How to charge laptop with HDMI- (Effective & Easy ways)

Topic: How to charge laptop with HDMI

The laptop runs on the battery to serve your needs from work to gaming, fully charged laptop is a must, every laptop package does come with a battery to charge, and always recommended that you must use the original charger instead of other manual ways.

For instance, occasionally due to an emergency, you have to discover modes to charge laptops manually especially if your existing charger breakdown or in case you have lost it you must know other tactics to fill your laptop battery.

One of the popular ways to charge a laptop is through an HDMI cable it seems easy but the process should follow properly to avoid any harm so read through this article on How to charge laptop with HDMI however let us understand whether is safe to charge a laptop with HDMI.

Can you charge the laptop with an HDMI port?

The HDMI cable is one of the best tricks to charge up the laptop while your original adaptor or battery is not working so Yes you can charge your laptop through an HDMI cable however this method is not the long-time solution and suggest you buy a charger as soon as possible.

Additionally, the biggest challenge is processing it is time-consuming as HDMI draws low power from electricity and charging requires high voltage support.

All around this solution is provisional and regular charging can seriously damage the health of your laptop, so are you ready to go through the below-mentioned steps let’s begin.

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 How to charge laptop with HDMI

How to charge laptop with HDMI

Step 1- Check the ports and arrange the HDMI cable

 This method will work only if your laptop has HDMI output and your TV supports an HDMI connection, another thing that is essential to connect and charge the laptop is an HDMI cable it’s a small investment you can easily get from an electronic store or online read more about how to charge laptop with TV using HDMI cable.


Step 2- Connect Laptop and TV ports

If you have an HDMI cable adaptor that acts as a connector then great it’s time to attach both plugs with the TV and laptop, during the charging process you have to keep the TV on, that is it you are done.

Check if the laptop has connected properly and if it hasn’t then reapply the entire process However sometimes it takes time to start your system especially if you end up draining the entire battery so wait before restarting.

After trying everything fails to charge the laptop then it’s possible that the electricity source or voltage is very low in this case you must try a few other ways to charge a laptop without a charger, we have mentioned a few other methods below on how to charge a laptop manually.

How to charge a laptop without an HDMI port?

There are chances your laptop might not have an HDMI connectivity option, especially in older models and MacBook users often face this issue there is a solution you can try and it’s effective for laptop charging.

For instance, this method requires a TV connection and arranging an adaptor that is compatible with the HDMI cable the process is quite similar to the above attach the cable with the TV and laptop lastly make sure the machine started charging or else follow the steps again.


Can I Charge a laptop with a power bank?

This is probably the finest trick if you want to utilize your laptop most importantly you can also carry it outdoors and at the same time you do not need a constant electricity supply again it’s not a permanent solution and also assure your power bank has 40-50 watts with 12v-19v capacity.

The power bank is connectable through a laptop USB type C port or Thunderbolt besides good thing is almost every brand provides Type C connectivity in modern laptops so it’s a quite convenient only concern is whether you have a high-powered power bank.


How to Charge laptop with USB type C through phone

In this method, unfortunately, you have to sacrifice your phone’s battery, all you need is a connector that transmits the power through USB type C to C.

Once you arrange the connector all you have to do is connect both ends of the cable with your mobile and laptop, now do a few settings as per instructions given by your phone it’s pretty easy.


Is it safe to charge a laptop with HDMI?

The HDMI basically meant for connecting external display sources like monitors for presentations and enjoying videos on the big screen.

So there is hardly any electric power that can generate a quick battery boost whereas laptop adaptors are heavy and charge laptops efficiently even though HDMI helps to charge your device but it has a very slow process.

Even though it’s a very unique way to give life to your machine temporarily yet it’s not the safest choice considering the durability of your laptop and TV, it’s pretty much ok in a critical situation where you have urgent work but avoid doing it regularly.


Can I charge the laptop from another laptop?

This is not a convenient option as every laptop has different dimensions when it comes to inbuilt battery wattage and even if your other laptop has the same wattage, it’s not recommended firstly the power transition is the slowest and can damage your machine.

The best solution to this is replacing the battery only in case the voltage consists of similar power to both batteries, moreover suggest you get expert help to follow the process as the wrong setup can cause problems to a delicate part of your laptop.

Lastly, few models do support USB type c adaptors and are equipped with rectangular shapes so if you are lucky enough then try to connect both laptops through USB type C, yet as discussed, it’s not the safest method.

Final words

So here we conclude on How to charge a laptop with HDMI, I am sure this post helps you to find a way to charge your laptop without a charger available, the HDMI is the cheapest and most easily accessible trick to push your laptop battery.

The most promising method is charging through a power bank yes it can cost you more than an HDMI cable yet it’s a little safer option however you just have to ensure the power bank has the capacity to charge the laptop the only drawback is you also have to charge power bank constantly.

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