How much ram do I need in a laptop 2023

The memory of a PC and laptop is an essential part of the system that you can not disregard at any given moment, in fact, it’s as influential as the processor of the device.

If you are not that acquainted with technology, it can be confusing and in case you are one of them this post is proceeding to assist you in detail.

As even though it’s not very difficult to choose yet many users frequently ask How much ram do I need in a laptop.

This is critical in case you do very heavy usage of software like gaming or any designing stuff then the system needs plenty of ram aid.

There is a huge collection of laptops equipped with 2GB to 64GB ram, choosing memory support a lot depends on what kind of work you are on the device, we are shortly going to discuss how much memory do I need on my laptop.

However, let us discuss what is ram and its role in your system, this guide also helps you in case you want to upgrade your old potato laptop so let us begin, moreover if you need a quick answer below is a recommendation.

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How much ram do I need in a laptop in 2023

How much ram do I need in a laptop

The market is loaded with lots of alternatives, for Chromebook users, 4GB does a decent job yet it’s not the most recommended ram size.

For most individuals 8GB is the minimum you must have, I will share my experience soon to make you understand how a laptop with 8GB ram can make a huge difference in efficiency.

Overall, for a lower range, 4GB is pretty much ok to test whether your laptop is running smoothly as there are chances the system lag but make sure to get an upgradeability slot and do not go with a laptop that has ram soldered into the motherboard.

The reason is you cannot extend the memory in the future especially if memory is not replaceable, as at some stage, you need to spend on a new ram so why not spend on a laptop with 8GB memory or above at the time of purchasing?

Let me give an example the latest models are coming with a windows 10 operating system which you must have for more operational installations, this OS takes 2-3GB to operate so you are left with nearly nothing as 50% are already occupied without even opening the single tab or file.

In the below section, let’s discuss the requirements according to working purpose as said a lot relies on what kind of work you do on the computer.

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Video editing, 3D modeling, and rendering:

For users into high productivity work such as video editing as a beginner, you can manage with 8GB make sure you get good support from the CPU, especially for software like Filmora and premier pro you must have a strong processing unit.

These types of applications are CPU extensive than the graphics cards, and of course, memory is equally crucial specifically for rendering your videos you should go with 16GB ideally yet 8GB is pretty much ok, moreover for 3D modeling work, the 16GB is a must along with GPU and CPU as its very intense task.

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How much memory do I need on my laptop for college?

This is depending on what kind of software or work you do during your college and school days, for taking notes and making powerful presentations, online classes, and internet surfing 8GB is standard and capable of delivering lag-free work.

For professional courses like graphic design and engineering, you must have 16GB to run your applications smoothly, as you have a lot of assignments to complete on time and have to submit so it varies on your purpose. 


Coding and programming: 

The programmers as beginners and students 8GB is more than enough, however, if you want to use your machine as a virtual setup and at the same time, you have to use it for coding, in this case, 16GB is definitely recommended as your machine requires more resources to access data.

Also as a programmer, you need to be more versatile in terms of using an operating system, and at any point in your career high chance, that you need to operate Linux OS.

So the overall wise decision is at the initial stage 8GB is what you can aim for, as it does the job also making sure you can upgrade in the future if needed, otherwise in case you do not want to spend extra bucks in the future 16GB memory of a laptop is always a good prospect.


Gaming and streaming: 

The 8GB has become mainstream and it can also run many games easily, especially a few popular ones Roblox, Fortnite, Valorant, CSGO, GTA V, and even heavy games like warzone playable, additionally, you can run multiple applications.

The latest AAA titles and Esports games have become far more demanding and engaging, you should always check the recommended requirements before taking any decision, overall 16GB with the latest generation technology can boost performance.

Yet ram does not directly impact FPS while playing still gaming applications won’t encounter any lag during a gaming session.

For instance, game streaming on platforms such as Youtube and twitch is in trend many gamers do prefer 16GB whereas 32GB makes a smooth ride however it can be overkilled for streaming.

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Game development and designing:

The game developer requires to design animations also in this profession you have to do a lot of testing at every stage including coding, for all this work 16GB is a minimum considerable whereas 32GB makes it even more efficient.

The designing applications including 3D designs and graphic design consumes a lot of memory while in use, here again, 16GB is recommended.

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What is Ram and how does it work?

The ram is also known as “Memory” or “Random access memory”, the basic role of the ram is to help you run any smallest applications or files smoothly while you are working

Any work you do system requires memory to save all the data temporarily once you close the device you lose the data, however, if you save your data in a hard drive it is a permanent space that can be accessed later.

Then why ram is so crucial well it has a big role to play, your computer needs resources to access the data faster, so you can work more efficiently without any headache of buffering and memory provides exactly what the device requires which is to access the information quickly.

Once you start your system ram quickly starts its process even windows to requires memory support, any smallest work can never be done without this small chip, even for opening a word file, the internet surfing ram has the responsibility to give you quick access.

The overall computer works fine till the laptop does not exceed its limit, for instance, if you are running Photoshop on a laptop that operates on 2GB of memory and windows 10 takes about 2-3GB, and if your laptop has a 4GB capacity then your system starts to lag and frizzes.

