Top 7 Best cheap laptops that can run Roblox USA (March 2023)- Buying Guide

Roblox is a fascinating game, that is expandable on the average laptop as the hardware requirements are very basic for playing Roblox.

A budget well under 500 dollars can also make your gameplay easy with 50-60 fps thus you have the luxury to select cheap laptops that can run Roblox smoothly.

However, even though Roblox is an easier video game on the list I would still suggest a dedicated gaming laptop especially if you can stretch your budget to above 600 dollars then you have no difficulty in finding a laptop for Roblox.

The reason I am suggesting a gaming laptop rather than a regular device firstly gaming laptops are meant for playing games so the hardware is capable of handling the gameplay, especially the cooling system you find better in a gaming laptop.

Secondly recommended requirements suggest a minimum 2GB graphics card for Roblox which is accessible in a gaming laptop another factor that makes gaming laptops for Roblox better is its refresh rate.

In normal machines 60hz refresh rate on the screen is not ideal for playing games however for games like Roblox 60hz is pretty much ok especially if you are a casual gamer.

Overall gaming laptops brings a lot of positive if your main aim is to run Roblox on your device, but this game is more popular with kids so battery life and portability would be a concern for you in this case you can consider normal laptops for school, and gaming.

Lastly before moving with the discussion above 600 budget is for those who do not want to compromise on the game with ultra settings on 1080p and for a lower budget 400 to 500 is decent but make sure to get good specifications (we have discussed hardware requirements below)

Now in this article, we have listed budget laptops for Roblox ranging from under 500 to 900 dollars you can make your decision according to your spending power and purpose.

Moreover, we have done many tests before listing out the below laptops so read the description to get complete information but before going into an in-depth discussion let’s quickly go through the system requirements for Roblox.

Note: Some of the laptops may vary in price a little yet worth each penny you spend on them.

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Laptop requirements for Roblox in 2023


Minimum system requirements for Roblox

  • Processor: Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 (1.6 GHz speed or higher)
  • Graphics card: Integrated Graphics card.
  • Ram: 4GB with the upgradable slot.
  • Space requires 20MB.
  • Storage: 256GB SSD NVMe SSD.
  • Display size: 14″ to 15.6″ with Full HD resolution.
  • Operating system: Windows 7 to 10.

Recommend system requirements for Roblox 

  • Processor: Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 (2.0Ghz speed or higher)
  • Graphics card: Nvidia dedicated graphics card 2GB.
  • Ram: 8GB DDR4 with the upgradable slot.
  • Space requires 20MB.
  • Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD.
  • Display size: 15.6″ to 17.3″ with Full HD resolution.
  • Operating system: Windows 7 to 10.

Note: The above system requirements are for laptops and not for PC as desktop configurations are different than laptops so let’s begin an overview of the best laptop for Roblox.

Best cheap laptops that can run Roblox in 2023


1. Acer Nitro 5 Gaming laptop


cheap laptops that can run Roblox



  • CPU 10th gen intel i5 10300H, 4 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050, 4GB.
  • Ram 8GB DDR4 is upgradable up to 32GB.
  • Storage capacity 256GB SSD upgradeable.
  • Display 15.6″ with 144hz refresh rate.
  • Good cooling system.


  • Average speakers.


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There is no better choice for a cheap laptop for Roblox than the Acer Nitro 5, as in budget deal laptop provides you amazing features like an intel i5 processor and specially RTX 3050 GPU.

The RTX 3050 GPU makes a great deal for gamers, and it’s apt for Roblox if you are someone who is not only like to play game but also want to design games on Roblox then this is just for you.

Moreover, there are many laptops in this list that supports creating games on Roblox but this is the best laptop for Roblox, and the game is playable on all the settings possible.


CPU 10300H + GPU RTX 3050

Under the laptop, Acer added the Nvidia RTX 3050 GPU that has a max TGP output of up to 75 watts, in this range its the best GPU in the laptop as most of its contemporaries use lower TGP in RTX 3050.

The 75 watts hardly uses resources that enrich the game FPS drastically on Roblox you can expect to change the resolution to 1440p on this video game.

This laptop is designed with 10th gen intel core i5 10300H processor, this CPU has 4 cores and 8 threads with a good base frequency of 2.5GhZ and a max boost of up to 4.5Ghz.

Now in the lower range, you have Ryzen 5600H that we have listed at the 2nd spot which has 6 cores, you should consider Ryzen 5600H technically but the reason why this laptop is slightly more pricey than Lenovo is you are getting RTX 3050 with intel i5.

