7 Best gaming laptops under 2000 dollars in USA 2023

If you have been searching for the best gaming laptops under 2000, you have got plenty of hardware suggestions, especially the CPU and GPU.

Simply because 2000 dollars is enough money in your pocket to get the strongest gaming laptop, these are capable of not only playing games but also streaming.

There are many beast things available in this range, yet besides processor and GPU other features like ram, storage capacity, display, refresh rate and cooling technology become significant.

That is why if your allotment is around 2000 you must be targeting getting an octa-core CPU with RTX 3060 GPU, 16 GB ram, and 500 GB SSD drive, with an above 144hz frame rate, which can put a lot of value to your gaming setup.

However, this is the minimum requirement you must target more than this, as the above specifications are available for under 1500 dollars laptop as well.

As of the modern setup 12th gen intel CPU, RTX 3070 with the latest DDR 5 memory and above 165Hz smooth refresh rate, can actually give the strongest performance on demanding titles, you can extract above 70-100 FPS literally on any game.

This is just a brief, detailed buying guide we will cover shortly but for now, in the next segment let’s go down the list of the 7 best gaming laptops under $2000.

Note: Some of the laptops may vary in price a little yet worth each penny you spend on them.

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Top 7 Best gaming laptop under 2000$ in 2023


1. Asus Rog Strix gaming laptop



Best gaming laptops under 2000


Key Features:

  • CPU 12th gen intel core i9 12900H, 14 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3070ti, 8GB.
  • A gaming laptop with a MUX switch.
  • Ram 16GB DDR5 and 1TB SSD storage.
  • Screen Full HD 15.6″ with IPS-type technology.
  • Refresh rate 300hz.
  • Quick response time.
  • Excellent build quality.


  • Though it does not affect gaming performance Visuals for side angles are decent.


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If the budget is just under 2000 dollars, this Asus Strix laptop is the strongest contender which is why it is at the 1st position on our list.

Under this machine, Asus added the latest features like an RTX 3070ti graphics card and intel 14 cores CPU which is something you deserve while looking out for a gaming laptop under 2000$

Now we have listed a few more RTX 3070 laptops below but Asus Strix is especially for those who like to use modern technologies.

It is designed with a mux switch that is highly beneficial for playing games, as the MUX switch assists your game to generate better FPS.

Whereas this switch you can disable during normal usage this way your battery doesn’t consume rapidly.



The laptop completely shines with modern processors that are suitable for any kind of work, the latest 12th gen intel core i9 12900H CPU makes this device an entirely beast gaming machine.

This intel variant comes with 14 cores and 24Mb cache memory delivering fast performance during heavy rendering and gaming, moreover, the cores are divided into 2 different performing capabilities.

There are 6-P cores and 8-E cores that adjust the usage according to the situation, for instance, performance cores come into action during gameplay and efficient cores activate during normal usage.

This 12th gen intel makes a good combination with Nvidia RTX 3070ti that has a maximum TGP of up to 150 watts and a higher frequency of up to 1460mhz, Additionally, it has 16 GB DDR5 memory that delivers speeds up to 4800MHz.

Overall 12900H with Nvidia RTX 3070ti, you can enjoy gaming even at 4k following up with other features such as ray tracing and DLSS technology with a mux switch that boost the gaming FPS.

There is plenty of space to store maximum games because this laptop is equipped with 1 TB PCIe SSD means no worries about running out of storage soon and the SSD drive keeps the device quick and loads gaming applications fast.


Display size and quality 

Despite having such robust hardware Asus have added many cool features while making the display on this device, firstly the screen size is 15.6″ having full HD resolution with an IPS-type screen.

Now even though there are quite a few other gaming laptops under 2k designed with QHD resolution yet is pretty much fine considering the display supports a 300hz refresh rate and 3ms quick response time provides quick visuals.

The downbeat part though of this device is you get IPS type display which means viewing angles from the side won’t be clear, however, it won’t affect gaming performance and from front viewing angles it looks nice and also delivers good colors.

Additionally, adaptive sync and Dolby vision support keep you comfortable, whereas adaptive sync technology keeps gaming visuals smooth without any stuttering on the screen.

