How much does a laptop weigh? (Best Answer)

Laptops are transportable devices that are assisting us in working anywhere at the home, in the office, and while traveling, naturally we want laptops that are travel friendly so you do not have to worry about their weight and size.

Since its invention, laptop technology has evolved a lot and there are various kinds of laptops available in the market the right question to ask yourself How much does a laptop weigh?

The weight of the laptops depends on many factors including hardware, battery, inbuilt fans, and screen size.

Additionally, laptops are built in for different purposes to handle basic to advance work, and accordingly, manufacturers built the laptop.

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How much does a laptop weigh

How much does a laptop weigh

Usually, laptops’ weight can vary between 2lb to 8lb, the laptops for day-to-day tasks are light especially the Ultrabook or chrome books they can vary between less than 2.5lbs to 5lbs for more details read the below sections of different types of laptops.

However, gaming laptops are generally heavy weighing above 4.40lb, moreover with the latest inventions even thin and light gaming laptops are available below 2kgs.

Moreover, thin gaming laptops are not designed for playing heavy games, as they are more suitable for handling creative work, you can play games on light gaming machines yet they are not suitable for heavy video play, read more about How much a laptop weigh.

Laptops are still the preferred choice for traveling, there are many users who prefer tablets, still, laptops are not replaceable due to their performance capabilities, so it’s necessary to do proper research before buying a new laptop.

There are a few categories in laptops, we must understand so you can take decisions according to your working style, as not every laptop can do everything, so let’s find out each one of them and how much difference in weight.

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Different Types of laptops


Ultraportable (2lbs to 3lbs)

This type of laptop is the lightest option not weighing more than 3lbs, additionally, the overall making of the device is also very thin and fits anywhere, Apple MacBook air and some of the Acer swift models are classic examples of how ultraportable laptops look.


Desktop replacement (4.40lbs to 6.20lbs)

The desktop replacement also you can name it as a gaming laptop, meant for heavy workloads like designing, editing, and also including for playing games.

The laptops are designed for good viewing systems mostly you get a large screen from 15 to 17” and weight varies from 2kgs to above 3kgs depending on the making.

As this type of machine is designed with a dedicated GPU and for better cooling system manufacturers add more fans make them bulkier.

Additionally, since they are for heavy usage laptops’ battery drains a lot faster, so even battery is heavier used under the device to consume the pressure in a better way.

Overall, even though they are bulkier still you can carry them outdoors to near locations and if you own your vehicle, it becomes a bit easier.


Ultrabook, and chrome books (2lbs to 3lbs)

The ultra-books typically have windows OS and Chromebook with Chrome OS, moreover, both look similar to a laptop with a few differences ultra-books operate offline whereas chrome books require a web connection.

Anyways that is not the point this category of machine’s size can vary anything between 8” to 13” and weight can vary according to size, mostly up to 3lbs and not less than 2lbs, another lighter option is quite popular for business and college.


Notebooks (3lbs to 5lbs)

The Notebook laptops are similar to ultra-books the only difference is most of them have different screen sizes from 13 to 17” and the weight of the machine varies between 3lbs to 5lbs.

Overall Notebooks are also great choices for working professionals as they are thinner and smaller to move around.


Sleek and portable (2lbs to 3lbs)

It’s quite evident from the name itself these laptops are designed for users who are constantly on run, very sleek and lightweight, this category of machines is available from mid-budget to the most expensive.

These computers are generally coming with smaller screens most of the models are 13.3” screens in size, and some examples are 2 in 1 laptops.

The Lenovo Yoga and Mac Pro are good examples, lastly, they deliver quite strong battery life, and overall, it’s not suitable for heavy work like playing games.


Luggable laptops (9lbs to 12lbs)

The luggable laptops are bigger and give a feel more like a PC, very heavy in weight and capable of handling any kind of workload.

The brands not making this type of laptop anymore and there are very few options you can get right now, typically weight of the laptop can go up to 9lbs to above 12lbs.

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How do I choose a laptop for traveling?

The mobility in traveling laptops is the highest priority as you should not feel burdened by the machine, however, do not sacrifice the performance aspect while buying a laptop for traveling, and keep a good combination between portability and performance.

