Top 7 Best laptops for architecture students USA 2023

As an architect aspirant, you have done all your research on study material and software that you need in your school days, and now you are looking for the best laptops for architecture students that can support you in all the designing, 3D modeling, and rendering work.

There is big hype in the market that as an architect student, you need high powered super-efficient device to give smooth performance.

Well at some point it holds true but it does not mean you need to spend on an expensive laptop, you can manage it with a laptop under 1500 which we are going to discuss below.

In this post we are also going to cover system requirements in detailed discussion as choosing the right laptop is challenging and one wrong decision can make you work on a sluggish laptop during your academic years.

We have done long research on this and listed some of the low budgets to expensive best laptops for architect students, some of them are even suitable for professionals so you do not have to keep searching for new machines after graduating.

Laptop Requirements for architecture laptop

  • Processor: Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 7, (Multicores and high speed are needed for running applications smoothly.)
  • Ram memory: 16GB DDR4 (Upgradable slot up to 32GB for a laptop)
  • Graphics card: At least a dedicated 4GB of VRAM is needed, however ideal choice is Nvidia RTX 3060 or Nvidia Quadro.
  • Hard drive: SSD is a must for fast data access.
  • Storage capacity: 500GB or higher.
  • Display size: 15” to 17” with FHD resolution and anti-glare coating.
  • Operating system: Windows 10 or 11, MacOS (have discussed below which is better)

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Best laptops for architecture students in 2023

In this section we are going to cover some of the top-rated laptops that can run architecture software smoothly on your device, however, you can choose a laptop according to your budget and needs.

Just to give you an overview, In the Initial first year of your course, you are not going to handle very demanding software where your assignments are largely on 2D designs but once you complete first-year projects becomes quite challenging.

During this period you definitely need a strong processing system for drafting and planning whereas for rendering files you must have a dedicated GPU for faster rendering times, additionally, ram plays a vital role, and to back up your data you also need large storage space.

So let us now discuss each laptop……


1. ASUS ZenBook Pro 16X


Best laptops for architecture students


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There are many options for the ZenBook series from Asus, the thing with these variants they are premium laptops specifically made for creators and designers but are a little costly.

This laptop is powered by 12th gen intel core i9 12900H processor that delivers a base frequency 2.5Ghz and a maximum speed of up to 5.0Ghz.

It has 14 cores and 20 threads which boosts the performance of any software, you can run the latest architecture software efficiently on this device, as it is the latest processor that has efficient and performance cores.

Basically, the processor helps to adjust the usage according to your requirement, this stimulates workflow, especially while working on heavy projects.

Under this machine, Asus uses Nvidia RTX 3060, a 6GB VRAM video card that ensures to render of complex footage smoothly, It is integrated with 32GB DDR5 ram which is highly sufficient for a high level of multitasking.

It is enough to work on multiple platforms at once and a 2TB NVMe SSD let you store all your working data in this system. 

The 16.1″ 4K OLED screen produces true colorful images, as it has 100% DCI-P3 color gamut support ensuring excellent color accuracy and the 16:10 aspect ratio delivers wide vivid visuals on the screen panel.

This screen comes with excellent brightness of up to 550 nits, additionally, the laptop has Dolby vision support that makes it a complete value-for-money laptop for professional architects.

It has the latest windows 11 pro operating system that lets you explore the latest features.

It is integrated with a 96whr battery that has the capacity to provide about 3-4 hours of battery backup on normal usage, however, while using on heavy work it can vary especially while rendering footage battery drains faster.

The overall laptop looks very attractive, premium looks with strong build quality enhance the durability and it has thunderbolt connectivity support to speed up data transfer.

Key features

  • CPU 12th gen intel core i9 12900H, 14 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3060, 6GB.
  • Ram 32GB DDR5.
  • Storage Capacity 2TB NVMe SSD.
  • Screen size 16.1″ with 4K OLED support.
  • Excellent color accuracy.
  • Super brightness 550nits.


  • The laptop is heavy.
  • Expensive laptop.


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2. Acer predator Helios 300


Best laptops for architecture students


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There are no surprise Acer Predator helios is the best laptop for architects and interior designers, especially who is willing to spend on a mid-budget machine.

This model from Acer has everything that you require during design and rendering, the specification suitable for running software like Revit, Sketchup, etc

Acer predator is the most talked about device in the laptop world specifically for creators and gamers.