Besides Roblox is single-threaded and this CPU has a good score on single-threading performance that can generate an excellent gaming experience whereas 4 cores are pretty much fine for multi-tasking however if you want a more economical option go through the below list.


Ram and storage capacity 

The Acer Nitro 5 integrated with 8GB DDR4 ram and 256GB NVMe SSD, the SSD loads windows and applications efficiently.

Whereas 8GB memory has a 2933mhz speed which is pretty much fine for working and playing games.

Both memory and storage are expandable, Ram has an upgradability option up to 32GB, and storage can also be extended easily up to 1TB as there are 2 PCIe M.2 Slots and a 2.5″ Hard Drive Bay provided by the Acer.


Screen size and refresh rate 

It has a 15.6″ display with a 45% NTSC screen offers full HD resolution and IPS technology gives quite vibrant visuals on laptops monitor.

In budget laptops, this device is equipped with better color reproduction.

The highlight of the display you get a 144hz refresh rate which is pretty amazing for gaming as it manages to generate 60 fps on the most demanding games. 


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2. Lenovo Ideapad gaming 3 Laptop 


cheap laptops that can run Roblox



  • CPU AMD Ryzen 5-5600H with 6 cores.
  • GPU GTX 1650, 4GB.
  • Ram 8GB DDR4 is upgradable to 16GB.
  • Storage 256GB SSD NVMe.
  • Display Full HD 15.6” with 120hz refresh rate.
  • White backlit keyboard.
  • Good cooling system.


  • Weight is 2.24 kg.
  • Average ports.


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Are you a fan of Minecraft? the fun fact is this best laptop for Roblox and Minecraft at the same time it is also capable to run games like GTA 5, Fortnite, and many more.

If you have restricted spending power and looking for a better processing system then you probably should read the features of this laptop.

As it has a strong AMD Ryzen processor certainly better than the Acer nitro that we have discussed above yes it has an entry-level graphics card from Nvidia GTX 1650, 4GB and in Acer, you get RTX 3050 GPU.

However, I will not care if I want to play Roblox on a laptop with 1080p resolutions, this is a pretty strong contender and saves your bugs about 80 to 100 making it the best laptop that can run Roblox.


AMD Ryzen 5600H + Nvidia GTX 1650

This laptop combines the popular CPU and GPU combination from AMD and Nvidia.

It is the best possible combo for an entry-level gaming laptop as AMD Ryzen 5600H beats the 10300H processor from intel at a fair margin in both single-core and multi-core performance.

Yes, it offers you a slightly lower-range GPU but Nvidia GTX 1650 is fully optimized for running some of the popular games whereas it’s quite suitable for basic-level editing work.

For Roblox, you do not have to think over very high-end GPU as Roblox uses full power from the processor and requires minimal resources from the laptop’s video card.

The highlight of the laptop’s CPU it’s multi-threading performance which is what makes this laptop one of the strong contenders for CPU-extensive games as most of the games are single-threaded.

But when it comes to multi-tasking 5600H has an impressive Cinebench R23 score above 9000 points, overall it is the kind of laptop that is really nice to have in your setup if you like to do casual gaming.


Ram and storage Capacity

It is featured 8GB DDR4 ram with 3200Mhz speed which has an expandable option up to 16GB, while on the storage front you get a 256GB SSD drive which also makes the laptop boot up faster.

However, the storage capacity is easily upgradeable, overall, it offers a similar feature when compared to Acer Nitro 5 but it is cheaper than Acer nitro and the ram speed is slightly more improved.


Display size and refresh rate 

The selling point of any gaming laptop is its screen, especially the refresh rate, and it stands out in this price tag, the Full HD resolution screen comes with a 15.6” display size.

Whereas the 120hz refresh rate does not sound very high for gaming but its more than enough for playing games, at the 120hz frame rate gamers can run video play fairly at an impressive speed without much worrying about input lag during gaming sessions.


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3. Asus TUF F17 Gaming Laptop


cheap laptops that can run Roblox



  • CPU 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10300H
  • GPU GTX 1650ti, 4GB.
  • Ram 8GB DDR4 is upgradable to 16GB.
  • Storage 512GB SSD.
  • RGB backlit keyboard.
  • Good quality speakers.
  • Battery life 4-5 hours.


  • Weight is 2.30kgs.
  • Heat up after long use on heavy game.


