How long does laptop batteries last? (Detail Discussion)

The laptop runs on its battery capacity after a few hours of use battery gets drained, every laptop has a different capability to nurture its battery, and a lot of factors are involved in strengthening battery back up like wattage of the battery, and charger including cooling technology.

If you are concerned about overall battery health then you must take proper care and follow some routine to run the laptop’s battery for a long time, additionally, workload also puts a lot of impact on the battery, read below everything about how long does laptop batteries last.

How long does laptop batteries last?

How long does laptop batteries last

The laptop’s battery durability is around 2-4 years entirely relies on how you maintain it, for instance, this is not the entire lifespan of the battery you do not need to rush immediately to replace it.

As the quality and efficiency reduce over time and the battery starts to drain a lot quicker it’s quite obvious the new machine delivers much better battery performance.

Another factor is also quality of the device’s cheaper laptops won’t accomplish your anticipations and the laptop battery can not last long for more than 18 months, however, also check the wattage of the battery while choosing a laptop, higher watts means the laptop can last longer.

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How long do laptop batteries last per charge?

There is no evident answer to this question it’s very complicated to say the exact hours, for instance running a heavy application eats up the battery far more quickly than a day-to-day task.

However, an average laptop can deliver anything between 3 to 10 hours of span after full charging.

Additionally, this is on regular usage the gaming laptops are the exception, its true that gaming machine has average battery span, and understandably so as the focus of making these laptops are for running demanding games to handle all the task so it requires more resources.

Basically, manufacturers add more efficient hardware by compromising on its battery, the gaming laptops can last anything between 2-5hours completely depending on usage.

If you are playing games on battery then it can drain within 1.5 hours to 3 hours.

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Can I plug in my laptop all the time?

The answer is Yes you can plug in a laptop all the time, especially since modern machines are equipped with pretty advanced technology such as Li-Ion and lithium-polymer batteries where the device stops charging immediately after reaching 100 percent.

Even though there is no danger of exceeding its temperatures and overheating, make sure to keep checking it, as once your laptop gets older it can seriously damage the laptop.

However, it’s a very rare case and if you are using older models then avoid keeping the laptop plugged in all the time.

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 How do I know if the laptop battery is dead?

There are many factors that involve damaging your battery, and some of the bad habits are also putting a lot of impact however there are a few indications laptop starts to show that is enough to understand it’s time to replace it with a new one, some of them are below.


Why Laptop rapidly reduces battery?

Have you plugged in the machine all day without using it and the laptop battery drains in no time?

It’s the first sign of the laptop battery is dead, now just test a few more times before taking any decision, charge your laptop with another adaptor or another external source as there are also chances original adaptor or cable might have a problem.

Laptop charges slow:

If your recent laptop takes longer time, then it’s most probably due to bad battery support, or at times you have to keep the laptop plugin all time to work.

Then it’s time to check the status of the battery and sign that soon have to replace the battery, moreover, you can follow the above-mentioned ways to test the laptop’s battery health.


There are elements in laptops such as inbuilt fans and vents that have the responsibility to keep the laptop cool including the battery, if the laptop starts to heat a lot, then that is because the battery loses its efficiency to cool down during usage.

You can check the temperatures by installing MSI after Burner and if the laptop constantly gets hotter above 90 to 95 degrees and creates a lot of noise so it’s threatening situation immediately stop operating and avoid charging.

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Check the status:

Modern laptops are smartly designed by manufacturers, nowadays laptop itself indicates faulty batteries you can read the message quickly pop-ups as soon as a plug-in to charge the laptop.

Moreover, in case you do not get the indications then you can also take the battery health status on a windows laptop by performing a battery report, whereas Mac most probably issues caution once it requires maintenance.

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What factors hurt your laptop battery?


Low charging:

Ideally, you should not let your battery drop below 20-25% it slowly damages your laptop’s health, however, it’s also recommended not to charge fully.

Always keep the laptop battery maximum up to 90 percent, and always try to carry charging equipment with you or enable battery saving mode once the laptop battery is down up to 20-30 percent.


High Temperatures:

The laptop heating is another factor that can really hurt the efficiency of the battery and its component as well, we all have to toil to achieve our goals yet giving breaks to our machines is a nice idea to avoid overheating.

Additionally, sometimes due to room temperature laptop starts to heat up, try to use a laptop in a cool place probably under the AC temperature or you can also use cooling pads and another method like closing unwanted applications.


Running heavy applications:

This is another very serious factor that can put a very negative impact on laptops’ health, moreover, there is not much we can do about this as it’s a part of working but things like using one software at a time can reduce the stress on the machine.

Additionally, nowadays laptops are quite stronger and built-in with advanced technology yet we can take precautions to make laptops durable.

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 Are 2 hours of battery life good for a laptop?

The 2 hours of battery support is pretty poor in laptops specifically in Ultrabooks and notebooks as they are designed for professional use.

On average laptops should have a minimum of 4-5 hours of battery juice, in fact, there are few business laptops that even deliver up to 7-10 hours of battery life.

Moreover, if you own a gaming laptop or for that matter play games on any laptop and use it for rendering edited videos then 2 hours of battery life is still acceptable.


Can I charge my laptop twice a day?

This is depending on how quickly your laptop battery sucks up after certain use, overall, there is no harm to plug your laptop in for charging twice a day, however ideally put the machine for charging once power drops below 40-50%

Final words: 

So here we conclude about how long do laptop batteries last, at some point laptop battery is going to underperform yet with proper care you can extend their battery life.

Overall it’s not a compulsion that batteries lifetime is specifically up to 3-4 years as sometimes it can work up to 5 years as well, hope this guide helps you to understand laptop batteries’ durability if you have any queries post your comments we are happy to guide you.

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