

Additionally, it’s an ideal device for work such as editing photos, and videos, rendering and designing.

It is also portable compared to desktops you can carry it outdoors as well but average gaming laptops weigh around 2kgs and the battery life in these devices are around 3-5 hours depending on usage, so basically if you travel a lot then you have to always carry charging case with you.


4. Are gaming laptops a waste of money?

The short answer is No gaming laptops are not a waste of money it’s very powerful and supports heavy work, however desktops are still a better choice than gaming laptops, you should consider gaming laptop only if portability matters to you.


5. How long will a gaming laptop last?

This depends a lot on things such as how you maintain and use as well, the average life of the lower budget machines is around 5-6 years and if your machine has a strong build then it can even last for over 7 years or more.


6. Do gaming laptops overheat?

Yes, gaming laptops heats which are quite normal as the formation of the device intend to heat quickly, especially if you are running heavy applications like games, 3D designs, etc, at some extent it’s normal but if it continuously reaches 90 degrees, and above.

Then it can be a big concern, if your existing machine heats and you are experiencing thermal throttling then you can use cooling pads to keep it under control.

Final words:

There are no doubt gaming laptops are quite expensive and there are valid reasons as it takes a lot of effort, cost, and manpower to engineer new gaming laptops, this is a more daunting task than building a PC.

However, gaming laptops do come with a lot of advantages as well nowadays there are many great highly optimized gaming laptops in the market that make your gaming smooth.

Even though many gamers utilize this machine for game streaming, I am sure this comprehensive article on Why are gaming laptops so expensive? Provide all the information still if you have doubts post your comments we will guide you.

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