What is a mux switch in gaming laptop? (Best In Depth Answer)


The brands and manufacturers come up with a lot of ingestions, particularly in gaming laptops to give you better performance in high-end gaming.

Also, they want to ensure that the portable machine enables you to work in daily use, the technology has evolved a lot in the last 5 years and brands have come up with a very unique feature called “Mux switch”

The Mux switch is a technical term for a gaming laptop that makes many users and gamers confused either to choose it or not and they won’t know what is a Mux switch in gaming laptop.

There is a section of people who is interested in getting a gaming laptop with a MUX switch but they are in two minds about the performance boost on the latest games and whether is it worth the money.

Well, in this article we will cover all the doubts around you but it’s very important to understand what is a Mux switch and how it can permit you to increase your gaming FPS, at the same time you can operate it smartly to enrich its efficiency according to the circumstances.

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The importance of the MUX switch: 

In this segment, we are going to quickly understand what is a Mux switch in a gaming laptop in simple terms, yet before discussing we have to understand the operational processes of a gaming laptop with a display and graphics card.

The Mux switch is life safer technique in laptops as due to this functionality your machine worked under control with efficiency.

To know Furthermore, we have to go through history, there are two types of laptops you get in terms of the execution of the graphics card with the display.

  1. The integrated GPU is connected to the Display.
  2. The dedicated graphics card is connected to the display.

The i-Gpu with display: This is also known as “Nvidia Optimus” the technique basically is simple it runs on low configuration; in this system, you get better battery life and it does not overheat while working on it, also ensures durability.

The problem with this function is while using the laptop for gameplay and other heavy tasks, the GPU begins to render the frames, but it has to go through an integrated graphics card before delivering to display.

In these circumstances gaming session lags and has a high chance of a bottleneck as understandably the integrated GPU is limited with its processing acceleration and resilience.

Additionally, the CPU to plays a prominent part in smooth gaming, but the processor’s power divides as GPU utilizes power for display purposes as well and it consumes the CPU’s efficiency, this becomes worst while playing CPU-extensive tasks.

The d-Gpu with display: when the gaming laptop’s display is connected to a dedicated video card you get a performance boost while playing games or doing productive work like video editing, 3d modeling, and rendering.

However in this situation devices operates on high power as result it drains your battery fast, and it keeps running in the background every time you work on it even for a day-to-day task.

For this kind of machine manufacturers have to produce strong cooling technology so it can handle the heavy loading, it can also harm the longevity of your machine if your laptop has not been made with a good cooling system.

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What is a mux switch in gaming laptop?

What is a mux switch in gaming laptop

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Now you have a good overview of MUX or Multiplexer, the brands want to give the users the best possible performance on a laptop.

Especially to play games, and they have come up with a very unique solution where you can enable and disable the graphics settings according to your need.

So manufacturers created a switch that is known as a MUX switch, which helps to operate your gaming laptop smartly.

If you are using it for day-to-day regular use you can switch to integrated GPU and while doing heavy tasks like gaming and graphical intensive work you can use the dedicated graphics card option.

Once you disable the integrated video chip your machine offers high-end gaming performance that increases the FPS between 10% to even 30%.

However, you have to manage with low battery backup as it eats up your battery at a fast pace.

Moreover, if you are not playing the game and want improved battery life you can always connect the display to an integrated GPU.

This technique is largely used by Lenovo Legion series models and a few Omen gaming laptops from HP, but the MUX switch is getting highly popular since last year.

And since  2022 popular brands like Asus, Razer, Acer, and Alienware have been using this function in most of their latest gaming rigs.

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Do I really need a gaming laptop with MUX switch?

This is a tough decision to make for many gamers as though the MUX switch has many benefits and undoubtedly it adds a lot of value to your system.

Still, it does not become mainstream and has very limited options in the market, a large number of laptops are either expensive or in Mid budget, this becomes difficult for users who are looking for a budget gaming laptop.

Moreover, if you are deciding on getting a new gaming laptop with a MUX switch then you can consider it, but in case you already have one set-up gaming laptop you can also manage with external gaming monitors for playing games. 

However, this becomes a little backend forth work while switching it as settings take time at the same time you have to boot your machine every time you enable or disable the graphics settings.

Overall our suggestion is you are the one who has to decide whether it is needed for your gaming purpose, as every feature does come with its advantages and disadvantages.

Lastly the most significant advantage of having a Mux switch on a gaming laptop, it boosts your performance a lot especially if your screen has G sync technology, as G sync works better with a laptop that has a display connected directly to its discrete GPU.

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How to know if a gaming laptop has MUX switch?

This is quite tough and difficult to find especially while buying a new machine as most brands skip this information in their specifications, but there are no worries in this situation you can visit the store and take help from customer service.

You can simply contact the brand’s help center with the model number of the laptop and also you can check the review videos on YouTube to get prompt information as many reviewers explain everything in detail.

Moreover, if you have a gaming laptop with you or you want to check in your existing machine then the best way to go is in the software given by the brands where you change the keyboard, FPS, and fan settings.

Every brand does provide certain applications to set your gaming need like HP gaming hub, dragon center from MSI, and Alienware has a command center, you can check as per the brand of your laptop.

There are two ways to find out if a gaming rig comes with a MUX switch, first, you can go into BIOS settings by booting your system.

There you may find a dedicated GPU or Hybrid mode, another way is to go into applications settings, and see if you have options such as discrete or dedicated GPU mode, a few brands may have written disable the MS-Hybrid mode, depending on brands.

Final words and conclusion

The MUX switch is the future of gaming laptops and the trend is going to increase in the coming days.

Additionally, the manufacturers to prioritizing the feature as it has many benefits, gamers can use it as a high-end gaming machine to boost efficiency in serious gameplay and it helps to use it as a regular laptop for other routine task.

Overall, you get every bit of performance out of it especially while playing Esports games where FPS matters a lot.

Also, the CPU-centric games benefited as both CPU and GPU use their own processing power to generate speed and efficiency.

I am sure this post has given all the doubts about what is a MUX switch in gaming laptop. still, if you have any queries post your comments we will guide you.

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