The 11th gen intel core i7 -11800H variant is not only powerful in terms of its 8 cores but also comes with a high maximum clock speed 4.6Ghz 

This processor is incredibly fast for performing your day-to-day architecture assignments, additionally, it is equipped with a future-proof dedicated RTX 3060 Nvidia graphics card.

This Nvidia graphics card has 6GB VRAM graphics memory lets you do rendering smoothly including 3D modeling designs.

It is integrated with 16GB DDR4 ram memory with 2 slots you can extend the memory support up to 32GB.

Besides the upgradability feature, you do not need to upgrade it even after you complete your course as it’s efficient enough to handle all professional tasks of designing.

Creative students do worry about storage capacity a lot when it comes to laptops for various reasons but this device won’t disappoint with its 512GB NVMe SSD which is enough for your college days moreover it’s still acceptable for full-time architects.

Acer has done impressive work on its screen quality on budget this 15.6″ IPS display gives colorful visuals with 100% sRGB color gamut and 3ms response time ensuring a pretty fast panel to enjoy videos.

Overall color accuracy is deciding factor for designers and if you work on any 3D max software this machine will be the top choice on budget, it also comes with an excellent cooling system that authorizes you to do heavy work on it smoothly.

The laptop is packed with good connectivity options USB ports with thunderbolt support, HDMI 2.1, mini display port version 1.4, for web connection RJ45, and wireless support of WIFI-6.

There are a few drawbacks to this laptop, firstly battery backup is Average which is something you have to compromise as an architect student you get around 3-4 hours depending on use, as rendering takes a lot of power.

Another thing is its weight it’s a little bulky and the speaker quality is pretty average, overall it’s definitely the go-to choice for students.

Key features

  • CPU 11th gen intel core i7 with 8 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3060, 6GB.
  • Ram 16GB, 3200mhz with 32GB upgradability.
  • Storage 512GB SSD, upgradeable.
  • Excellent backlit keyboard.
  • Thunderbolt port.
  • Excellent cooling technology.


  • Average battery life.
  • Decent speakers 


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3. MSI GE66 Raider


Best laptops for architecture students


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The MSI gaming laptop is the next best laptop for rendering architecture, this laptop has a 4k UHD screen panel with a pretty overwhelming specification which let you do all sorts of work on it even after graduating from your school you can use it for large projects.

Under the hood laptop has an 11th Gen Intel Core i9 11980HK processor with 8 cores, it delivers a maximum clock speed of up to 5.0Ghz and a regular speed is 2.6Ghz, this CPU does not lag at any given point while working on heavy 3D designs.

As it is integrated with 32GB Ram memory with 3200Mhz allows the user to run multiple applications at once, also you can open web tabs, and files to use simentensoly.

This device has dual ram support which enhances the performance a lot on heavy software and it is upgradable up to 64GB.

Overall 32GB memory support and intel i9 CPU make it a value-for-money laptop for architect students, it also has a dedicated Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, 16GB graphics ram size, it comes with GDDR6 memory support.

This video chip has a maximum of 130watts TGP power consumption and gives a maximum boost clock speed of up to 1635Mhz, this graphics card is capable of 3D rendering and also smoothens the work on 4k footage.

The MSI GE66 Raider laptop uses a 2TB NVMe SSD, which is the highest amount of storage you can get in a laptop on the market, it also helps to load the OS system faster and opens all the images, and videos in a few seconds.

This laptop comes with a 15.6” screen that has UHD 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution and delivers outstanding visuals with 100% Srgb color space, you can enjoy the true colors on your screen, it also has anti-glare support and keeps you comfortable in front of a screen for a long time.

The design and look of the laptop are dashing and stylish, especially the colorful backlit keyboard looks fabulous and the keys are very responsive you can enjoy typing on this MSI laptop also the side bezels are sleek and looks very attractive.

It is integrated with a 99whr battery and delivers decent battery back up certainly better than some of the other options, also you get excellent connectivity options including thunderbolt and there is a webcam added for online meetups.

Key Features:

  • CPU 11th Gen Intel Core i9 11980HK, 8 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, 16GB.
  • Ram memory 32GB DDR4.
  • Storage capacity 2TB NVMe SSD.
  • Screen 15.6” with UHD 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution.
  • Good color accuracy.
  • Strong build.


  • Very expensive laptop.
  • Bulky weight 2.38kgs.


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4. Lenovo legion pro



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This Lenovo laptop has a large screen of 16″ which is not a very ideal situation for students as you have to keep side portability, Yet it’s a remarkably instructed laptop for architecture students in mid-budget due to its super efficient hardware and amazing screen panel.