Overall screen is completely optimized for gamers, you enjoy any AAA titles on this Asus Strix laptop.


Excellent cooling technology 

The ROG intelligent cooling system ensures to take away concerns of thermal throttling, the laptop doesn’t warm during heavy gaming, and In-built fans and vents keep the machine under control temperatures.


Build quality and design 

Asus Strix is one of the most beautiful looking gaming laptops out there in the market, specially top chassis looks attractive with the Strix logo on it, laptop shines and gives a complete gaming environment around you.

The build quality is another positive point of this machine very sturdy and compact there is no issue of flex on the top lid and keyboard.

When it comes to the keyboard you get per-key RGB support there is a separate Numpad and keys are tactical responses quickly.


Other features 

With 12th gen intel CPU and mux switch you can expect to get better battery backup compared to other laptops in this range and it has also an integrated 90-watt battery.

This is capable of delivering about 3-4 hours of running time during normal usage like watching movies and doing normal tasks.

The speakers are quite loud and you can enjoy little bass as well all thanks to Dolby Atmos support, whereas it is also enabled with a 3d AI noise canceling feature that benefits you during live streaming and online meetings.


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2. Alienware m15 R7 Gaming Laptop 


Best gaming laptops under 2000


Key Features:

  • CPU 12th gen intel i7 12700H, 14 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3060, 6GB.
  • Ram 16GB DDR5 and Storage 512GB SSD.
  • Screen size 15.6″ with QHD resolution.
  • Refresh rate 240hz.
  • Excellent color accuracy.
  • HDR technology, & G sync technology
  • Dolby Vision support.
  • Gaming laptop with Advanced Optimus.
  • Good cooling system.


  • Very bulky laptop 2.60 kg.
  • Decent speakers sound.


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There are many types of gaming notebooks with multiple brands competing with each other, among them Alienware is all gamer’s dreams and always on their wish list.

Alienware is often overlooked by budget gamers but when you are spending on the best gaming laptop under 2000 dollars, Alienware should be on your checklist.

However, this Alienware model having better quality resolution and hardware functioning is impressive, though the features are the latest yet comparatively lower than Asus Strix and understandably so as it is slightly cheaper than Asus Strix.

Yet it’s quite suitable for challenging games like cyberpunk 2077, and Red dead redemption, overall it would be a nice pick if you could get a laptop with RTX 3060 GPU and the latest 12th gen intel processor.



Under this laptop, Alienware uses 12th gen intel i7 12700H processor, this CPU is designed with 14 cores and 20 threads and it delivers a max speed of 4.70Ghz, this is a very powerful and efficient processor that handles heavy work smoothly.

Now, this processor performs nicely when compare to 12900H which is quite surprising, on single core 12900H beats this CPU just by a 5-7% margin whereas on multi-threading performance gap is only 1-3% making it a strong contender as it is cheaper than Asus Strix.

To assist this CPU while playing games, it is equipped with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card.

This 3060 GPU runs with 6GB video card memory, it is definitely a lower GPU than RTX 3070ti yet it is good enough to play all the games at ultra-settings above 60 to 65FPS.

With great gaming hardware, the laptop fortunately also offers you 16GB DDR5 memory which is pretty fast and 512GB NVMe SSD storage capacity allows you to store multiple applications, moreover, both memory and storage have easy upgrades facility.


Display size and quality 

This Alienware model comes with better display quality at the price tag, a 15.6” screen has a QHD resolution with 240hz refresh rate, it is completely optimized for playing games and G sync technology adds a lot of value to your gaming hours.

As G sync technology means you do not experience any blurring on your screen, additionally 2ms response time runs the power-packed games smoothly, whereas advanced Optimus settings make sure your display responds quickly without any frame drop.

Overall Alienware did a great job by providing a laptop with QHD resolution and other modern features making it the best gaming laptop under $2000.

As it is also enabled with HDR technology and Dolby Vision support that delivers good visuals without much straining your eyes.


Cooling technology 

The Alienware gaming laptops are known for making great cooling systems and this machine also does not disappoint you.

Under the machine, you get plenty of heating pipes with fans and vents that are decent enough to take away all the unwanted heat from the device during a gaming session.