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The Asus TUF is the next laptop for playing Roblox smoothly on our list, technically it costs you more than what we have discussed yet its suitable certain type of gamers and users.

I am going to cover the hardware in detail but one thing we must agree that playing games on a large screen is fun, with laptops you have to compromise on the portability part but it can work well for users who hardly travel.

Another thing that I really like about Asus is its assurance of quality their TUF series laptops made with compact and very tough material ensure durability and makes it a good option for rough users.


Procesor 10300H + GPU Nvidia GTX 1650ti

Now already we have plenty of discussions on the intel i5 10300H processor, in this laptop to not a big difference but it has a different GPU which is Nvidia GTX 1650ti.

These graphics are designed with 4GB video card memory having 80watts TGP maximum power up to 1585mhz.

Now this GPU outperforms GTX 1650 easily by a 15-20% margin which is deciding factor when purchasing a laptop but as discussed earlier Roblox is not graphics intensive game.

So it does not put much effect on performance output unless you are planning to play other heavy games like a war zone and GTA 5.

Whereas again when you compare this laptop with Lenovo Ideapad 3 that we have covered above the processor in the Lenovo laptop has much stronger efficiency than intel, especially in multi-core.


Ram and storage space

In this range, you are not going to expect to get higher ram, 8GB memory is enough for Roblox and doing other regular work.

In fact, you are also able to do video editing for youtube and can also run photoshop on this laptop for normal photo editing.

However selling point of this laptop is its huge storage capacity, the device is equipped with a 512GB SSD which is definitely worth it if you have to store and keep the backup of heavy files and data.

Overall the conclusion is even though hardware like GPU is not stronger than Acer nitro and processor of Lenovo IdeaPad 3 yet is more than enough for playing games like Roblox.

Whereas 500GB SSD is the highlight of this machine you can store multiple games and at the same time you do not have to worry about upgrading storage spaces.


Display size and refresh rate 

Now the screen is completely optimized for gaming, this laptop has a 17.3″ full HD screen that has a 144hz refresh rate. 

The 144hz screen monitor makes it a very impressive laptop for gaming as you get constant clear visuals while playing games at high intensity.

Additionally, a 45% NTSC color gamut delivers decent visuals and 250 nits brightness is something you get in most laptops at a lower price which is acceptable.

The IPS-type display implies you cannot expect true colors on your screen which is slightly disappointing but for gaming, you don’t find any difficulty however in case you do color accurate work then better to skip this laptop.


Cooling technology

The Asus TUF laptop usually has a pretty average cooling system which can be a concern for gamers but Roblox and Minecraft video games are not very heavy so it keeps the machine under control of temperatures.

However long hours of heavy loading work can heat up this laptop so you can manage with cooling pads while running any heavy applications for a longer duration.

Moreover, I am really impressed with its sound quality speakers delivers loud noise better than some of its competitors.


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4. HP Pavilion gaming laptop


cheap laptops that can run Roblox



  • CPU AMD Ryzen 4600H, 6 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia GTX 1650, 4GB.
  • Ram 8GB DDR4 is upgradable up to 32GB.
  • Storage capacity 512GB SSD.
  • Screen size 15.6″ with FHD resolution.
  • Lightweight gaming laptop.


  • Average 60hz refresh rate.
  • Decent venting for cooling.


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If you are concerned about storage capacity and looking for a 500GB SSD laptop, though Asus TUF is ideal, the cost makes it not fit for every user.

However, if you are one of them then you should look out for this HP pavilion device even though the display has a lower frame rate yet not bad either for Roblox but note that you won’t be able to generate the above 60 FPS on any game including Roblox.

In fact, I would say it’s not at all apt for modern gaming requirements but if you have to compromise somewhere while looking out for a cheap laptop that can run Roblox.


Ryzen 4600H vs 5600H vs 10300H

Since we are discussing only cheap laptops for Roblox we are limited with gaming processors yet there are a few strong recommendations like 5600hH, another alternative is again from AMD which is 4600H designed with 6 cores and 12 threads.

Now when we compare both AMD Ryzen CPUs, 5600H is still pretty strong in both single and multi-threaded performance but how much?

Well, we have some benchmarks and results are decent on both yet the 5000 series CPU has over 10 to 15% performance boost on both single and multi-core.

Whereas AMD 4600H is compared with intel 10300H as both CPUs are available in nearly similar pricing, and the results were surprising especially single threading benchmarks.

