Can you connect your Airpods to HP laptop- Detail Guide

Connecting the AirPods to windows laptops are quite bothersome, especially when you have an HP laptop. You will have to follow some specific methods in order to connect your Airpods to an HP laptop.

Apart from connecting the AirPods to the HP laptop, there are some other problems that you can face while connecting the AirPods to the laptop. For instance, the AirPods may not connect, or they may not reconnect to the laptop.

Below we have a comprehensive guide with different solutions on How to Connect AirPods to an HP Laptop Windows 10, have a look.

First, let’s cover a quick answer on whether Can you connect your Airpods to HP laptop.

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Do AirPods Connect to HP Laptops?

The short answer is yes. All HP laptops can easily connect to the Apple AirPods. This is because all the HP laptops come with Bluetooth functionality, which allows you to connect the AirPods to the HP laptop.

However, not all HP laptops will be able to connect to the AirPods, especially the old models which don’t have Bluetooth functionality.

Not only HP laptops, but all the laptops that have BlueTooth can connect to the Apple AirPods since AirPods only require Bluetooth to connect to the device.

How to Connect AirPods to an HP Laptop?

Connecting the AirPods to the HP Laptop is quite easy and straightforward.

The first thing you need to ensure is that your HP laptop has the Bluetooth feature and that the Bluetooth is working fine.

You can check the Bluetooth of your laptop by connecting it to your smartphone. Once you are done, you can start following the method given below.

1. First of all, turn on your HP laptop.

2. Now, you have to visit the Bluetooth settings page from the Settings Menu or from the Action Center button.

3. You can simply press the Action Center button, which is located in the bottom left of the taskbar.

4. Alternatively, you can press the Windows button + A to open the Action Center on Windows OS.

Can you connect your Airpods to HP laptop5. You can have any Windows version like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. More or less, the steps will be the same.

6. Once the Action Center is open, you need to find out Bluetooth option and right-click on it.

7. As soon as you right-click on the Bluetooth option, you will see two options: Go to Settings and Edit quick actions, so just click on Go to Settings.

Can you connect your Airpods to HP laptop

8. Now a new page will be displayed on your laptop screen.

9. You will see the Bluetooth toggle is off. If it is off, then click on the toggle and turn it on. And if it is already turned on, you need to hit the plus (+) button, which says Add Bluetooth or Other Devices.

Can you connect your Airpods to HP laptop

10. As soon as you press the (+) button, you will see a new pop-up on the screen, which asks you to choose which device you want to connect to.

11. You will get the option for Bluetooth devices, Wireless Devices, and Everything Else.

Can you connect your Airpods to HP laptop

12. Click on the Bluetooth option.

13. Now, you need to take out your AirPods and open the case.

14. Next, you have to press and hold the button on your Apple AirPods case. The button should be located on the backside.

15. When you see a light blinking, release the button. In some models of Apple AirPods, the light is located inside the case or on the front side.

16. After releasing the button, wait for the AirPods to appear on the Bluetooth device option in your HP laptop.

17. The AirPods can show up with a different name, like headphones, etc. Click on the name of your AirPods from the list.

18. Let your HP laptop pair with your AirPods for a few seconds.

19. That’s it. You are done.

So, now you know How to connect AirPods to an HP laptop with windows 10. When you want to disconnect the AirPods from the laptop, you can disable the Bluetooth from the Action Center on your laptop.

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Why Won’t My Airpods Connect to My HP Laptop?

The Bluetooth on the HP laptop might be malfunctioning if the AirPods cannot connect. Moreover, the problem can also lie in your laptop or in your AirPods.

There are certain things you should check when the AirPods are not connecting to your HP laptop. For instance, you need to check the Bluetooth, Drivers, AirPods, and other stuff.

Bluetooth Turned Off: In some cases, you forget to turn on the Bluetooth of your HP laptop, which might be the cause why you are not able to connect your AirPods to the HP laptop.

Bluetooth Drivers Are Outdated: Sometimes, the Bluetooth drivers are outdated or malfunctioning, so you need to update your Bluetooth drivers in order to fix the issue.