It highlights with Nvidia RTX 3070, an 8GB GDDR6 graphics card that has a maximum of 130watts TGP power consumption which is extremely powerful graphics processing for 3D modeling and rendering.

This laptop runs on AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor with 8 cores and 16 threads, it delivers a base clock speed 3.2Ghz and a maximum boasting speed of up to 4.0Ghz.

The CPU is capable of running software like Revit, SketchUp, and other productive applications smoothly, along with super efficient processing power it has 16GB DDR4 ram comes with 3200Mhz speed.

Under this machine, Lenovo added 1TB SSD storage space to store all your heavy data and also ensures a faster booting system you enjoy working on it.

The Lenovo has done fabulous work on its super quality 16″ display, it boasts multiple features and functionalities that give you very fine and accurate color accuracy as this 2560 x 1600 resolution has 100% sRGB support.

Additionally, it has IPS technology with a backlight and anti-glare panel to ensure you work on your projects for long hours, also it has both free and G sync technology that does not deliver any blurriness on screen.

Moreover, the screen brightness is outstanding as it has max 500 nits bright panel that helps during outdoor sunlight areas, also HDR technology adds value to your comfort overall it’s the best laptop for architecture schools and professionals.

This laptop offers you windows 11 operating system, it is equipped with excellent connectivity options, and battery life is better than some of the other gaming gigs around 3-5 hours.

The design of the laptop is decent, there is branding at front of the top lid looks nice and the build quality too very compact, the keyboard is smartly built providing a good typo experience.

Key features.

  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800H,8 cores.
  • Nvidia RTX 3070, 8GB.
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 with the upgradable slot.
  • Storage capacity 1TB SSD.
  • Display 16″ with 2560 x 1600 resolution.
  • Good color accuracy.
  • Excellent brightness 500 nits.


  • Bulky laptop.


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5. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14



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This is another alternative to the Asus laptop for architecture students, though it is a mid-budget machine yet it stands out from its counterparts.

As it is built with a Ryzen 9 CPU and high-resolution display that adds a lot of value while doing your architectural school projects, additionally laptop is lightweight only about 3.64 lbs makes it best for students.

This laptop runs on AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processor with 8 cores, 16 threads, and 16MB cache, machine not only runs faster but also ensures heavy multitasking.

This CPU delivers a max speed of up to 4.6Ghz and 16GB DDR4 ram adds value to work on heavy 3D software, also 1TB SSD storage space is enough for saving all the assignments, images, and files in this system.

The 14″ screen comes with a very impressive QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution With IPS type Pantone validated panel and 100% sRGB color gamut, this machine assures you very smooth and accurate vibrant colorful visuals.

On the graphics front laptop runs with an Nvidia RTX 3060,6GB graphics card, it is capable of smooth rendering, and the cooling system of the laptop is good keeping the machine less heated during rendering or working on heavy applications.

The laptop has a good battery backup, it is equipped with a fingerprint reader that provides safety and privacy, and the device is equipped with good connectivity options.

Overall it’s the best laptop for architecture school, but not the most recommended option for professionals as the graphics card though it has RTX 3060 but power consumption is not very high in this variant.

Key features

  • CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS, 8 Cores.
  • GPU RTX 3060, 6GB.
  • Ram 16GB DDR4.
  • Storage capacity 1TB SSD.
  • Screen 14″QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution.
  • Good color accuracy.
  • Lightweight and sleek laptop.


  • The side viewing angles are decent.


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6. Lenovo IdeaPad 3i 


Best laptops for architecture students


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If you are on a very tight budget and looking for the cheapest laptop for architecture students then suggest you check this one, as it can easily handle AutoCAD and 2D designs.

For 3D rendering, it’s a decent option but not the most powerful or fastest device that we will discuss below in detail so let’s review this Lenovo IdeaPad 3i.

The laptop is powered by 12th gen intel i712700H processor that has 14 cores and 20 threads with an impressive clock speed 2.3Ghz and a maximum turbo frequency of up to 4.7 GHz.

Just like the Asus laptop that we have discussed above, this 12th gen processor also provides you with efficient and performance cores that are excellent at very competitive pricing, you can run all the applications easily.

It has a dedicated Nvidia RTX 3050ti with a 4GB graphics card which is pretty much decent for both works, additionally a combination of the Ryzen 12th gen series H-label CPU and this video chip help for good rendering support.

However, if you are working on heavy files on 3D modeling it takes more time to render the complex scenes but at budget, it’s the top laptop for students who are pursuing architecture coursework.