There is not much difference in performance as 4600H beats 10300H by only 2% so for gaming you do not find any difficulty however for multi-threading benchmarks 4600H leads by a reasonable margin of about 30 to percent.

Overall I would still pick 4600H over 10300H simply due to its capability of multitasking.


Display size and quality

It features with 15.6″ screen size with 45% NTSC color standard and 250 nits brightness, however, it has IPS technology enabled that gives a much better viewing experience than Asus TUF.

As IPS technology delivers slightly better color reproduction than IPS-type display however IPS technology doesn’t assure exact color accuracy.

But it improves the viewing angles from the side and as far as gaming is concerned it won’t affect much whether you are playing on an IPS type or an IPS screen monitor.


Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB + 60hz refresh rate

Under this machine, HP added Nvidia GTX 1650 video card chip which allows you to run video games at a good speed, however, at the competitive pricing brands use MAX-Q design to cut the cost of the laptop.

Yet luckily this HP gaming laptop does not have such a feature under its GPU, now Max Q does not put much effect on low-powered games like Minecraft and Roblox but if you desire to play other games you notice a drop in FPS compared to MAX P GPU.

However, the downside of this device is its 60hz refresh rate which is not ideal for playing games but when it comes to Roblox 60hz frame rate is enough to enjoy games.

Yet in modern technology 60hz is outdated and the brand could have provided a minimum 120hz refresh rate.


Ram and storage capacity

Another worth mentioning feature of this laptop you get a large space for storing your all files and data as it is equipped with a 512GB NVME SSD that also loads the machine faster and operates the windows smoothly.

This HP laptop includes 8GB DDR4 ram, there are 2 slots available one is occupied with 8GB onboard memory and the other one is empty moreover you can upgrade the ram support up to 32GB.


Lightweight Gaming machine

The laptops for gaming are usually pretty heavy and the average weight goes above 2 to 2.20kgs yet the HP Pavilion is one of the thin and light gaming laptop alternatives weighing around only 1.98kgs.

Moreover, the design of the machine is mixed of professional and gaming vibe and there is a green color single backlit keyboard looks nice.

The build quality of the laptop is decent yet there is slight hinge wobbling you can notice but it’s an acceptable range.


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5. Lenovo 5i pro laptop




  • CPU 11th gen intel i5 11300H, 4 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia MX 450, 2GB.
  • Ram onboard 8GB.
  • Storage capacity 512GB SSD.
  • Display 16.1″ with 2.5k QHD resolution.
  • 100% Srgb color gamut.
  • Excellent brightness.


  • Not suitable for heavy gaming.
  • The ram is not upgradeable.
  • Even though a 2GB graphics card is enough for Roblox yet it’s not meant for playing games.


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Next on our list is 2nd option from Lenovo this is the cheapest laptop that can run Roblox, it is the kind of device that I would like to have if I can’t spend above 600 dollars on a gaming laptop for Roblox.

At in very low price, you get an “H” label processor which is optimized for playing games, and 2GB video card memory that is capable of running CPU-extensive games such as Roblox and Minecraft.


11th gen intel i5 11300h + MX 450 2GB GPU 

Usually, to get a dedicated graphics card in the laptop you must have spending power above 600 but this device is having latest entry-level GPU from Nvidia which is MX-450.

Now it is not for playing games and more suitable work such as light video and image editing yet for basic games it’s decent enough to enjoy video play.

There has to be a special mention about its processor under this laptop you get 11th gen intel i5 11300H CPU that is largely used for budget gaming machines which makes it even more valuable and worth each penny.


Display size and quality

The standard size of the laptop screen larger 16.1″ with 2.5k QHD resolution delivers outstanding colorful visuals thanks to the 100% Srgb color gamut and the brightness of the panel is up to 350nits.

In fact, it’s one of the best laptops on our list that delivers true colors on the screen, and brightness ensures use it in slightly bright areas.

Moreover, the laptop has a 60hz refresh rate which is understandable as the main aim of this laptop is to provide a budget alternative to professionals who is in design and content creation.


Ram and storage capacity 

The Lenovo IdeaPad is known for making strong computing systems at very affordable pricing but at the same time provides more than you expect.

Lenovo includes a 512GB SSD that enhanced the efficiency of the laptop and at the price point, there are not many laptops having space for up to 500GB SSD instead you get a 256GB SSD.