Other features

The keyboard is perfectly made with properly spaced-out keys making you comfortable while using it, each key responds efficiently after pressing and the Alienware laptop also has a lightning keyboard that looks pretty cool during usage.

The trackpad of the laptop also works fine but it’s slightly smaller when compared to other laptop models however you won’t find any difficulty while operating.

Additionally, the design is quite beautiful though most of the Alienware devices are pretty identical in looks, still, it has quite an attractive top lid and the build quality is awesome, won’t experience any flex on the top chassis and keyboard.


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Best gaming laptops under 2000$


Key Features 

  • CPU 12th gen intel 12700H, 14 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3070ti, 8GB.
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 is upgradable up to 64GB.
  • Storage capacity 1TB SSD.
  • Display 17.3″ with 360hz refresh rate.
  • It has a 72% NTSC color gamut.
  • Full-size keyboard.


  • Heavy laptop.


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If you are willing to spend a gaming laptop under 2000 dollars, that is having large screen In order to enjoy gaming to the greatest, then you definitely need to check out this Gigabyte gaming laptop.

While this laptop has impressive specs the difference is its 17-inch screen and excellent upgrading memory feature also it has good color accuracy that let you do designing work on it.

However large screen means you have to compromise on portability as 17-inch gaming laptops are bulky and it actually becomes mini desktops making them harder to carry.



As far as performance is concerned you can easily rely on 12th gen intel 12700H processor with 14 cores and it is also engineered with an Nvidia RTX 3070ti graphics card, overall hardware under this machine justified its budget.

This RTX 3070ti comes with 8 GB memory support that delivers a maximum frequency of up to 1410MHz and a power capacity of up to 130watts.

It is a robust GPU and it combines with an intel processor functional for demanding games and heavy work such as 3d modeling and 3D game development.

Again we would prefer this device over razer blade that we have discussed below specially if you are a serious gamer who plays games in one place but certainly not for those who travel a lot, Additionally 14 cores are always a better choice rather than octa-core.

This Gigabyte Aorus gaming laptop equipped with 16 GB DDR4 ram provides upgradability opportunities up to 64 GB and dual channel memory enhances the gaming performance.

Now, this is more than sufficient for a high level of multi-tasking but 12th gen intel laptops are coming with DDR5 memory technology and this device offers DDR4, it is a little drawback but not a big concern as DDR4 is a complete top performer.

On the storage front, you get a massive 1 TB SSD space making it a complete value-for-money gaming rig specially for gamers who like to do streaming they can store multiple videos under this SSD drive.


Display size and quality 

The screen of the gigabyte Aorus gets your job done on the heaviest games, the laptop has better accuracy in colors thanks to 72% NTSC color coverage.

The overall laptop has excellent Contrast, this 17.3″ screen comes with a 360hz panel that is fully optimized for playing modern titles.

The thin side bezels do look attractive and the anti-glare coating keeps you comfortable, however since this screen monitor has IPS-type technology side viewing angles are not that great yet you can use this device for designing and content creation work.


Cooling technology 

Even though the laptop does not have high standards of cooling system compared to brands like Alienware, razer, and Acer yet it has a decent venting system that drops the heat while executing your working challenging software.


Other feature

This device offers you a full-size keyboard with per RGB keys which are also designed with a separate numerical pad and the touchpad also works fine.

The build quality is sturdy there is no sort of issue such as flex at the keyboard and at the top lid, the machine has a good weight distribution that does not put any wobbling as the hinges are quite strong.

Additionally, the design is not as fancy as you get in other gaming models looks very sophisticated, and Dual speakers with DTS-X ultra audio deliver good sound so you can easily enjoy movies and music.


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4. Razer Blade 14 Gaming Laptop


Key features

  • CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, 8 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3070, 8GB with 100TGP.
  • Ram onboard 16GB DDR4.
  • Storage capacity 1TB SSD.
  • Display size 14″ QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution,
  • Excellent color accuracy.
  • Refresh rate 165hz.
  • Lightweight gaming laptop. 
  • Good cooling technology.


  • Small screen.
  • Ram is not upgradeable.