For instance, a travel blogger has to do a lot of editing from images to shooting footage, in this case, you need more storage space.

At the same time, editing task puts a lot of loads on your laptop so with good processing power you need dedicated graphics and a large screen size minimum of up to 14 inches.

Whereas if your workload is not very heavy and does very basic work like web browsing, mailing, accounting, and data entries then you can manage with a moderate machine in this case the ideal choice is a 13-inch laptop.

Additionally, also consider the extra weight of other accessories like the adaptor or battery charger as the manufacturer’s usually written laptops weight in the product description and not the entire weight so read the details carefully.

Also if you carry any other stuff like a headset and extra batteries while traveling then that too adds to the laptop’s weight.  

For basic tasks laptop requirements:

  • Weight: Up to 3lbs
  • Screen size: 13.3” to 14”

For Heavy users:

  • Weight: 3.70lbs to 4lbs
  • Screen size: 14” to 15.6”

Overall ultra-books and notebooks are the preferred choices for the frequent traveler as they are generally lightweight and fit in the bag easily while traveling.

Lastly, if you travel, on I flight then try to choose a laptop as light as possible even less than 3lbs is fine as international traveling has limitations on the weight you can carry in your bag pack.

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How much does a 13-inch laptop weigh?

The 13.” Laptops are the lightest machines designed for users who are concerned about weight, typically this type of laptop weighs not more than 1.35kgs and some of the options are available even up to 1.20kgs.

The popular and highly demanding laptops with 13-inch displays are as below.

  • Apple MacBook air
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Dell XPS 13
  • HP Envy 2 in 1
  • Asus ZenBook 13
  • Acer spin covetable laptop
  • Samsung Galaxy Book Pro
  • Microsoft Surface

How much does a 15-inch laptop weight

This depends on what kind of laptop you are using for instance 15-inch gaming laptops are bigger and bulkier than normal laptops.

Regular laptops with a 15-inch display can vary between 1.50kgs to 1.75kgs and gaming laptops on average weigh around 2kgs to 2.30kgs.

The 1.70kgs is a considerable portable machine whereas gaming laptops you can buy only if you want to run heavy applications.


How much does a 14-inch laptop weigh?

There is not a huge difference between 14” to 15”, however, Yes 14” are still lighter and easier compared to a large screen.

Most laptops vary from 1.45kgs to 1.70kgs, again gaming devices will have more weight up to 1.70kgs.


What is a good laptop weight?

The weight of the laptops is more personal preference and entirely dependent on you, moreover for frequent outdoors visits you need ultraportable laptops even less than 2.5lbs provide comfort overall up to 3lbs is a good laptop weight.


Is it ok to carry a laptop in the bag?

Yes, laptops are delicate and while traveling it’s essential to protect them, in fact, their backpacks are specially designed for storing laptops, make sure to choose a laptop according to the screen size and also handle it with care while traveling in trains and buses.


Is 2kgs too heavy for a laptop?

The 2kg laptops are mostly gaming laptops unless you considering business laptops with the largest display of up to 16 to 17 inches.

The short answer is No 2kg is neither too heavy nor portable you can carry it outdoors, however longer traveling can make your shoulders and neck stiff.


How much does a 17.3” laptop weigh?

The average weight of the machine is 4.50lbs to 6lbs in notebooks whereas gaming laptops’ weight can go beyond 6lbs to 8lbs

The 17-inch laptops are largely found in gaming devices moreover there are machines available in the regular category as well.

The 17” machine is bigger in size and the weight of the machine is very heavy, it becomes more like a desktop PC rather laptop.

Overall it is suitable for gamers, video editors, designers, and to some extent programmers for comfortable viewing in one frame.

Final words:

Weight matters when choosing the best laptops as the main reason to buy laptops over desktops is due to their portability, as a gamer, you have to compromise with a heavyweight laptop.

Whereas with the latest innovations manufacturers make content creation laptops that are lightweight and capable of handling heavy workloads.

So if you do any demanding work creator laptops great choice for you and for basic tasks ultra-books and notebooks are recommended.

So here we conclude about how much does laptop weigh share your thoughts on this topic and if you have any doubts ask in the comments box we can come up with solutions for you.


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