Is taking notes on a laptop effective in 2023

Note-taking is pro-active work where you have to listen and write down important notes for later study.

There is no denying the fact students have to take notes efficiently during lectures and nowadays professionals like assistants also have to write minutes of discussion during meetings.

However, there is no debate that assistants should have laptops or tablets to take notes but what about students do they need laptops for note-taking? 

In this article, we are going to cover some studies on is taking notes on a laptop effective.

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Is taking notes on a laptop effective

Is taking notes on a laptop effective

There are many debates over whether taking notes on a laptop is good and also studies have been conducted with outcomes suggesting, for students taking notes digitally is not as effective as taking them on paper.

As per research note-taking on paper students intends to focus on lectures as it limits you to take notes especially if you are efficient with typing there are chances you start to note down mindlessly.

This can lead to difficulties memorizing the subject topic, on the other hand, you are not going to write fast as result you concentrate on teachers, so it’s better to take notes on paper rather than a laptop or tablet.

However, if you think of the other side of the coin faster you can take notes better for you as it allows students to gather as much information as they can, but there is also a chance that typing ends up disturbing your whole class including the teacher.

Additionally, a student who has bad writing skills can really help to manage notes efficiently.

So is note-taking on the laptop a bad idea well, to be honest, it’s a mix of outcomes as everything has its advantages and Disadvantages so let’s go into a detailed discussion.

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Advantages of taking notes digitally


Typing improvements

We are surrounded by electronic gadgets, after completing graduation from college you definitely have a bright career ahead and every profession nowadays requires at least basic computing knowledge.

The note-taking digitally lets you get comfortable with its keys especially if you are terribly slow with typing, it’s a good way to start your training from your college days so you do not have to spend on learning typing later to get used to it.


Learn to organize 

Another factor that is essential while using a laptop you have to organize everything properly, by making different folders you can access the data quickly and study later.

On laptops, you can create multiple folders for different subjects that do not let you always keep searching for study material, this is not possible with papers.

Additionally, this habit also going to make your work easier while doing an internship and job after finishing college this way you can also impress your seniors instantly.


Research becomes easy

We have so much information nowadays on google whatever details you want you can easily do research and find the solution, this really helps students who miss the topic or not understood the explanation given by the teachers.

Owning a laptop during lectures keeps things easier and once you read the content it fits into your mind perfectly.

Moreover, schools nowadays give a lot of presentations to make which is not convenient to design on tablets or smartphones, in laptops you can add creative ideas with help of PowerPoint which adds extra marks to your grades.

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Easy to manage spelling mistakes 

Lets us accept the fact we all make a lot of mistakes while taking notes, be it on a laptop or paper, it’s quite obvious as we have to listen and write the notes.

The overwriting on paper looks shady and it’s hard to understand later but electronic tools help you to maintain clean writing without any mess, in this way your reading becomes easy


No paper usage 

Do you know how many trees are cut down to make paper it’s quite harmful to nature?

If you take notes on the laptop you do not have to necessarily take printouts, it’s actually an environment-friendly method as we end up saving a lot of paper.


Laptop Save documents permanently 

The most prominent edge of digital notes over paper notes, there is no chance to lose your study material.

This is the more common issue with papers and there is not much headache in finding books where you have written your notes.

Computers are more prolific you store everything under one folder, you can also easily search your folder by typing in the search icon and you get your files instantly.

Additionally, platforms like the cloud can be utilized to store entire study material, this is the best place where your data save permanently you can access it anytime even after changing the computer no need to worry about losing your previous work.

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Disadvantages of taking notes digitally 


Creates noise 

During taking notes on the laptop the keyboard might create noise especially if you are a fast typist, at the end of the day it’s an electronic tool that is going to be noisy.

This can lead you to distract your fellow peer groups during classes and forget about others sometimes it can be distracting to you as well as you might not be able to concentrate on lectures.


Ditching writing habits 

Once you get habitual towards digital note-taking then you hardly going to use writing with a pen as result your handwriting can affect as you lose practice. 


Difficulty in remembering the matter

Deep research found that students who take notes by hand intend to remember the topic much better than the users who take notes on their laptops.

As discussed earlier gadgets make your hand moves faster but it is also hard to concentrate on lectures, However, these studies are quite limited and it’s debatable which is better between digital notes vs paper notes. 


Final words: 

Laptops are a must for every type of student be it in school or college, you must have a PC or laptop as it makes your life much easier and you can also send your assignments by mail on time and coordinate with your school friends to make your presentation.

Moreover, it is also helpful for online classes, even though taking notes on a laptop has some serious disadvantages but there are many benefits, you have to maintain and track your study material which is essential during your tenure.

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