How to Get Data Off a Broken Laptop? (2 Best Methods)

Are you worried about all your data stuck in your systems-damaged laptop, and thinking about How to Get Data Off a Broken Laptop?

Well, you have all the reasons to panic in such a situation, but do you know there are ways to get all the files back on another computer without losing a single file, video, or program?

After reading through this article, you will successfully retrieve all your important data and start operating on the new machine.

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How to Get Data Off a Broken Laptop

How to Get Data Off a Broken Laptop

There are 2 best ways to get files off an old computer either by using an external monitor or by removing the internal hard drive from your machine.

However, if you are temporarily want to recover files from a dead computer then an external monitor preferable over hard drive elimination.

After fixing the issue with the technician, you might want to get back to the old laptop and while removing the hard drive there are chances of damaging inner parts.

As they are delicate, it’s not a very daunting process just have to be careful while following the procedure.

Now let’s discuss How to get files off a laptop with a broken screen we have covered both solutions, and after reading take your decision on which is feasible for you read below for more detail.

How to remove the hard drive from the laptop?

If the laptop is denying to turn on & it’s completely dead unfortunately you have to remove the hard drive from the system as there are no other ways to recover your files.

Now to follow the steps you need a few elements like a screwdriver is a necessary tool to open the laptop and to connect a laptop drive to another laptop or PC you must have a USB converter enclosure or adaptor.

Moreover, choosing the right connector is crucial, for instance, if your machine has an SSD m.2 drive then you need an adaptor that is connectable with USB to M.2 NVME.

Whereas if you are using an older model then your machine might have an HDD drive & HDD operates on SATA make sure to manage an adaptor that is supported USB to SATA interface.

Now assuming you have arranged all the necessary equipment you can follow the below basic steps to eliminate the hard drive from the machine.

As discussed above getting your hard drive from a computer is tricky but if you are confident in following the steps correctly you can do it easily.

Make sure the laptop is turned off and remove the screws with help of a screwdriver open the flap now take out the battery from your laptop.

However, the process can be different deepening from laptop to laptop you can also search video tutorials on the web according to your laptop’s model and brand.

Since it’s tricky take help from a computer operator who understands the fundamentals of an inner hard drive read below more about How to recover files from a dead computer.

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Connect the laptop to an external monitor to get data off.

Every laptop is equipped with some sort of display connection such as VGA or HDMI in fact few newest models come with DisplayPort.

So, check your device has which type of port so you can utilize for connecting it to external sources, mainly it is for attaching your machine for giving presentations but you can use it for saving your data.

If the laptop is broken but by any chance the laptop screen is usable you will easily get all your data backed up in the new machine.

To achieve this your monitor display must have HDMI input connectivity and connect the laptop with an external monitor, cable or adaptor needed that will act as a middle source.

If the device is equipped with a VGA port most probably the VGA cable can do the job but at times it does not work with HDMI input in this case you need an HDMI enclosure with a converter tool VGA to HDMI cable, which is easily available online

If your laptop has HDMI output then a normal HDMI cable will also be pretty much feasible but for mini-HDMI port connectivity you must need the cable that is convertible to mini-HDMI to HDMI connection.

Once you have everything ready connect your monitor to the power source on the system and attach the laptop to the monitor by using the cable.

Now to access files on your laptop turn on your machine, once you open the laptop keep following the instructions and check if the monitor displaying data.

If not follow the step again or you can use third-party applications that help to access the laptop’s hard drive files on another monitor you can also check with the technician once to fix the issue and a video guide can also be a great source to sort out the issue.

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How to transfer files from a broken laptop to another laptop?

The process of the laptop connecting to another laptop is a little complicated as all laptop comes with HDMI output and to extract data from a damaged laptop, must have HDMI input makes it tricky to connect.

To get all your data from the broken laptop you should connect it to external LCD TV or monitor that has HDMI input this process only works if the screen is readable.

However, the best way to recover all your files from the broken laptop is to remove the hard drive, if hard drive functionality is working fine, you will easily get all your data on the new system.

How to recover data from a dead hard disk of a laptop?

This is the worst scenario for laptop users as hard disk damage means it’s more formidable to retrieve programs and files but the good thing is at least your screen is working and we can figure out the solution for you.

Do not follow any steps don’t update the windows or avoid formatting in such a situation all you need is software to help you out with recovery, there is a third-party application known as Disk drill just assemble it on the laptop.

Follow the procedure to set up and wait for some time, application recovers most of the files if not the entire data but make sure to check everything correctly and get only data that is essential as there are chances of the laptop capturing a virus while exporting data.  


Should I replace my laptop screen?

The replacement cost is depending on the laptop’s condition however it can charge you anything between 100 to above 200 dollars, the best method is to check with an expert and evaluate costing if the expenses are high, it’s better to buy a new laptop instead of fixing the screen.


Can I repair my laptop screen?

Yes, you can repair the laptop screen, for a replacement you should either visit customer service or find the parts online or offline market, moreover, replacement requires technical knowledge so suggest not to replace by yourself instead take experts’ advice.


How to access a laptop with a broken screen?

It is difficult to access a laptop that has a broken screen as you cannot read anything so connecting to an external display is out of the equation but you can retrieve all your data easily by removing the hard drive.

Final words:

So here it is we have discussed How to Get Data Off a Broken Laptop, the best practice is to keep backing up your data in the external hard drive to avoid such a situation.

I am sure these methods help you to recover your important files and programs also share your thoughts in the comment box on how you recover files from the damaged screen.

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