It also features onboard 8GB DDR4 ram that is enough for playing basic games and also suitable for multi taking but the downside is you do not have an expandability option for the future.

It is also integrated with a heavy 75watts hour battery and delivers a good battery backup of about 4-5 hours however it also depends on the intensity of your work.

Additionally, connectivity options are impressive you get the latest thunderbolt connection support also there is an SD card reader available and the keyboard has backlit support.


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6. MSI GF 63 Thin gaming laptop




  • CPU 9th gen intel i5 9300H, 4 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia GTX 1650, 4GB.
  • Ram 8GB upgradable up to 64GB.
  • Storage capacity 256GB SSD.
  • Display 15.6″ with Full HD resolution.
  • Thin and light gaming laptop.


  • Entry-level GPU.
  • The screen refresh rate is only 60hz.


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This MSI gaming laptop is another cheap laptop for Roblox you can play the Roblox game at Mid-high settings, and it’s one of those devices that is apt for a thin and light gaming laptop.

If you travel a lot and want to own a gaming laptop this is the best possible alternative.

Intel i5 9300H + Nvidia GTX 1650 MAX Q GPU 

The Intel core 9th gen i5-9300H CPU is capable to handle all CPU extensive tasks with an excellent fast maximum clock speed of 4.1Ghz whereas the base frequency is up to 2.4Ghz.

Now if you want an Intel laptop for playing Roblox then we have some benchmark result on both Intel gaming CPUs that is 10300H vs 9300H and the outcome was surprising as 10th gen CPU beats the 9th generation just by 7 to 8 percent.

It is also designed with Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 4GB graphics card that improves the gaming performance on Roblox however it’s not the most powerful GTX 1650 GPU on our list as it is having MAX-Q support.

The MAX-Q graphics card delivers decent gaming FPS on a game that requires a lot of GPU resources but for Roblox, it’s pretty much fine to generate strong FPS at high settings.

Additionally, due to the MAX-Q design, it offers a better battery back than other gaming laptops as it runs on low TGP than MAX-P GPU.

So is it really any advantage to having this cheap laptop?

Basically, it is depending on your aim, If you are a student for whom portability matters it’s one of the best gaming laptops for Roblox.

Besides its lower graphics power, GPU is still suitable for playing most of the popular games like Wow, sims 4, Valorant, and GTA 5.

Moreover, since GTA 5 and warzone take up a lot of space if you play multiple heavy games then storage capacity is not very ideal for your gaming needs.


Ram and storage capacity: 

In terms of performance, the laptop is equipped with 8GB DDR4 ram, offers you fast performance on games, and is also capable of a high level of multi-tasking whereas it offers you to upgrade the memory up to 64 GB.

The MSI included a 256GB Solid-state drive which is pretty sufficient for saving basic video games in this system, the storage space is a little close-knit yet given the price tag it’s still acceptable.


Display size and quality 

This laptop comes with thin side bezels and a screen size of 15.6″ provides good support for running Roblox it has a standard 60hz refresh rate which is the downside of the gaming laptop.

As usually higher refresh rate is needed for playing games however you can generate up to 60 fps easily on games that are released before 2018, yet in case you play an e-sports game, I suggest a minimum of 120hz.

Another feature that is a drawback of this device the screen is equipped with IPS-type technology which is fine for playing games but not suitable for color-accurate work.

The notable factor about this gaming rig is its weight, gaming laptop has only 1.86kgs weight which is ideal for school and college students.


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7. Acer Aspire 5 slim laptop




  • CPU AMD Ryzen 5500U, 6 cores.
  • Ram 8GB DDR4.
  • Storage capacity 256GB NVMe SSD
  • Integrated AMD Radeon graphics card.
  • Display 15.6″ with Full HD IPS technology.
  • Good battery life.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • Budget-friendly laptop.


  • No dedicated graphics card.
  • Refresh rate 60hz only.


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This Acer Aspire model is the last on line up for the cheapest laptops that can run Roblox, the device is beautifully crafted and looks elegant and suitable for normal official work.

As a laptop is very thin and lightweight, its most powerful non-gaming laptop at very affordable pricing offers you a Hexa core processor from AMD Ryzen.

You can also use this laptop for basic youtube video editing and it’s also capable of playing Roblox relatively at sufficient environments.

However, it’s not for heavy gaming yet this is the kind of machine that I would like to own while looking for a laptop for Roblox under 500.