As the capacity of the machine retains only 4GB and you are operating more than its capacity, anyhow you should have some extra space for memory to access, read more about how much memory I need in my laptop.

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How to choose a laptop with ram?

Only choosing a high amount of memory is not enough you need to be careful while picking up the laptop especially if you have a narrow budget under 300 to 500.

As for keeping laptops efficient, you must know the latest technologies used as older version ram is pretty slow and not worth buying right now, so let’s understand the different types of technology used and which is right to pick.

However, there are many processors and graphics card generation released over the years in pc and laptops, latest ones are always coming with more additional performance advantages, and when it comes to ram there are very limited editions specially in a laptop computer.

Yes, memory has different generations if you ever read the specifications in a laptop there are models written with DDR3, and DDR4 with their speed, now this is very tricky for users, and often make big mistakes let’s compare.


DDR3 vs DDR4 vs DDR5 which is better?

Every gadget like a mobile, laptop, or computer requires ram to run, for a device like a mobile and a tablet, does not require very high-powered memory, under your smartphone manufacturers use low-powered ram.

If you have not figured out yet which is most suitable for laptops then this guide makes things a lot clear, below I have given a good overview with a simple explanation of laptops’ ram generations.

There is no doubt DDR4 is a much better performer than DDR3 whereas the latest released DDR5 generation is faster than both previous generations.

Moreover, to fully utilize the capacity of the machine DDR5 definitely adds value as its energy efficient, and the frequency of the ram is superb.

So for streaming, gaming, and rendering work DDR5 is worth it, however, DDR4 ram is more than capable of handling all these jobs nicely so you do need to stretch the budget.

Besides this is very crucial for those who have a very low budget, however, DDR3 is slower than its counterpart and users do not prefer DDR3 instead you must go with DDR4 due to its good speed and efficiency to handle day-to-day work.

The reason why DDR4 is a must in modern setups is due to the improvement in speed, which also reduces the power consumption of the laptop also enhances the laptop battery life.

Besides DDR4 lower limit speed has similar power compared to DDR3’s higher limit, which basically makes difference while running multiple tabs and files.


How much memory do I need on my laptop Mac?

MacBooks are largely preferred by professionals and students due to their portability and longer battery life.

Also, the latest m1 chip processors are super fast than their older versions, however big question is how much ram is enough in the mac. And is it worth it?

Overall you have mac options with 8GB and 16GB models as well, but most of the variants of the apple MacBook do not come with upgradeable slots like you get in modern machines.

This makes it a little tough decision as the latest modules from apple are quite expensive so I suggest only if you have a budget to spend you can go with MacBook, specifically for programmers its essential equipment.

The simple reason is on mac you can access all the OS including windows and Linux, as a programming and coding professional it gives a much more user-friendly platform, however, 8GB is decent for basic work whereas for a virtual set up you must consider 16GB.

Additionally, another thing you must keep in mind is that in the apple MacBook you do not have fully supportive hardware to run the latest gaming titles, so take decisions according to your needs overall as I said for coding and programming it’s the perfect device.

Frequently asked questions:


Is 4GB ram enough for a laptop?

The 4GB is decent for doing very normal work like working with excel, word, and basic web browsing.

However, this is fine if you are using an older version of the operating system like windows 7, and the user who is using windows 10, should go for at least 8GB ram even for day-to-day work.


Is 8GB ram enough for a laptop?

Yes, for most of the work you can manage with 8GB easily, also you can run a few games as well like Minecraft, and Roblox is playable.

Additionally for video editing too 8GB is decent but in case you do very heavy 4K editing or streaming and run any designing software consider more ram minimum of 16GB is required.


How much memory and storage do I need?

This is depending on your work however in most cases, 8GB ram and 256GB SSD are more than enough.

Yet for heavy files like if you store many games, and videos or you are a professional designer and photographer then you need to be specific while choosing storage capacity.

Dual storage space is ideal for heavy users with 16GB ram can help you to run multiple applications without any lag.


Is 12GB ram good for laptops?

Yes 12GB is good for the laptop for doing day-to-day tasks and also enables it to run video editing software a lot smoother, however for the latest games and for work such as 3D modeling recommended is always 16GB.


Is dual-channel ram better?

The short answer is Yes dual channel support in laptops makes a huge difference in multitasking and performance.


How much ram is too much?

Memory is an integral part of the computer system more ram means your laptop can run the machine smoothly without any slowness, however in most cases 32GB ram is too much.

Nevertheless, do not overthink ram in case of a tight budget as modern laptops, fortunately, come with an upgradability slot, and most of the time memory is not soldered into the motherboard.

You can replace it any time overall 16GB is the sweet spot, in case you are spending a hefty amount, a max of 32GB memory is more than capable of handling any kind of work whereas 64GB is overkilled.

Final words: 

So here it is I am sure you have come to conclusion about How much ram do I need in a laptop, and decided according to your needs, overall, even though it depends on your purpose and daily usage yet 8GB ram with DDR4 generation is what you should aim for.

Even though DDR3 is quite cheap still it’s not the most worthwhile in terms of frequency, and power consumption, also DDR3 has upgradability limitations, whereas DDR4 has no max limit increases speed, and requires less power.

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