Is a mechanical keyboard better than a laptop keyboard?

The computing work is all about typing on the keyboard but for gamers, it’s more critical as you need to have an edge over your competition only hardware is not enough for a smooth gaming experience responsive keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals are a must.

Laptop gaming is at a peak for the last few years and why not it provides a nice balance between portability and gaming however many gamers often complain about keyboard efficiency in laptops.

In this article, I am going to share my experience about whether Is a mechanical keyboard better than a laptop keyboard as I have experienced both and there is a clear winner read below for a more in-depth discussion.

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Is a Mechanical keyboard better than a laptop keyboard?

Is a mechanical keyboard better than a laptop keyboard

Yes, a mechanical keyboard is better than a laptop keyboard yet a laptop is not that insufficient either for basic gaming or another computing task.

Whereas no doubt mechanical keyboard provides a much better typo experience due to its user-friendly individual keys, durability, and flexibility to replace single keys if required.

However, there are laptops with mechanical keyboards available in the market which makes it confusing for users either to go with membrane keyboards or mechanical keyboards specifically when choosing gaming laptops.

Though it’s quite obvious to stick in your mind instead of buying separate accessories for a laptop go with a gaming laptop with mechanical keys wise decision but honestly functioning of a gaming keyboard and a laptop keyboard is totally different.

It is quite evident instead of a membrane keyboard in a laptop, mechanical keyboards are far better yet suggested you go with separate keyboards for playing games.

As the interface in laptops is smaller that does not allow you to free your hands your fingers feel restricted while playing games, even though laptop keys are replaceable yet it’s challenging to attach them to the laptop.

Additionally, mechanical keyboard in laptops is limited and expensive if you are having a budget of above 1500 to above 2000 dollars you can definitely consider it.

As discussed, an external keyboard can make your gaming experience blissful and enjoyable which can also enhance the performance, especially for multi-player games due to its responsiveness there are hardly any input lag issues occurring as each switch is equipped with a separate spring.

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Mechanical vs Membrane keyboard vs Chicklet keyboard

 There are 3 types of keyboards largely used for computer work but the most common are membrane, and mechanical keyboards another option is chicklet keyboards now let’s understand the basic difference between all of them.


  • Membrane keyboard

The membrane keyboard is a very basic formation underneath the system and it’s widely used in almost every laptop, it is made of standard rubber or transparent plastic material that is built in a single layer

Once you press any key it gives a signal to your system and functions accordingly the motion and gesture are slow, this type of keyboard is pretty ok for basic work and very affordable.

However, if you do any work where typing speed is essential like programming, gaming, and a profession like a typist where you have to take notes faster membrane keys react slower can harm your note-taking abilities.


  • Chicklet keyboard

The chicklet keyboards are also widely called “Island style keyboards”, the design is rectangular with small round edges that look like chewing gum and after each switch, there will be space.

The formation under the keyboard is similar to membrane keyboards with one layered rubber used and these types of keys are very silent while tying moreover there are few chicklet keyboards available with butterfly switches.


  • Mechanical keyboards

The mechanical keyboard equipped with mechanical keys has a separate spring for each switch therefore users get a very comfortable experience with excellent feedback.

While typing each key creates a sound to assure it has given the signal to the system to process your request overall due to immediate tactile feedback there are fewer chances of input lag which is a very serious issue for gamers.

It is specially designed for a smooth gaming experience, a further benefit of mechanical keys is you have to put less effort to provide more comfort there are 3 types of mechanical keyboards as discussed below.


  • Blue Mechanical Switches.

These are very responsive and clicky, the keyboard literally creates noise after each button press especially once you start very intense fast typing.

It is quite a satisfying feeling while operating keys but not suitable for a professional environment as it might disturb other people around you.


  • Brown Mechanical switches

These are also called “tactile keyboards” they are softer than blue switches and give better tactile feedback with a little lower sound, this is suitable for office and studio work.


  • Red Mechanical switches

It is popularly known as “linear switches” best to operate where you need quick feedback from your computing hardware especially gamers and programmers can love the interface as red keys are very responsive.

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Advantages of Mechanical keyboards


  • It is very easy and smooth to operate.
  • The key pressing is very user-friendly and gives quick feedback to your computing system.
  • The accuracy level increases while operating enhancing the working efficiency and helping in improving typing speed.
  • It puts less pressure on your hands and fingers due to its responsiveness.
  • The quality of the material makes them more durable the key has the capacity to survive up to 50 million keystrokes than its counterparts like membrane or chicklet keyboards.
  • They are easily adjustable you can also replace the keycaps ensures your premium comfort.

Disadvantages of Mechanical keyboards

  • The keys sometimes feel harder and also create a lot of noise while typing.
  • It is not affordable to everyone as they are quite pricey.
  • The cleaning can be a headache as they are a little fragile.


 Why do gamers use Mechanical keyboards?

 Gaming is a fast-paced task where you have to react immediately to counter your enemy, the gamers like to operate on mechanical keyboards because the response time is very speedy and immediate which gives them an advantage in winning video games.

The mechanical keys require minimum effort to press the switches and the space between the buttons is nicely placed which keeps the gamer comfortable and also quite easy to adjust.

Additionally, after pressing buttons keystrokes gives fast feedback and these keyboards are long-lasting and easier to customize according to your preference as you can remove the keys and fit another one easily.


Can I use the mechanical keyboard for my laptop?

It is entirely relying on your work however for normal work you can operate smoothly with a membrane laptop keyboard but for things like gaming, streaming, or taking notes mechanical keyboard adds a lot of value and increases efficiency.


Can you get a laptop with a mechanical keyboard?

Laptops with mechanical keyboards are not the most easier task to find as firstly they are very limited and mostly found in gaming machines, however, there are definitely more benefits of owning mechanical keys on your laptop yet membrane keyboards are decent enough for day-to-day working.

As long as gaming is concerned with casual gaming you do not necessarily require such a high-end device overall if you are a professional gamer who plays competitive games and relies on laptops then consider a mechanical keyboard.


How long will mechanical keyboards last?

The durability overall depends on how you maintain and use them however the buttons and keycaps look very fragile and feels they will easily come out but in reality, they have a much longer lifespan than membrane keyboards.

The mechanical keys minimum operates up to 50 million keystrokes which can easily serve you up to 8-10 years, additionally, each switch is removable if you want to add a new button.


Do Alienware laptops have mechanical keyboards?

Alienware is the first brand that invented laptops with cherry MX keyboards and introduces into the market the models like m15 R4 and M17 R4 a few of the best examples from the Alienware collection that own mechanical keyboards on a laptop.

Final words 

So overall the conclusion Is a mechanical keyboard better than a laptop keyboard,  it is definitely worth it to utilize if you really having difficulty while using your laptop keyboard otherwise, it’s totally up to you.

For gamers and steamers, mechanical switches are absolutely fantastic but the only drawback is the price you have to spend above 20 to 200 dollars to get one their durability is always an advantage so it’s a one-time investment for the longest time as it easily lasts for 8 years and even above.

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