It is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5500U processor with 6 cores and 12 threads, the CPU as said quite powerful however it’s a “U” series CPU that is meant for day-to-day tasks and not for high-level gaming purposes.

In addition, the laptop is equipped with 8GB DDR4 ram and 256GB NVMe SSD is the highlight of this laptop you can easily store Roblox and other light games in your system.

Under this Acer aspire model you get an integrated AMD Radeon graphics card which is decent for running low-power video games but don’t expect to run heavy games that require graphical support to generate speed and fps.

It comes with a 15.6″ full HD resolution having IPS technology support delivering good wide viewing visuals, and the screen monitor has a 60hz refresh rate something which you have to settle with a regular laptop.

The impressive feature of this laptop is its design and build quality at a very tight cost Acer has done a good job in making a compact machine there is little flex but in an acceptable range and the most notable thing is it has a backlit keyboard.

Additionally device also helps in quick wireless internet connection thanks to WIFI-6 support and the battery life of the laptop on normal usage excellent delivers about 5-7 hours of backup.


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How to choose a laptop for Roblox in 2023 

If you still have not found all your quires on Roblox laptop requirements then read this comprehensive buying guide.

We have done very deep research and tested this 3D video game Roblox on a laptop so let’s begin with the things to consider while choosing a laptop for playing Roblox.



The CPU also known as the central processing unit is a must for any laptop, as it is considered the brainpower of the laptop.

Without a powerful CPU, you cannot do any task smoothly, as for loading your device you need a good processor.

For instance, while choosing the best laptop to play Roblox on, you do not need to think of anything fancy settings yet your device should be powered by the latest CPUs.

However, the clock speed of the machine matters a lot, the minimum processing speed as per the official requirement is 1.6Ghz.

But while testing this game on older PC we found that few hiccups thus we strongly recommend 2Ghz or above processor speed.

Since Roblox relies on single threading performance you can choose an entry-level processor and try to go with a minimum of 4 cores as it provides a better working experience on other software and applications.


Intel or AMD which is the best CPU?

Many gamers are confused between Intel and AMD which one is the best processor for Roblox?

The Roblox uses CPU resources for running games smoothly on your computer, even though both Intel and AMD have few strong CPUs in budget yet when it comes to cheap laptops, AMD is slightly ahead in terms of pricing and performance.

Especially the Ryzen 5 series processor has better-performing capabilities than some of the intel i5 processors so AMD definitely has an edge when it comes to the budget laptop for Roblox.


Ram (Random Access Memory)

The best part about Roblox gaming it does not require very high voltage ram, however, ram is quite important to run multiple applications at once while working.

The ram acquires and ensures the storage of data temporarily, the overall game requires 1GB ram so you can even run the game on 4GB decently.

Yet if you have a budget of 400-500 then you should get a decent laptop to play Roblox, 8GB ram is the minimum requirement for multi-tasking and running all your applications smoothly.

Also, your laptop should have upgradability options of at least up to 16GB, however, if you raise your budget to above 650 to configure proper gaming set up then you easily get a laptop with 8GB and upgradable options.

Also, the latest memory technology is needed in ram support so if you find any laptop with DDR3, then better to avoid it and go with DDR4 ram memory for a smooth experience.


Storage Capacity:

The Roblox needs only 20MB of free storage space so you can compromise with storage capacity yet make sure your device has the upgradable option.

As if you plan to play any heavy games or want to run any heavy software, you will be able to increase the storage in the future.

For Roblox, you can have a laptop with 128GB SSD storage but I suggest a minimum of 256GB SSD as you can also store other data that you use on daily basis.

There are quite a few cheap gaming laptops that offer 256GB SSD, even if it looks low storage as long as it has an extendable option there should not be issues.


Which is the best HDD or SSD?

If you have already an old configure laptop you can manage this game with HDD, whereas for a new laptop for Roblox, there is no way you can think of an HDD.

As SSD performs much faster than HDD that helps your processor to load faster and also windows works much better while uploading.

In fact, if you are owning a laptop that is equipped with HDD then its time to switch to SSD check if the laptop has an upgradability slot, and do it you will experience faster and smoother performance.


A video card (Graphics card)

This game needs a dedicated graphics card to get smooth and sharp images to play games at ultra-level settings.

Though if you have a laptop that is not more than 2–3-year-old you can run it with integrated Chips.

Yet you cannot expect to run the game at high frame rates, also there are many Roblox gamers who prefer to play Minecraft in such cases good to go with the dedicated graphics card.