This laptop runs on 8GB DDR4 ram which is decent for Autocad but for other software you need to consider slightly higher ram memory, however good thing is, it is upgradable so suggest you extend the memory up to 16GB as it will make work lot easier.

On the storage front laptop is equipped with a 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, it’s pretty much fine for storing assignments in your laptop, and this NVMe SSD drive also boosts the system faster.

The Lenovo Ideapad 3i has a full HD 15.6″ screen panel has 1920 x 1080 resolution, this machine has a 45% NTSC color gamut that delivers decent color accuracy, yet you can not expect to get accurate colors on the screen which is acceptable in a low budget laptop.

The good thing about this device even though it’s a gaming laptop, the look and design are very minimalistic and simple more looks like a professional business type of laptop.

On the battery front laptop delivers a decent battery back of about 3 hours something which you get in most productive laptops, as demanding work consumes the battery faster, it also has a quick charge system that charges the laptop up to 40% within 15 minutes.

Overall build quality is good there is flex at the top lid but in the acceptable range, the keyboard is properly spaced ensuring a good typing experience.

Key Features:

  • CPU 12th gen intel i712700H, 14 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3050ti, 4GB.
  • Ram 8GB DDR4 with upgradable slot up to 16GB.
  • Storage capacity 512GB NVMe SSD.
  • Display 15.6″ with FHD resolution.


  • Average color accuracy.


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7. Microsoft Surface Studio 



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The Microsoft Surface laptops are very unique and look very professional making them a very good pick for businesses and students, the laptop is ultra-portable and the sleek body comes with premium adjustability so users can manage it as per their comfort and needs.

Additionally, the laptop is built-in with good specs and hardware to work on designing projects also dedicated GPU ensures good visual quality along with decent performance on programs like Vectorworks, and AutoCAD.

This laptop runs on an Intel core i7 11700 processor, this CPU comes with an “H” label which is highly optimized for heavy work and applications, as these types of CPUs are made especially for creative work and mostly for gaming.

Now though it is quite a nice option yet I would not suggest you play heavy games on it, basic games are fine on this machine and the Microsoft surface comes with 16GB ram and 512GB SSD storage ensuring a good fast machine and a good option for multitasking.

It is featured with Nvidia RTX 3050ti graphics card with 4GB support you can do complex rendering on this machine easily, as the RTX 3050ti is still a very powerful and future-proof option, yet it’s not as recommended as RTX 3060 or 3070 as they are the latest options.

Overall, this is a good option if you are looking for a convertible type of laptop for architect students, in this range we have great options from RTX 30 series GPU, but again most of them are not providing portability whereas this one is easier to carry.

The touch screen laptop has a 14.4″ screen with high-resolution support so you can enjoy quality visuals, highlight of the machine is its battery life.

It delivers excellent battery backup on regular use also it comes with a good screen refresh rate of 120hz you can enjoy videos on this panel.

Lastly, the keyboard has made for a smooth working experience, as per the brand it has backlit support as well, the overall touch screen is fairly responsive with the pen you can draw on it easily and it has decent port connectivity to transfer data quickly.

Key features

  • Lightweight and sleek.
  • CPU Intel core i7 11700, 4 cores.
  • GPU RTX 3050ti, 4GB.
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 and Storage 512GB SSD.
  • Screen 14.4″ with FHD resolution.


  • Pricey laptop.
  • Not suitable for large 3D rendering.


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Buying guide- Best laptop for architect students


We have discussed some of the top-notch architect laptops, also I have covered the above quick requirement yet if you have any doubt and want to get into in-depth research then these below buying tips will help you to take a firm decision.


Operating system:

This is more of a personal choice as MacBooks too are very fast in performance and windows laptops also are fine yet I would suggest you go with windows options (will explain them below) the biggest reason is they are most optimal for all the applications and software.

Another thing you should do is to check the software you are going to use in your school or institution, just ask your college authorities and then check if it is available on a particular OS however windows most probably won’t let you down yet it is always good to check before taking any decision.



We all know the importance of processors in laptops, yet when it comes to laptops for architecture students then it can become complicated and confusing, especially if you are not aware of trends and technically you lack the knowledge which can make you take the wrong decision.

So before going into which brand is best, let us understand the requirements of the work of an architect, be it experienced or a student you have to do specific tasks on your machine from modeling to designing and rendering.

All these require both CPU speed and Cores while working on your project, here many users make a big error by selecting dual core laptop which is not the ideal thing to do as planning and drafting do require CPU cores along with ram support.