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If you prefer choosing a Ryzen CPU rather than intel, then this Ryzen 9 laptop should be on your checklist.

Now this CPU is not as powerful as we have discussed above but its the perfect gaming laptop for students and travelers

Simply because it is a light and slim gaming laptop that has a small screen fits into your backpack easily.

Additionally, features are power packed and can play games like a warzone, and GTA 5 at ultra settings including modern games playable over 50-60FPS at high settings.



The gaming performance on this laptop going to be ultra-smooth all games play at high settings thanks to the rugged combination of AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX and Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card.

This Ryzen CPU comes with 8 cores and 16 threads with 20 MB cache, this is quite impressive, it delivers a Max speed of up to 4.60Ghz.

Whereas a laptop has an Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU with 8 GB size having max graphics processing power up to 100TGP, now though RTX 3070 churns out the greatest of performance on modern games.

Yet at the price tag, there are quite a few gaming laptops available with higher TGP in RTX 3070 that can generate max performances, however, razer wanted to give portable gaming laptops.

So they have put 100TGP RTX 3070 which isn’t bad at all, as you can expect to play games on ultra settings on the most demanding games.

It is integrated with 16 GB ram memory with 3200mhz speed and 1 TB SSD is massive space to save all your gaming applications without worrying about a shortage of space.

The drawback of the machine is you can not upgrade the ram however 16 GB is decent enough to work on multiple software still razer could have added an upgrading feature, and the SSD drive is easily upgradable.


Display size and quality 

The razer blade uses a 14″ QHD 2560 x 1440p resolution panel With a 165hz screen monitor, this panel has good brightness and due to a good bright panel, it is usable in slightly bright areas.

Despite having stronger gaming performances you can also use it for creative work where color accuracy matters, as it comes with IPS grade display and 100% DCI-P3 coverage delivers true colors on this panel.

Moreover, free sync technology is enabled for playing games without any stuttering on screen, overall screen is beautifully designed for designers and gamers.

However, 14″ is not the most accurate screen size for playing games still you can manage it, if portability is a big concern for your daily needs.


Cooling technology 

The Razer Blade is another trusted brand that has been making a good laptop with the best cooling system and this laptop also has excellent thermal management.

Overall laptops stay under acceptable temperatures during long hours of operating that allow you to enjoy your gaming sessions, this device comes with vapor chamber technology that is specially designed for gaming laptops. 


Other features

The Razer blade has a very nicely designed laptop, I really like the green color theme on the black color chassis especially because the logo shines a lot.

There are not many cuts like other gaming laptops, the finishing is smooth, and the thinnest gaming laptop allows you to carry it in your hands during meetings.

There is no compromise on its build quality made with top quality aluminum, side bezels are slim still brand manages to add a webcam.

There is no wobbling issue due to compactness and steadiness, the screen stays stable while fast typing, making it a durable and long-lasting machine.

The razer blade is designed with good keyboard support, while pressing the switch it creates a satisfactory sound that indicates you responsiveness of each key.

This is beneficial for gamers who rely on a fast response from hardware, now technically you do not get a full-size keyboard yet since it’s a 14-inch gaming laptop you have to manage without a separate Numpad.

The sound quality of the speaker is loud and clear you can also enjoy a little bass effect overall it is one of the most quality speakers you get in a laptop.


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5. Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop


Best gaming laptops under $2000


Key Features

  • CPU 12th gen intel i7 12700H, 14 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3060, 6GB.
  • Storage 512GB PCIe Gen 4 SSD.
  • Ram 16GB DDR5 with the upgradable slot.
  • Display 17.3″ with Full HD resolution.
  • Refresh rate 144hz.
  • G sync technology.
  • Nice design and a colorful keyboard.
  • Good cooling technology.


  • Bulky laptop.
  • Average speakers.


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If you are looking for the largest display and Gigabyte Aorus is not convenient for you due to its price, then this Acer predator Helios is a great alternative as it saves you a lot of money.

Now, for instance, it features a similar processor that offers a strong processing system as a gigabyte gaming rig, but under this machine, you get RTX 3060 which is again worth it although RTX 3070ti is a much better video card for gaming.

