How long do gaming laptops last?

Are you planning to get a gaming laptop and not sure how long do gaming laptops last? in this article, we are going to discuss the life of a gaming laptop and how you can enhance its durability with proper care.

As not only gaming laptops we always expect any electronic device to run for the maximum time to make your investment worthwhile.

Especially when it comes to gaming machines, we become more specific towards the selection as durability is a concern for many users.

The big reason is the investment it brings into the setup, the bare minimum gaming laptop budget is around 650-750 dollars and at times even above.

Additionally, when it comes to playing the latest video games the investment can go up to 1100 to 1200 dollars, so it’s quite usual to think about How long does gaming laptops last?

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How long do gaming laptops last?

How long do gaming laptops last

The lifespan of a gaming laptop compared to regular devices is definitely shortened, still, a lot depends on how you use the machine and how much investment you have put into the laptop.

As with quality components things such as build quality and material used for making the machine also plays a vital role in its durability.

However, the biggest question is how many years gaming laptops last, now serious gamers use laptops a lot more than a user who plays games casually.

Also, there is a tremendous trend for streaming, and laptops are capable of delivering excellent performance yet it puts a lot of stress on your components such as GPU, CPU, battery, and cooling system.

For normal usage gaming laptops can last for more than 4 years, also if you maintain them properly like regular cleaning and updating of the apps they can even last for more than 7 years, moreover, mid-budget laptops can last for 3-4 years depending on usage.

Additionally, in case you play games for long hours every day or run any heavy applications including stream, even the most expensive gaming rig can not sustain for longer years.

The games start to lag after 2-3 years of usage anyhow the inner hardware still works pretty fine while using regular stuff like data entry, working excel, or web browsing.

It’s just about how much stress you put on your machine; tough modern laptops are made with superb quality materials with a cooling system that is capable of handling all the pressure.

Still in the end gaming is a very intensifying task that uses laptop resources from its inner components.

Also, materials like plastic intend to heat up far more quickly though I didn’t mean that brands use poor quality plastic they do use excellent material but in the low range they have to compromise on their costs. 

Whereas in mid-budget to expensive devices you get far better quality, especially the top chassis, therefore suggestion is always to make a wise decision to spend a little extra.

A higher budget model builds with stronger material like aluminum that increases the durability of the laptop and increases the overall life span of the laptop.

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Is gaming harmful to laptops?

This is a myth about games in particular and many truthfully assume playing games on a laptop destroys its durability.

It’s not entirely true though to some extent I do agree with this if you are trying to run a game on a laptop that is not capable of handling or a machine is not implied for gaming, in this case, video games will put a bad impact on your device that shortens its life.

As regular laptops are not built for games and its largely used for day-to-day work, manufacturers use less powerful processors, and the ram and cooling system is also average in these types of machines.

Besides, most of the appliances do not have a dedicated GPU, because of the low-power components laptop give much longer battery backup, and mistakes many users make they start using it for playing games without knowing the system requirements

However, games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Valorant are easily playable on normal laptops as they are not that hardware demanding still, I urge using a gaming laptop that has designed for playing video games.

If you run high graphical games on the dedicated gaming laptop, it will not put extensive strain as the under-the-machine hardware has the capacity to tackle pressure and is also built with advanced cooling technology.

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How long do gaming laptop batteries last?

The battery in gaming laptops can last up to 2 years or even less about 15-18 months, so after a certain time, you should change the battery.

However, it’s quite easy to do it you can also take the help of someone and make sure to inspect the warranty period before replacing the inbuilt battery.

This is another element users are worried about the battery life of gaming laptops, for instance in the last 3-4 years manufacturers have done a tremendous job by making strong batteries.

And battery hours in gaming laptop has definitely improved the quality yet the overpowered CPU and GPU is resource hungry chip in your system that drains the battery a lot faster.

How do I keep my gaming laptop healthy?

There are a few effective ways you can follow in order to keep your gaming laptop up and running for a longer period of time.

In case you already own gaming laptops below tips going to help a lot and if you have just got a new one, take these actions from the start, so let us discuss the best benchmarks on how to take care of a gaming laptop.


Cleaning your laptop is necessary 

This basic approach but cleaning a laptop regularly enhances its durability a lot, as you are maintaining it nicely.

However, everyone does clean the screen of the device regularly but not many put much care on the inner hardware and keyboard.

Both are overlooked by many, the keyboard is the busiest body of a laptop from outer materials it needs plenty of care.

Especially the dust and foods that make their way easily into the switches, so once in a while make sure to clean the keys with a soft brush.

The inner hardware gets dust over time now it’s not possible or practical to clean every month as the inner components are quite delicate.

However once in 3-6 months is immaculate, and do not skip this process as due to air intake dust keeps building into the laptop that not only harms the durability but also your machine starts to run slowly.

