Can I play sims 4 on MacBook?- Quick answer with solution

In this guide we are going to discuss mostly asked questions Can I Play sims 4 on MacBook, additionally we are also going to discuss the system requirements on mac laptops.

Sims 4 is one of the most beautifully crafted games where you can build your virtual home, the 4th season of the sims franchise has a big fan base where even a MacBook operator also wants to run the game on their laptop.

Can I play sims 4 on MacBook?

Can I play sims 4 on MacBook

Even though Macbook is not meant for gaming as it is made for professional use and construction is also not compatible to run games yet You can play sims 4 on MacBook’s latest models, furthermore Sims 4 is not available on Mac OS yet there is a solution.

The gaming platform known as “Origin” is specially designed for PC gaming, it’s very easy to do and free to install, just create your account for EA games follow the process to get Sims 4 on Mac, and read more about Can I play sims 4 on Macbook?

For instance, the game is playable on the Mac platform but not at smooth or at high settings, there will be a few glitches and lag while playing games.

However, there are certain tricks you can use to keep gameplay decent but do not expect to get max support as sims 4 takes a lot of power from CPU and memory.

When your laptop is designed with a dedicated GPU, it contributes to the performance of the game, and Mac laptops are not equipped with d-GPU, the processing system is quite good in the latest laptops yet it’s not strong enough to play games.

Another reason is the cooling factor for any kind of game is crucial, especially Sims 4 can generate a lot of heat and the MacBook is not having the greatest cooling system that can heat your laptop during a gaming session.

Overall, Mac is decent for gamers who just like to play casually, if you want to really enjoy gaming then suggest you get a gaming laptop for sims 4.

In case you are planning to play games on an existing Macbook laptop then you can try to play on it, below is a few tricks you can test on Macbook for Sims 4.

While playing games do not keep any files, or applications running in the background, also minimizing the graphics and display settings.

It helps you to run the game at a decent level and also check if the applications running at the backend which is not in use and turn them off.

If you are planning for a new device, suggest a good specification laptop combination like CPU, ram, and good cooling system, if possible get a laptop that has a dedicated graphics card.

As a Macbook base variant with an M1 processor available at around 900 dollars, in this budget, there are quite excellent gaming laptops available.

Let us now see the requirements for sims 4 before moving forward we have written a detailed article on sims 4 laptops read more detail here.

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Sims 4 Mac System Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel core i5 or above.
  • Ram Memory: 8GB 
  • Storage capacity: 256GB SSD.
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 680, AMD Radeon RX 560 or above.
  • Storage Space: 15GB Free space.
  • Operating system: Mac OS X 10.11 or above with a Metal MacBook model.
  • Install the Origin platform from EA games.  

The Sims 4 is usually not a very demanding video game yet since you considering Mac for sims 4 then you have a few challenges especially after discussing system requirements you must have noticed that you need D-GPU to play sims 4 on PC.

Overall, you can run with a good processing system as the base model Mac boasts a strong processor and 8GB ram, and storage is also not a very big issue as 15GB space does not occupy storage in an SSD drive.

Yet the biggest challenge is the dedicated video card, Apple MacBook is equipped with an integrated GPU which is why gaming is not recommended on Mac laptops.

However external graphics card is possible to connect with Mac, but GPU is very powerful computing hardware that generates heat during the game and you need a proper venting system this is where Mac lacks.

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Can I play sims 4 on Non-metal Macbooks? 

The mac, unfortunately, moved its support from OpenGL graphics to the most delinquent Metal system, so if you are using the old version of the Mac you won’t be able to run Sims 4 on the device.

However Legacy edition is usable to play sims 4 in case you are using an older mac operating system, the overall latest one with the Metal system is compatible with Sims 4 and Non-metal Macbooks are not recommended.

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Why can’t I play sims 4 on Mac?

Playing sims 4 is possible on Macbook especially the Macbook Air and Macbook pro these are decent enough to run this online simulation game you just have to assemble Origin in your Macbook.

The MacBook with an M1 chip processor delivers strong performance, there is no dedicated GPU to operate in Mac so there are going to be input lags as the processor has all the responsibility to power your game, therefore closing all tabs, and software can help you to get slightly improved performance.

However, gaming is all about smoothness and you need to take action quickly you won’t be able to run the game at high settings as Mac is not for playing games.

The overall game is playable at low settings with few hiccups many times due to heavy loads you have to start the game all over again.

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How to download sims 4 on Macbook?

The first step is to install Origin now you have to utilize the EA platform on your PC and log in to the existing account.

If you do not have one, create and search for the My game section on your Macbook once you get sims 4 just press on the download, and that is it you are done.

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Can I Play sims 4 on Macbook air?

Most MacBook users own the Mac Air model, and the process to install Sims 4 is pretty much the same in all Apple devices, however, as discussed you can play at a low level, not at recommended settings yet it’s quite tough to keep smooth gameplay for longer.

The navigation and moving from one place to another is quite stiff at times, especially the camera and mouse restrict its motion that put lag in performance.

Also, there are chances of thermal throttling during long hours of use as the MacBook is not known for its advanced cooling systems, you can counter this with laptop cooling pads.

Overall if you compare the Mac air and Mac pro, I suggest the Mac pro as mostly these are available with negligibly more memory support and a little stronger processor, it may not be the best laptop for sims 4 yet better than the Macbook air.

Besides as said earlier instead of spending on Macbook for sims 4 you must consider a dedicated gaming laptop especially if you want to enjoy gaming at the fullest at mid to high settings.

Final words 

For instance, the Macbook pro is above 1000-1200 dollars and under this price tag, you easily get a gaming laptop that even possible to run the latest games smoothly.

Just to conclude while spending such an amount you deserve a laptop with RTX 3060 GPU with 8 cores CPU, 16GB ram, and an excellent screen refresh rate of up to 144hz.

Overall these specifications make you play even the most graphically demanding games at high settings.

I am sure this article helps you to know whether can I play sims 4 on MacBook, in case of any doubt post your comments and share your experience if you ever try playing Sims 4 on Mac.


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