How to measure laptop size? (Easy & Detail guide)

The laptop size measurement is a crucial element while looking out for a new bag, especially for the frequent traveler as you have to roam around with a laptop and other stuff in your backpack.

Measuring laptop dimensions is not very difficult yet many users make tiny mistakes while taking the size of the machine, this can cost you money and a waste of time.

As you end up choosing the wrong laptop base and cover, no worries in this guide we are going to discuss step-by-step methods on How to measure laptop size.

All you need to have is measuring tape or a ruler with a small notepad to write down the size and keep the calculator with you to convert CMS into inches if needed.

Note: If you are not familiar with numbers then just for your information 2.54 CMS equals 1 inch, can also convert it quickly by dividing your finding into 2.54, however, all the tapes come with both options still it’s important to apprehend.

For instance, if your laptop width or height is 39.50cms you can use method 39.50 divides by 2.54 to get the actual value in inches, or to convert inches into centimeters just multiply the inches value by 2.54cms.

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How to measure laptop size?

There is a difference between the laptop screen size and the entire dimension of the laptop, most users proceed the wrong way while taking measurements.

The common rule is dimension is the entire laptop’s size including bezels, and screen size is excluding bezels read below to know everything.

We have to note down the laptops’ width and height that would be sufficient for purchasing bag and sleeves yet for taking a more precise decision suggest you take depth & diagonal measurements as well, let’s begin.

Step 1- Measuring Width

First, we are going to take the width so make sure you have closed your laptop as we need to use the upper body for measuring and keep it on a flat surface you can use the middle part of the chassis or the bottom side of the machine.

Just put tape horizontally and drag from the left corner to the end of the right-side corner of your laptop PC, that is done now note down with a pen.

How to measure laptop size

Image Credit: Pexel

Step 2- Measuring Height    

In this step let’s note down the Height, do not open the laptop just shown in the below picture, you can take a middle or side corner.

To take the measurement this time you have to keep your tape vertically and drag from one side of the bottom all the way up to the top corner or also take it from top to bottom. 

How to measure laptop size

Step 3- Measure the laptop diagonally    

As suggested earlier to avoid any last-minute issues we must take the diagonal measurements as well, there is not much you have to do just keep the laptop as it is.

Now head starts by placing tape at the border of the laptop’s edges from down to the top side of the corner just shown in the below image.

Step 4- Measuring Depth

To note down depth measurements place your laptop on the table and keep it in the closing position, now take your tape in a vertical position, note down the measurements from the bottom to the top, and make sure you are calculating from the center position of your machine.

Even though depth might not be as important as the above-mentioned step yet if you are considering purchasing sleeves for the device then it’s always recommended and safe to write down depth size.

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How to measure laptop screen size?

We have just learned the process to take laptop dimension measurements but if you are willing to know the actual or perfect screen size of your laptop then follow the below process as non-technical users are always confused about screen size.

Step 1- Make sure to arrange tape or ruler.

Step 2- There are a few things you must know before writing screen size firstly never take measurements vertically.

Instead, you should always measure screen size diagonally and never include bezels in your measurement if you do in this case, you are taking false measurements.

Step 3- Open the laptop properly and head over to the screen’s lowest down part place your tape and drag it to the end of the display’s top side that is all done, now note down your findings if required.

How to measure laptop screen size

Image Credit: Pexel

How to know the screen size of the laptop without measuring it?

The laptop measurement with tape is the best method to get precise answers however if you do not want to follow the process or you do not have a laptop physically available with you then a simple trick is to go to the brand’s location online shopping portals like amazon or best buy.

Search for a laptop, once you find the model which you wish to purchase go through the specifications, or under the description, you get all your answers as brands declare all the features of the machine including screen size and complete dimensions.

Moreover, if you have the model number of your laptop it will make your work far easier you can search online by typing the name of the laptop and adding a model number at the end, once the results appear click on the results and read the features.

Another method is if you own a laptop check the manual or read the detailing on the back side as few models come with written info about the device.

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How to measure laptop length and width in cm?

The laptop’s length and width are usually measured in inches however in case you have no access to tape then taking measurements in cm is the only choice.

The method is quite similar to what we have shared above for width you have to keep the tape horizontally and for length or height vertically.

Moreover, if you have a ruler that is showing results in inches then no worries you can always multiply the total findings if the screen size is 13” then just multiply by 2.54.

The total comes to around 33.02cms also search online for a quick answer just type 13 inches to centimeters you will get an immediate explanation.

Conclusion on how to measure laptop size

Taking the size is the smart decision before looking out for a bag or sleeves for your laptop but that is the halfway stage you should also be aware of a few things do not take a bag that has the exact size of your machine.

At the same time, there should not be much room for movement make sure there is Velcro with a flap to fasten the laptop for complete safety and make sure it has enough padding to shield your laptop from breakage.

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