Is 60hz good for gaming in 2023- (For PC Monitor & Laptop)

Gamers like to acquire high frame rates during their gameplay, there is a misinterpretation about gaming monitors that you need only CPU and GPU to play games smoothly.

The truth is screens refresh rate plays a huge role in delivering lag-free and crisp images during your intensive gameplay, but how much refresh rate is enough is the biggest question while choosing a monitor.

In this guide, I am going to discuss whether is 60hz good for gaming. As I have done a few tests on different screen monitors before jumping to this conclusion.

Additionally, we will also find out the solution for laptop gamers, if they already have a gaming laptop that has a 60hz refresh rate, and how you can improve FPS on gaming, so let’s begin.

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Is 60hz good for gaming?

Is 60hz good for gaming

For instance, 60hz is decent enough for old-fashioned and traditional games where they are not that graphically demanding.

However, ideally, for the latest games, you need to consider a minimum of 120hz, though 144hz became mainstream still the performance of both is somewhat similar that the human eye cannot notice.

Additionally, single-player’s games work fine with a 60hz frame rate, but multiplayer video game does require a higher refresh rate including Esports gaming.

To get an edge over your competition higher refresh rate adds a huge advantage to your gameplay, there is no need to stress yourself if you have a low budget in particular.

If you play games casually, do not stream, or are not into competitive gaming, the 60hz is more than enough to enjoy it on 1080p settings.

Furthermore, for 4K gaming at any settings, you must have a higher refresh rate probably up to 240hz, it will make your whole gameplay free from any blurriness and slowness.

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What is the refresh rate?

There is a huge difference between FPS and refresh rate, many users believe both to be the same, the refresh rate gauges in numbers and dimensions in hertz, this is basically illustrating your screen’s capacity to produce images and videos per second.

The more rapidly your screen refreshes make better the viewing angles, as a higher refresh rate means you can see fast-moving objects pretty quickly every second.

So for benchmark, if your monitor has a 165hz refresh rate means your screen refreshes 165 times per second.

Therefore higher frame rates prefer by gamers and users who are functioning on game development as while testing they do need to test and check the performance of their game.

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Is 60hz good for gaming laptops?

The 60hz gaming laptops are very rare in the market as gamers now prefer using laptops that have a minimum 120hz refresh rate per second.

Still, there are a few previous models that do come with 60hz which is not very recommended for gamers, now if you have already purchased a gaming laptop with a low range do not worry, we have a solution but you have to spend on a new gaming monitor.

Nonetheless, everything depends on your intent and if your game renders 60FPS then it’s not very inadequate for playing games on low-high settings.

Now let’s come to the point before buying a monitor I suggest you check the performance of your gaming machine.

Just install MSI afterburner or NZXT application to check the frame rate your game generates.

In this software, you can see the entire details of your gameplay like CPU and GPU temperatures including the FPS of your game.

Moreover, after installing successfully just suppose you are playing Valorant and the stats suggest 90FPS which means your laptop’s graphics card has the capacity to play at 90FPS.

But your live game actually running on 60FPS due to its limitations, to sort out this issue connect an external gaming monitor that has a higher refresh rate, this is one of the best solutions for laptops.

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Is a high refresh rate better for competitive gaming?

A general rule is you need a high refresh rate screen for competitive gaming as if your screen has the capacity to refresh visuals quickly per second which means you can see the hidden enemy during gameplay within a split second.

This helps you to get the extra mile to react before your competitor, For instance, with a dedicated GPU and refresh rate, the modern and latest monitors and laptops do come with impressive screen response time.

This is another factor you must keep in mind there are many types of monitors available with 1ms to 5ms response time.

Though many manufacturers do claim a 1ms response time in some of their models yet in the real world it’s pretty much difficult to generate such kind of quick response time.

Ideally, 3ms to 5ms response time is more practical and works fine for gaming, anything lower than 5ms is advisable for competitive gaming.

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What is the screen Response time?

The response time refers to how much duration your monitor takes to replace visual colors from one to other.

If the screen takes a lot of time for showing smooth images in their actual appearance you can see blurry and stuttering videos.

Though this is more related to the pixels of your screen yet, this includes refresh rate makes a good combination to assemble your video and gameplay smoothly.

As both assure users to show accurate and high-quality images, many users often get confused between the two, but to brief you manufacturers always measure the response time in milliseconds and refresh rates in hertz.

Moreover, to conclude, for gaming purposes always prefers to go with a laptop or monitor that takes less amount of duration to change its color, but when it is to a refresh rate and higher frame better to play the game smoothly.