The quad-core CPU that is 4 cores is decent yet I will highly suggest a 6 cores CPU to render things quickly especially since 3D modeling is very complex so 6 cores help you to do these jobs smoothly.

Lastly, you must have noticed laptops with “H” and “U” series CPUs in the market, if you want to do all your tasks smoothly things such as 3D modeling and rendering, I suggest you choose a laptop with “H” series CPU as they are made for heavy tasks such as gaming, rendering, and designing.

Now if you follow my above suggestion you definitely end up getting a high-clock speed CPU, additionally, there is more to CPU so let us discuss this further.

Intel Vs AMD: Which processor is best for architects?

In the market right now intel and AMD are the 2 best possible prospects, both are top brands that are giving competition to each other.

Since the last few years, Intel CPU comes with better single-core performance, and AMD Ryzen has super multi-thread performance whereas clock speeds are better in intel over AMD.

Honestly, both are excellent you can choose as per your requirement at budget, however, by any chance, you are limited with funds and looking for the best cheap laptop architecture students.

Then suggest you go with the AMD Ryzen 5600H processor it’s very cheap and has 6 cores with decent speed to assist you in work.

In the cheap range from intel, you have the intel core i5 from the 10th gen which is decent for an architect laptop and it comes with quad-core with good speed.

However, when you compare both Amd Ryzen is better due to its 2 extra cores that make your designing capability a little easy.

Secondly, if you have a budget above 1000 then suggest you choose a budget laptop for an architecture student with an intel core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7, if you can spend on an expensive device then anything above this is highly powerful yet make sure the laptop has “H” series CPU.


Graphics card 

We have discussed so much about rendering above, the all 3D software does require a dedicated GPU so you have to get a laptop for an architect student with a dedicated GPU.

Apart from rendering the dedicated GPU ensures better visuals on your screen that make all your work smooth and blissful.

It’s pretty much ok to go with a dedicated 2GB graphics card for students but suggest you go with at least 4GB VRAM graphics and 6GB is ideal for more complex rendering.

The graphics card market is completely ruled by Nvidia’s specially dedicated GPU, AMD makes dedicated video chips but they have limited options in the laptop category.

Moreover, the Nvidia GTX 1650 is a good option for a low budget and if you are willing to spend on a mid-budget then Nvidia RTX 3050 is pretty much standard to render small-size files.

Still suggest you choose RTX 3060 instead as it offers a 6 GB video card which is extremely powerful and value for money in a laptop, this completes most complex scenes efficiently.


Ram Memory

Random access memory is equally important to run architect software on your system, for students at an early stage 8GB is pretty much ok, still, 16GB is highly recommended as you can multitask smoothly and can open multiple tabs, applications, and files.

This should not be a big concern especially if you are on a tight budget as you can go with 8GB but make sure it has an upgradability slot of up to 16GB at least, so if you get any lag you can maximize the memory support, however, if you want to assure and looking for future proof machine choose a laptop with upgradable option up to 32GB.


Storage capacity

This is another very important factor in terms of storage space and also for a faster booting system including loading OS faster.

Before discussing how much storage is enough under a laptop, let us understand why you should always aim for SSD over an HDD drive.

The biggest reason HDD is 5 times slower than SSD and SSD drive also enhances the performance of the machine another factor is SSD ensures better battery backup than HDD.

Though HDD offers high storage capacity yet SSD is always recommended even if you have the lowest budget SSD is a must in your laptop.

Now it comes to how much storage are enough ideally 3D files do take a lot of space so a minimum of 512 GB SSD should have yet as a student more likely to have a low budget than 256 GB is fine but you may have to manage with external sources to save your files.

The last point is always assured a laptop comes with PCIe NVMe SSD over SATA drives as PCIe SSD is far more efficient and faster than SATA.

Moreover, there are few laptops nowadays that offer both storage 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD which is a great option. But make sure HDD has a better speed of around 7200RPM instead of 5400RPM it will perform better in terms of speed.

However, if you are spending on an expensive laptop above 1500 then there are chances you will get a 1 TB SSD laptop which is excellent to save all your files and data with other architect applications.


Display size and quality

The display is not only about size but it has a lot of factors especially if you’re looking laptop for architecture and design.

Let us first discuss screen size, though it largely depends on your comfort yet since we are discussing architecture laptops, a higher screen is better as for designing you need good wide angles.

So a 15-inch screen is always a good screen size for architect students, however, if you are concerned about portability then you can go with a 14-inch device yet a 15″ laptop is recommended option for designing.