If Bluetooth Drivers have malfunctioned, then you need to reinstall the drivers from your manufacturer’s website.

Bluetooth Not Working: If you are still not able to connect the AirPods to the HP laptop, then you should try connecting your laptop to other devices like smartphones, and if the Bluetooth is working perfectly fine, then there is some issue in your AirPods.

But if the laptop is unable to connect to the smartphone as well, the issue is there in your Laptop’s Bluetooth. You can reinstall the complete Windows version or try to update to the latest version. You may also contact the manufacturer for help.

Bluetooth Connected But Audio Not Coming: Sometimes, your AirPods are connected to the HP laptop, but the Audio doesn’t come. This is because you have not selected the AirPods as your primary audio source.

To fix this, you can simply disconnect and reconnect the AirPods and choose them as the primary audio source.

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How to Connect Apple AirPods to a Windows PC?

You can connect the Apple AirPods to a Windows PC, the same way you connected the HP laptop to the AirPods. Here are the steps you can follow to connect Apple AirPods to a Windows PC:

1. Click on the Windows button and click on Settings.

2. On the Settings page, choose Devices.

3. As soon as you click on Devices, the Bluetooth settings page will open up on your screen.

4. First of all, turn the Bluetooth on by toggling the Bluetooth button.

5. After that, click on the Add Bluetooth or another device button.

6. A prompt will pop up on the screen, asking you to select what type of device you want to connect.

7. For AirPods, you need to click on the first option, which is Bluetooth.

8. As soon as you hit the Bluetooth button, the system will start looking for a Bluetooth device.

9. Now, take out the AirPods and open the case. Press and hold the pair button on your AirPods.

10. The device will appear on your laptop screen. The name can be listed as AirPods, AirPods Pro, or headphones.

11. Select the device, and your AirPods will be connected to your Windows PC.

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AirPods Not Connecting to Windows 10

There can be various reasons why the AirPods do not connect to Windows 10. The first one is the malfunctioning of Bluetooth in your Windows laptop.

The solution to this problem is quite simple and easy, and you can follow different methods and check out which one works out for you.

Try Re-Pairing

If the AirPods are not connecting to Windows 10, the first and most simple solution is to reconnect your AirPods to the laptop, and it will simply work out.

  • First of all, open your laptop and press the Windows button + I key on the keyboard, and the Setting app will open up.
  • Click on Devices and then click on Bluetooth & other devices from the left sidebar.
  • On the right side, you will find out the AirPods, so click on them.
  • Click on the Remove device option.
  • Click on the Yes button, and the AirPods will be removed.
  • Now, you can simply reconnect the AirPods and check out if it works for you or not.

Turn Bluetooth On and Off

Sometimes if the first method doesn’t work for you, try switching your Bluetooth on and Off a few times and check if it works or not.

  • Click on the Windows button + I key on the keyboard, and this will open up the settings page.
  • Click on Device and then select Bluetooth & Other devices.
  • Toggle Bluetooth on or off.
  • When you toggle Bluetooth On or Off, make sure to wait for at least 15 to 20 seconds to completely turn the Bluetooth off or on.

Try to Connect One AirPod

You can also connect one AirPod at a time, and this may solve the issue. This is a hidden feature of Apple AirPods.

To test this out, you simply need to take only one AirPod out of the case and connect it to the laptop, and if it works for you, try connecting the other AirPod as well.

Try Windows TroubleShooter

If none of the options is working out for you, you can use the Windows Troubleshooter.

  • Press Windows + R key and type msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic.

Can you connect your Airpods to HP laptop

  • Click Next, and the troubleshooter will be running.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions.


To conclude, this was all about how to connect AirPods to an HP Laptop. Hopefully, you will be able to connect your AirPods to the HP or Windows Laptop without any issues.

The step to connect your AirPods to the laptop is pretty simple and quick. Still, sometimes the AirPods don’t connect to the laptop, for which you can try out the solutions.


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