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Is 5ms and 60hz good for gaming?

The 5ms and 60hz combination though not very ideal for high graphical games yet for casual games like racing and sports can provide a decent gaming experience,

Regardless, the lower response time is better for a fluid gaming experience, additionally, for multi-player games, this blend can put you way behind your enemy.

As the 60hz and 5ms response time will take a while to generate images and colors.

Additionally, if you want the future-proof monitor to play games at 1440p resolution and 4k at mid-high settings always recommended higher quality refresh rate and at least 3ms response time.

Is 75hz good for gaming?

This is not going to put a lot of difference while watching videos or playing games, though it’s pretty much ok for casual gaming like story and racing games.

But by any chance, if you think that it is going to improve your FPS as compared to a 60hz refresh rate then it’s a very minimal increase and you are not going to experience any big changes in gaming FPS.

Overall if you have decided to get a monitor that does not put any lag and narrower motion blur on images and visuals, then a 144hz panel is going to make your contest smooth on most of the latest games.

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Is 165hz good for gaming?

Yes, 165hz is definitely worth it for competitive gamers as every bit of FPS in video games counts, however, the dedicated video card also matters as the refresh rate is not the only factor essential to generate fast-paced games.

Under your machine, you must have a capable GPU that can support a 165hz screen panel.

Additionally, the 165hz frame rate getting popular among the gaming community yet the big debate is either any difference it makes compared to 144hz.

Well, it is not a huge gap between these 144hz vs 165hz, so if you have already a gaming monitor that delivers 144 hertz per second then stick to it, instead, I suggest 240hz frame rates to see visible changes to your gameplay.

What is FPS in gaming?

The “frame per second” is also called a frame rate, it is the regularity or repetitions of images that can occur per second continuously on the screen panel.

This seems similar to the refresh rate but it’s a little different as it shows the capacity of your computer’s graphics card.

As I have discussed above while playing games check the frame rate under the machine, if GPU is capable of delivering higher performance it will show you above 90fps on the live game.

Yet your game is actually running on 60fps only, the stats indicate if you have a higher refresh rate monitor you can generate better fps on your game.

Different Types of Monitors

There are multiple different types of monitors available in the market but they are largely popular for gaming as mentioned below.

To make your decision wiser you must know the difference between them, so let’s understand each of them one by one.


TN Panel

The Twisted Nematic panels are the budget-friendly option that all pro gamers like to play video games, as this type of panel has a high refresh rate and quick response time making it a favorite among gamers, the best thing is they are available at very cheap prices in the market.

The display runs videos faster and benefits you while playing games, overall it is specially made for gaming there is quite a downside as well the color accuracy is pretty average.

The viewing experience from different angles is not that great so you have to sit in front of the screen to see smooth images and videos, overall it’s a pretty solid option for gaming only but not for day-to-day work.


IPS Panel

This is also known as an In-plane switching panel though it used to be largely found in mobile phones nowadays brands use this technology in monitors and laptops.

As they are highly optimized for better color accuracy and viewing angles from the side are exceptional compared to TN panels.

In IPS monitors you get a 100% Srgb color gamut screen that delivers true colors, making it the preferred choice for designers, graphic designers, and photo editing professionals.

However, the downside of this panel is response time and refresh rate is pretty average in IPS displays.

Though nowadays modern monitors do come with a high refresh rate yet response time still needs improvement, IPS panel devices are good for those who have more priority towards work and want to do casual gaming.


VA Panel

The Vertical Alignment panels are often considered a mixed breed between TN and IPS panels, this offers good gaming performance and is also good for those who want to do video or photo editing work.

The VA panels have a stunning contrast ratio and it also puts less strain on your eyes just like IPS displays do, but wide visuals are not as great making them a little less favorite for professionals specifically for designers.

It’s a nice option for those who like to watch movies and videos due to its good contrast ratio, but for gaming, I would still suggest the TN panel for a high frame rate and response time as the VA panel is not meant for competitive gamers.

Final words:

So now it’s time to conclude this, the 60hz is decent for single-player, story, and racing games.

But when it comes to the latest titles such as cyberpunk 2077, red dead Redemption 2 or any esports game including a multi-player set up needs a higher refresh rate 144hz is a nice option.

As these types of panels are available in mid-budget that do not put much stress on your purse, they also it run most video games fairly at 60FPS from low-high settings.

This is enough to enjoy gaming sessions, I am sure this complete discussion help you to clear your doubt is 60hz good for gaming yet if you have any queries then post your comment we will guide you.

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