However, it cost you much lesser so at a very competitive budget it provides you with a high-end gaming experience, with almost all the titles playable at 60 FPS at high settings.



For high-level gaming performance, it is powered by 12th gen intel i7 12700H processor with 14 cores and 20 threads which are also paired with Nvidia RTX 3060 6GB graphics card.

This combination is excellent for playing games at ultra-settings at 1080p resolution.

Moreover, the gaming FPS is smooth on this panel without the headache of heating, you can also adjust the cooling settings according to your needs which is enough to accomplish your gaming desires.

This is integrated with dual ram memory, under the machine you get the latest DDR5 technology with 16GB ram memory that runs all the heavy applications without indicating slowness, whereas the laptop is also equipped with 512GB PCIe Gen 4 SSD.

The 512GB SSD seems completely fine for the budget, additionally 2 PCIe M.2 Slots ensure easy upgrades and memory is extendable up to 32GB, overall, it’s enough specifications for modern gaming and streaming needs.


Display size and quality 

This laptop comes with an IPS LED-backlit display which is pretty impressive, it also provides you with much better viewing angles from the side and the IPS panel also ensures excellent color accuracy in images that are perfect for designing.

The biggest advantage of this screen monitor is, it is a large 17.3” screen that delivers Full HD resolution, and also supports a 144hz refresh rate which is exceptional for playing fast-paced games.

However, at this range, there are higher frame rate laptops available yet a 144hz refresh rate is great for hardcore gamers, overall, it gives a better and more satisfactory screen navigation experience during gameplay.

Additionally, the Nvidia graphics card combines with G sync technology which adds a lot of value to this gaming laptop and 3ms response time delivers quick visuals without any delay.


Cooling technology 

The Acer Predator Helios has designed with a superb cooling system it has 3D fan technology which easily dissipates all the warm air efficiently and you can do a few adjustments to settings with help of Acer predator software.

This application you can use during intensive gaming sessions to avoid any thermal throttling and glitches in your game, overall, it has strong thermal settings the only drawback is fan creates noise if keeps on a high level.


Other features

 The Acer predator helios 300 is known for its design and strong build quality, the logo looks very shiny which gives a complete gaming vibe as the design gives a premium vibe and the construction of the machine is compact.

The 4-zone RGB keyboard creates an amazing atmosphere around your gaming room that lifts the mood for playing games.

Additionally, Acer gaming laptops also offer better battery life than some of the other competitors, battery last 3-4 hours depending on your usage which is amazing considering it is a gaming rig.  


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6. MSI Rainbow 6 Crosshair



Key Features

  • CPU 12th Gen. Intel Core i7 12700H, 14 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3070ti, 8GB.
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 with the upgradable slot.
  • Storage capacity 1TB SSD.
  • Display 15.6” with QHD resolution.
  • Excellent color accuracy.
  • Refresh rate 165hz with 2.5ms response time.
  • Good looking design.


  • Average ports and connectivity.


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If you are looking for a laptop for gaming that looks very vibrant in design and at the same time does not compromise on its performance, this MSI gaming laptop is a very unique and proper gaming machine.

This is the little expensive device on our list of best gaming laptops under 2000, technically you have to spend a little more to get this gaming laptop yet quite worth it as you get a complete gaming vibe, so let’s dive into the specifications.



The hardware utilized under the laptops are as the same as you get in the latest laptops under 2000, this is a feature with the 12th Gen. Intel Core i7 12700H processor and Nvidia RTX 3070ti which is remarkable for top-notch gaming performance.

The video card used is quite powerful, it is packed with RTX 3070ti has dynamic boost support, has the capacity to reach max power of up to 140watts, and includes a frequency of up to 1610MHz.

Overall, this graphics card is perfect at this price point and it plays games well at 1080p settings and you can also run them at high resolution.

On the storage front it offers a 1TB NVMe SSD drive, this SSD is quite fast that also boots up the machine within a few seconds.

Moreover, you are also getting 16GB DDR4 ram which is a great edition yet at the price tag other laptops offer the latest DDR5 memory which is a slight drawback point of this MSI gaming laptop.