Now next concern is quality, well full HD resolution is pretty much ok but the higher resolution will assure you a good viewing angle, also the screen color accuracy for the designing point of view try to go with 100% sRGB color support as it ensures good color accuracy on the panel.


Battery Life:

This is tricky as we know that rendering eats up a lot of power as it’s a very heavy task and if you run software like Revit, rhino, or other 3d modeling applications, it also consumes battery.

So basically you have to compromise with battery life as a student, if your device gives battery back up around 3-5 hours on regular use then it’s pretty much fine.



The laptop for an architect student requires a good CPU and dedicated graphics card, for all this if you have the lowest budget you have to spend above 600-700 dollars.

In this range, you get options of a good “H” series powerful CPU with an Nvidia GTX dedicated graphics card such as GTX 1650, 8GB ram, and SSD drive which make your work decent, though you have to compromise on color accuracy yet as a student it is pretty much ok.

If you do not have to compromise on performance at all and need good color accuracy with the latest CPU, and RTX graphics card you should have a budget of anything between 1000 to 1500 dollars you have plenty of options in this range.


Frequently asked questions


What is the best laptop brand for architecture students?

There are many good brands in the market besides more than brand value, you should concentrate on specs and hardware as these are the factors going to run your applications, designing, and rendering on 2D or 3D files.

Some of the top brands in the market right now as the below suggest, read our buying guide above with the list of best laptops for architect students and take your decision accordingly.

  • Razer blade
  • Dell 
  • Acer
  • Lenovo 
  • Asus 
  • HP


What is the best laptop for architecture students?

We have compiled some of the top 7 best laptops for architect students above with detailed reviews moreover if you want more specific answers then MSI Raider GE-66 is a top-notch choice for those who are not concerned about the budget.

However, for Mid budget, Acer Predator helios is suitable for working on architecture projects, whereas for budget Lenovo Ideapad 3i is pretty much fine as it has the latest CPU even though it has an entry-level GPU yet it can do your job while learning.


Is a gaming laptop good for architecture?

Yes, in fact, you should consider a gaming laptop for architectural work as a professional or as a student.

As simply they come with a super efficient CPU with 8GB RAM and a dedicated 4 GB graphics card guaranteed, additionally all modern laptops do come with SSD which enhances your performance.

Moreover, there are a few drawbacks of gaming laptops firstly they are a little more expensive than other options and quite heavy as well.

Additionally, as they are made with strong components for heavy tasks they consume battery pretty fast yet there is no compromise on the performance it gives smooth working on designing modeling, or rendering.


How much RAM do I need for architecture?

If you are a student you can begin with 8 GB if you are on a tight budget yet make sure the laptop has the upgradable option in the future, so you can extend memory support whenever needed, otherwise, 16GB memory gives you smooth working.

If you are a professional 16GB is a must as you have to work on multiple heavy applications with designing and other stuff, 16GB is enough again to try to get a laptop that has an upgradeable slot in the future even if you are a professional.


Which laptop is good for AutoCAD?

There are two types of designers in AutoCAD 2D and 3D, so basically a lot depends on which kind of designer you are however in AutoCAD CPU speed matters more than cores, and of course, dedicated GPU keeps smooth rendering.

The 2 laptops that I suggest for AutoCAD are Acer predator helios 300 nice picks for the 3D design, comes with an intel i7 CPU and RTX 3060 GPU with 16 GB ram it ensuring good performance.

The Second is Lenovo Ideapad 3i this is the best budget laptop for AutoCAD, especially for 2D designs having the latest processor with RTX 3050ti dedicated video card.

The 8 GB ram is decent you have the upgradable option and the 512GB SSD capacity suitable for students.


Is MacBook good for architects?

The latest MacBook especially from 2020 onwards is super fast and efficient to work on heavy software and though you can manage your work on apple MacBook yet I would recommend a windows laptop simply due to its versatility.

Almost all the software of architect work on windows but MacBook has a limitation on certain applications.

Final words 

So let us conclude I have discussed all aspects in this post on the best laptop for architecture students with a detailed buying guide I am sure you have a clear idea of which machine to choose for your learning days.

While conclusion summary will be to prioritize the latest CPU and dedicated GPU something you must have in your device, ram 8 GB is ok at the beginning but if you work on 3d modeling then 16 GB ram is what you need.

On storage, recommended always 512GB, still, if you have any doubts regarding laptops for architect students then just comment below we will be glad to guide you.

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