Further, to keep the screen clean and nice you can use a screen protector for your laptop, this keeps away cleaning nuisance, try to use bags to store your machine while not in use, and you can also protect the keyboard from the cover.

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Updating the software and driver

There are many software and drivers you must have in your system, and the proprietors always revise their software.

If you are using an older version it’s time to update them so it can run better, and avoids any lag by eliminating bugs from your laptop.

There are many software windows that keep updating in the background yet a few of the other third-party applications are not under windows then you have to do it manually.

It does not take much time and is quite easy, also keep checking the software you are using to get the latest ones, it’s the best method to make your gaming laptop rugged.


Check room temperature

The gaming laptop is made in a very small space so it gets warm pretty quickly, especially during gameplay which puts a lot of stress on your CPU and GPU.

In this case, you need a much cooler place to run such tasks, regardless best practice is to play games under the air conditioner but if you do not have to facility just try to keep your room as cool as possible.

Overall it’s a very crucial method for keeping a gaming rig long-lasting, if you do it regularly this process also protects the life of the battery, so keep this on your checklist while using the laptop for heavy tasks.

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Use cooling pads

Using pads does not destroy the components it’s a fable in fact it’s the best step towards making your machine less heated and a great solution for someone who is not having access to keep the room cool during working hours.

However, do not use it unnecessarily, use it whenever you require like while playing games or using your gaming laptop for any demanding task like complex video rendering and 3D modeling.


Upgrade the hardware

Even though gaming laptops offer limited hardware upgrades, you have no option for processor and graphics card yet the components like ram and SSD drive are upgradeable.

After 2-3 years memory and hard drive start to slow down, and upgrading can give a new boost to your gaming laptop.

The battery is another piece of equipment under your machine that goes through a lot of pressure as gaming does drain your battery.

In case you are a very passionate gamer consider replacing the battery after 1-2 years depending on the condition, first check the terms and conditions on the warranty before changing it.

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Delete or transfer unwanted files and data

After long use of gaming laptops, the Hard drive must be filled with older files that are either of no use or there is a possibility you need to keep a backup of your work.

You can use the external hard drive to store data and keep the laptop hard drive space free.

Nevertheless, you can also use the safest option google drive to save old files, besides it is also safe to keep your data stored in third-party docs or on multiple drives.

It can enable you to recover your entire applications and data in case of hardware deficiency.


Use Anti-virus applications

On day to day basis, we do a lot of web browsing or use different platforms, especially as gamers you always explore new applications.

In this case, anti-virus applications can keep your gaming laptop away from any possible threat to the efficiency of your machine.


Take a rest between usage

The gaming is long hours session I know as once you sit for playing games you intend to play for 4-6 hours especially the multi-player video games session goes longer.

As it is playable with your friends still it’s always good to provide some rest for you and your laptop as well.

This also makes you more energetic for the next video play and at the same time gives your laptop a break to cool down.

Frequently asked questions: 


Can a gaming laptop last 10 years?

Yes, gaming laptops can last for 10 years with good care and wise use, however, intense gaming is not possible to play for such a long frame of time yet you can do day-to-day tasks such as web browsing, working on data entry, and running basic software.


How long do Asus gaming laptops last?

Asus is a well-known brand in the laptop market, especially for making gaming laptops, their Strix and TUF models are popular in the gaming community.

However, the build quality is just awesome on both series you will never face any issues as Asus puts a lot of effort into making the device sturdy and compact.

However, in 2021 Asus TUF gaming laptops were often criticized for their thermal management system, yet Asus comes with phenomenal work on the cooling system in 2022, overall, Asus’s laptops are nice and also last long like any other reputed brand.


Do Alienware laptops last long?

The short answer is Yes, Alienware makes premium laptops only, though their gaming laptops are quite costly but worth each penny you spend on it from their performance, design, and material, Alienware is a value-for-money brand.


Do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops?

Normal laptops have better durability than gaming laptops as the purpose of making regular laptops is not for heavy usage therefore the CPU built into the machine is not very powerful it’s just capable of handling to day to day tasks.

Also, most of the laptops do not have a dedicated GPU so basically, the formation of components is far more different compared to gaming laptops.

As result you get a good battery backup, and also heating issues are very rare, normal laptops’ life is more than gaming laptops, however, the drawback is you can not run the latest games or heavy applications on these types of devices.

Final words:

In this post, I have discussed and shared my complete experience with how long do gaming laptops last. The conclusion actually relies on usage if you play a lot of games the laptop has shorter life it will run up to 2-3 years on games, still you can use it for other works after a span of 3 years.

An overall gaming laptop is a very smart piece of gadget whose trend is going to increase in coming years and due to very strong competition reputed brands are cutting their prices.

It’s actually the right time to invest in a gaming laptop, furthermore, if you want to save your bugs and someone who is not always on the go then a Desktop is still a strong contender.


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