Especially for Mods + shades, the dedicated GPU is recommended, even if you have a 2GB video card you can run games at fair settings up to 80FPS and even above.

Another thing is if you want to play heavy games such as GTA 5, call of duty, and warzone then a dedicated 4GB GPU will be an excellent pick.

Besides the 4GB video card size, the GPU chip will skyrocket your gaming on Roblox and Minecraft.


Screen size and quality:

The screen quality for playing games must be FHD, even if you are looking for the cheapest laptop to play Roblox, you need FHD resolution as it provides much better visuals that do not put a strain on your eyes.

There are laptops available from 11” to 17” but for gaming, you should consider a minimum of 14” and for a better experience go with 15” with Full HD resolution.

Moreover, there are few gaming laptops that come with an IPS type of screen, it’s true that IPS technology is much better and you must have them in the laptop.

As they help in a better viewing experience with better color but if your aim is only to play games then the IPS type is pretty much ok.


Is a good Refresh rate needed for Roblox?         

The screen refresh rate for smooth gaming is definitely essential thus we always prefer gaming laptops, as the cheapest gaming laptop have better frame rates than regular devices.

The mostly normal laptop comes with a 60hz refresh rate which performs decently for Roblox.

Yet if your device has a 120hz to 144hz refresh rate you will be able to play any heavy games at good settings.

Frequently asked questions


What kind of laptop can run Roblox?

The Roblox game is one of the oldest games that gives you the luxury to choose a laptop under the very tiniest funding.

If you are specifically looking for Roblox then you should focus on a decent processor and graphics card.

Even though the game is playable on an integrated GPU yet dedicated video card makes your gameplay smooth.

System requirements also suggest having a 2GB graphics card on your system to run the game on a laptop or pc.

Now there is a section of users who is not having spending power and they prefer a laptop for Roblox under 300 which is not very ideal for running the game smoothly even though you can still manage to play with few lags yet you must have a much faster device to run game.

There are many budget laptops for Roblox available I would suggest getting an above 400-dollar laptop.

Even though in this range you do not get a dedicated GPU but still, there are a few powerful processors available with a minimum of 8GB ram and SSD making your laptop efficient.

Lastly, the Roblox needs 4GB ram but 8GB is what you must have as it keeps your machine faster and provides a smoother gaming experience.

We have discussed above all the possible cheap laptops that can run Roblox you can read the detailed description as we have covered detailed points on each laptop.


Can I play Roblox on chrome book?

Yes by applying a few tricks you can run Roblox on chrome book but you won’t enjoy gaming on chrome book as a windows laptop is better and faster than chrome book, especially for games.


Is 4GB ram enough for Roblox?

The minimum requirement is 4GB so technically yes you can play Roblox on 4GB but it is not enough to keep computer functionality.

The thing is windows takes 2-3GB on your laptop or pc, for instance, with 4GB memory you are left with only about 1-2GB, so to avoid any glitches 8GB memory is a must for playing any game.


What graphics card is good for Roblox?

Roblox is more processor-hungry rather than graphics card it hardly requires a dedicated GPU, this game uses about only 4% of resources from GPU.

It actually gives you the amenity to buy a budget laptop for Roblox however even a 2GB graphics card is decent enough for rendering gaming visuals on Roblox.

Lastly, if your budget is not allowing you to choose a device with GPU then make sure to get a good processor so it can handle your gameplay.

The laptop model with intel i5 and Ryzen 5 is the best possible processor but it all depends on your spending, for below 450 you might have to settle with the intel i3 or Ryzen 3.


Can you play Roblox on a cheap laptop?

Yes, Roblox is playable on a cheap laptop but make sure to meet the minimum requirements to run this video game smoothly.

Fortunately, the laptop released Whiting 4-5 years are quite powerful even the intel i3 and Ryzen 3 are pretty strong but if you can spend on a laptop that has an intel i5 and a dedicated video card then you won’t find any difficulty in Roblox.

Final Words: 

So let’s conclude the discussion on a cheap laptop that can run Roblox, we have covered everything in detail however our suggestion is not to compromise on performance.

As there is no point in saving a few bugs and getting a laptop that is lagging and running your game slowly.

Fortunately, games like Roblox do not want very highly configured gaming laptops so you do not have to spend 1000 dollars for playing Roblox you can easily manage with a laptop that has a budget of around 500 to 700 dollars there is no need to spend more than this to get the suitable machine for light games.


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