How to remove laptop stickers without damaging them? 4 Effective Methods

Most laptops have stickers on them, which includes CPU, GPU, and other components information, the purpose of stickers is to highlight the performing features of a laptop.

But when it comes to removing the stickers off the laptop, it is not very easy. Stickers on laptops are very stubborn, and they do not easily come out, you must be careful and should know How to remove laptop stickers without damaging them.

There are various ways you can use to remove the stickers off your laptop. You can use these ways if you don’t want to damage your laptop. Moreover, we have described how you can get rid of the leftover adhesive from the laptop.

Should You Remove Stickers from Laptop?

how to remove laptop stickers

Everything depends on you. If you want to display the power and performance of your laptop with those stickers, you should keep them.

If the stickers are of poor quality, the information or image on them may be erased as you use the laptop. Thus it is best to remove them.

Furthermore, removing the stickers may violate your laptop’s warranty. Therefore, before removing a sticker from your laptop, please contact its manufacturer for warranty details.

However, in most circumstances, you can remove those stickers if you want because they can damage your laptop or even the screen.

Stickers can harm your laptop by collecting dust and other particles. They may also leave residue on your laptop, making it appear distorted or blurry when you use it. As a result, it is advisable to remove these stickers.

How to remove laptop stickers without damaging them

There are numerous methods for removing stickers off your laptop, but not all of them will work for you. This is because you have no idea what type of glue was used by the maker.

Furthermore, depending on the architecture of your laptop, removing some stickers may be difficult, and using force to remove them is not a good solution.

For example, if your laptop is flimsy and you wish to remove a sticker by ripping it off, you may damage the construction of your laptop, now let us discuss the 4 methods on how to take stickers off laptop without damaging them.

Method 1: Peeling Off the Sticker from Laptop

In this method, we will be directly peeling the sticker off the laptop and also getting rid of the leftover residue.

This is one of the easiest and most direct methods how to removing stickers from your laptop. But this method may not work for you if the sticker is stubborn, so give other methods a try.

  1. First of all, peel off the sticker. If you have a new laptop, it will be easily removed.
  2. You can use tools like a blade to take out the sticker carefully. But if you feel uncomfortable using the blade, do try out other tools or methods.
  3. Gently scrape on the side of the sticker and take it out.
  4. After taking the sticker out, you need to get rid of the abrasive or adhesive.
  5. You can remove the adhesive with a cloth and an adhesive cleaner.
  6. You can find out the adhesive cleaner and microfiber cloth online or offline in a local supermarket.
  7. Spray the adhesive cleaner onto the cloth and gently rub the adhesive spot.
  8. However, this may not always work, especially if you are using a low-quality adhesive cleaner, but it works in most circumstances.
  9. Now, take a piece of old cloth and make it damp.
  10. Gently scrub the adhesive spot for a few seconds. If still there is residue, then try using the microfiber cloth and cleaner to rub the spot again.
  11. You can give cleaning multiple tries, and the adhesive will surely come out.
  12. That’s it. You are done.

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Method 2: Removing Sticker Using a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

In this method, you need a heat gun, or even a hairdryer will work. But please use these tools carefully, as they can severely burn your hands if not used properly.

  1. Take the hair dryer or heat gun and start it by blowing the hot air on the sticker for a few minutes.
  2. Don’t hold the machine too close to the sticker. Ensure to maintain at least 4 to 5 inches of space.
  3. After blowing hot air on the sticker for about one or 2 minutes, you should try removing it, and it will easily come out. If not, then try again for some more time.
  4. Again, use any adhesive removal or cleaner along with a lint-free cloth on the adhesive spot.
  5. If the adhesive cleaner is not working, then you may also give it a try using the diluted vinegar or even the rubbing alcohol and gently rub the area.
  6. Then, wipe the area with a dry paper towel.
  7. That’s it. You are done.

This is one of the easiest methods how to remove laptop stickers without damaging them, especially if you want to remove a stubborn sticker off your laptop.

Method 3: Using Oil-Based Substances to Remove Laptop Sticker

Method 3 includes the usage of an oil-based substance to remove the laptop sticker. The oil substances have been proven and tested to get rid of sticky labels. The oil-based substances can loosen the sticker, and you can easily take it out.

You can use cooking oils like olive oil or even sunflower oil to remove the sticker. But please note that this method only works for paper-based stickers and doesn’t work with laminated stickers.

  1. First, take the oil on a cloth and apply it to the sticker.
  2. Gently rub the sticker for a minute or two.
  3. Make sure not to apply the oil directly to your laptop as it can go inside it and damage the components.
  4. When you start rubbing the oily cloth over the sticker for a few seconds, you will see the edges getting darker, and this means that the adhesive is breaking out.
  5. Once the complete sticker becomes dark, you can peel the sticker off from the laptop.

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Method 4: Using Solvents to Remove the Sticker from Laptop

Solvents include rubbing alcohol, Windex, or even a multipurpose solvent. A solvent is likely to be available at your home. If not, get it from a local shop. You can easily peel off the sticker using a solvent.

  1. Take some solvent on a clean and dry cloth.
  2. Place the cloth over the sticker and firmly apply it to the edges.
  3. Put the solvent side of the cloth on the sticker for a few minutes.
  4. After that, remove the cloth and try peeling the sticker off.
  5. If it is not coming out, then again, try placing the cloth on the sticker.
  6. If the sticker is not coming out, this means you may not have placed the cloth for enough time, or you need to add more solvent to the cloth.
  7. Remove the sticker. If the top layer is getting separated from the adhesive layer, then use a cleaner to remove the residue.

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How to Remove Stickers from Laptop Mac?

Mac laptops have a metal body rather than an ABS or plastic body. So, while you may believe that removing stickers off a Mac is unique, it is actually the same as removing stickers from other laptops.

Use any oil like TeaTree oil if the sticker isn’t easy coming out of the laptop. You can soak a dry and clean cloth in the oil and gently rub the sticker and wipe until there is no residue left.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can you use a soap or shampoo to remove the sticker off a laptop?

Well, you can use a bar of soap to remove the sticker, but we don’t recommend using shampoo as it may not be as effective as using soap. But before using the soap or even shampoo, make sure you don’t use too much water or any other liquid to pour on the laptop and damage the components.


Do I need to remove the laptop battery to remove the sticker?

No, you do not need to remove the laptop battery to remove the sticker. However, if any moisture gets inside the laptop, it will cause a charge or short circuit on the motherboard, so use as little liquid as possible.


Can you use a nail polish remover to remove the sticker off a laptop?

Yes, you can use a nail polish remover, and it will work perfectly fine with most laptops.


So that’s all there is to know about How to Remove Sticker from a Laptop. Hopefully, these methods will help you effortlessly remove the stickers as well as the residue, these are the few proven and tested ways to eliminate unwanted stickers.

Use the tools and cleaner with caution, and because the laptop has electrical components, avoid using pressure and always handle it with care, also share your experience, and if you have any doubts post your comments, and we resolve them and reply to you with a solution.

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