How long does laptop keyboard last? (Best answer & solutions)

The keyboard on your laptop is always in working mode and over the period of usage it’s quite obvious keys deteriorate but how much and how long does laptop keyboard last?

Well, this query should come to your mind while choosing a new laptop and it indicates that you are considering each aspect to value your investment.

Unfortunately, there is no specific and accurate answer to this you have to decide what you are going to do on the laptop as nowadays portable machine is not only used for work but also for gaming and streaming let’s find out the answer.

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How long does laptop keyboard last?

How long does laptop keyboard last

Typically, the average life span of a laptop’s keyboard anything between 3 to 5 years largely relies on quality, usability, and maintenance.

The normal laptop is designed mostly with very low-profile membrane keyboards where basic rubber utilizes a complete set up of a single layer under the keyboard making them less durable as per a few findings the key pressing or keystrokes can perform efficiently up to 5 million presses.

However, this is just an estimated number that gives us an idea about clicks but it does not assure you an exact life span and it’s also dependent on how much the keyboard involves in your day-to-day task.

For instance, a professional like a designer might not use keys while operating but an accountant or data entry operator constantly uses a keyboard on daily basis.

Furthermore, gaming is another task where the laptop switches continuously in action and usually, gaming laptop keyboards are slightly better than regular yet largely manufacturers use membrane keyboards in both types of devices.

Basically, laptop keyboard durability can vary from product to product cheap quality keys last for only 2 years and good quality keyboards can serve you up to 5 years and even more.

Usually, proper care like regular cleaning and keeping the keyboard away from any dust or liquid material enhances longevity if you follow the proper precautions, you can use keys for more than 7 years, and read more about how long keyboards last.

Does a gaming laptop keyboard last long?

A gaming keyboard is very vibrant and colorful in fact in modern machines you get options to customize each key color which is pretty amazing Are gaming laptops’ keyboards good?

The wear and tear are not avoidable but to some extent, we can control the usage and will suggest it to you soon, but gaming is a very intensive task where keys pressing is fast and hard gamers extensively use a keyboard with high intensity.

The movement of fingers cannot be controlled as games are fast-paced and video play is full of momentum, So the gaming laptop clicks usage much higher than regular devices and its quite obvious lifespan is shorter, the gaming keyboard can last up to 2-4 years depending on its quality and how you operate them.

Therefore, most gamers use an external keyboard to avoid utilizing laptop keyboards, the external keyboards ensure more flexibility and comfort.

An especially mechanical keyboard is highly optimized for gaming as they are more durable approx. 50 million keystrokes that can last for decades, we have also written detailed articles on why mechanical keys are better than laptops to know click here.

Lastly, laptops with a mechanical keyboard are also an option that will definitely enhance the gaming experience but I prefer external mechanical keys due to their premium comfort.

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How to maintain a laptop keyboard?

  • To extend the laptop keyboard’s lifespan you must take a few steps from the beginning to avoid any damage as overall keys are meant for working fine, even membrane keys have a max lifespan of up to 5 years.
  • Avoid keeping any liquid, or food near your laptop keyboard as this seems a very tiny thing but damages your laptop keys in long run.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance are a must as this will avoid stickiness and keeps your device away from unwanted dust.
  • Use the anti-dust keyboard protection for your PC and laptop its just like screen protectors which can enhance the durability of the keyboard as protection helps to avoid sticking any dust and does not harm your machine from spilling any food or liquid.

Can the laptop keyboard be repaired?

If your laptop keys stop functioning you might consider if you can change the keyboard well it’s certainly possible to replace it with a new one and it’s not very technical either you can do it by yourself by following the guides.

However, in case you have doubts about how to replace the laptop keyboard, you can take the help of an expert or take the laptop to the service center, additionally check if the warranty is still active on your machine and if yes then before taking any step to consult with the service center.

Further also be cautious while choosing a new keyboard as not every keyboard is compatible with every laptop, therefore discussing with brands’ customer care is very important as they have a better idea about their model and they can fix the issue immediately.

How much does a laptop keyboard cost?

The investment to replace a laptop keyboard largely relies on a lot of things, especially if the laptop exceeds the warranty period, then you have to purchase the keyboard that can cost you anything between 20 to 80 dollars.

Now if you have decided on changing the parts by yourself then service charges are excluded which saves you money but if you are changing with a third party then the investment is higher it can go anything from 40 to 250 dollars, read more about How long do computer keyboard last.

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Is it worth replacing the laptop keyboard?

The laptop is usually a long-term investment and if your laptop keys after pressing not respond properly or have damaged then replacement is the best possible option especially if your laptop is expensive.

As costing is still affordable and more manageable than buying a completely new device, however, suggest you examine thoroughly check the keys in case you are running any applications that your laptop system could not handle then there is the possibility of an inner functioning glitch rather issue with the laptop keys.

Laptop keyboard vs external keyboard

This is the most common question that comes to mind well if you own a laptop and you have to use an external keyboard then it does not solve the portability issue as laptop users mostly prefer working on the laptop due to its ease of use.

The laptop keyboard is not that bad either to work on but the external keyboard is much better as to fit everything a small space manufacturer keeps the keyboard sleek.

Especially if you are using a small laptop then the keyboard becomes even shorter which is not very comfortable also physically your hands, and fingers feel stressed and constant restrictions make your body feel fatigued at times.

Whereas an external keyboard has much more space that ensures faster speed as your fingers, and hands move much faster which increases working efficiency, at the same time it’s good for your physical health.

Lastly as discussed earlier if your profession demands you to type a lot on the keyboard or you like to play games then the external keyboard is the best solution to prolong your laptop’s keys whereas while going outdoors you can manage with laptop keys to avoid extra burden.

Wired or Wireless keyboard

The wired keyboard is always better at providing much better responsiveness, especially while doing gaming wired keyboard is more effective due to its low latency.

The wired keyboards do not allow any sudden hinder to your work whereas the wireless keyboard ensures more flexibility and it does not occupy your ports as it works without a plug connection.

The overall wired keyboard is reliable and usable without any worrying about power drop or the constant headache of battery charging, however for regular use wireless keyboard is also a decent option but for fast-paced reactions, you should put your money on a wired keyboard.

Final words

There is no specific and accurate answer on how long does laptop keyboard last, up to 5 years is a sufficient period for any laptop’s keys to function properly in fact if you are using a membrane keyboard then it completes its duration and value for your money.

Moreover, mechanical keyboards should work fine for more than 8 years easily, yet everything is dependent on your usage be gentle on your keys and do not hard press them unnecessarily also keep cleaning them regularly to maintain their durability.

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