The MSI laptop is integrated with dual-channel memory that definitely boosts performance while running demanding tasks, even though DDR5 technology could have made difference yet DDR4 dual-channel memory is also acceptable.


Display size and quality 

This laptop comes with a QHD display panel, it also has an anti-glare coating that ensures long hours of gaming sessions and the biggest advantage of this panel is its DCI P3 100% color standards that provide accurate colors of your screen.

The screen size is 15.6” with QHD 1560 x 1440 resolution you enjoy top-quality visuals.

Additionally, MSI knows the importance of fast-paced games which is why the panel is designed with a super responsive 2.5ms time and 165hz refresh rate making it the best laptop for the hardcore gamer.


Other features

It is integrated with 3 cell 53Whr battery delivers decent battery back up about 3-4 hours on normal usage, and the laptop has a nice keyboard that has a very diverse design than some of the other laptops.

Whereas the layout of the keys is properly designed, your fingers move efficiently on the keyboard, additionally it has full-size keyboard support you also get numeric keys.

The build quality is good but not the strongest on the lineup, however, there is no big issue of flex and the hinge keeps the laptop stable, there won’t be any big concern about movement during typing and the top chassis design is beautiful there are cutting edges with logo at center.


Connectivity and ports

Talking about the ports and connectivity, even though I am not very impressed with the options given by MSI still it is pretty much fine if you do not use multiple monitors during your gameplay.

This laptop is designed with USB 2.0, USB 3.2 Gen1 supports Type C, 2 USB 3.2 Gen1, and HDMI that supports connection up to 4K at 60Hz, moreover, it is equipped with Wi-Fi6 and Bluetooth 5.2.


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7. Lenovo legion gaming laptop



Key Features 

  • AMD Ryzen 5800H, 8 cores.
  • GPU Nvidia RTX 3070, 8GB
  • Ram 16GB DDR4 with the upgradable slot.
  • Storage capacity 1TB SSD.
  • Screen size 16.1″ with 2560 x 1600 resolution.
  • Refresh rate 165hz.
  • Free sync and G sync technology.
  • Good color accuracy.
  • Screen brightness 500 nits.


  • Bulky laptop.


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The Lenovo legion has everything a gamer wants from a gaming laptop under 2000, in fact, it’s the budget machine on our list that is packed with fully optimized hardware, capable of high-end gaming.

This laptop not going to disappoint you not only in gaming but also in other tasks, as it has a strong Ryzen processor and RTX 3070 graphics card.

And yes, this AMD Ryzen CPU is released in 2021 yet it has a substantial processing system that allows games to run smoothly.

In addition to the strong components, the screen quality does not let you down you get a great gaming experience on this screen monitor so let’s discuss everything in detail.



Under the hood laptop boasting with AMD Ryzen 5800H processor delivers a base frequency 3.20Ghz and max clocks up to 4.40Ghz, this octa-core processor is quite efficient for working on heavy software including video games.

Now, this CPU is not comparable with the 12th intel generations as they are more power-driven, instead, it’s similar to the 11th gen 11800H processor while we check the performance both are quite similar to each other.

Yes, 11800H has better single trading performance than 5800H but only by 4-5% which does not make big difference in gaming fps.

As under a very competitive budget, this Lenovo legion uses Nvidia RTX 3070 which has a maximum power of up to 130TGP which is pretty amazing and makes it the best laptop for gaming under 2000.

Despite having such high-end graphics cards Lenovo added 16 GB DDR4 ram and 1 TB SSD storage capacity Which is sufficient for storing your all data and files under the system.

Moreover, both memory and SSD are upgradable, this is not the end of features, you also get an awesome screen presence that gives complete value for your money.


Display size and quality 

This Lenovo legion laptop comes with a 16″ screen and has a 16:10 ratio which is amazing for gamers and screen also has a higher resolution 2560 x 1600, this panel delivers nice wide viewing angles thanks to IPS backlit technology.

Additionally, anti-glare technology does not stress your eyes and keeps you comfortable, whereas a 165hz refresh rate enables gamers to run any Latest AAA titles and esports games smoothly.

Lenovo has made one of the brightest screens with up to 500 nits you can operate anywhere easily and a 100% sRGB color gamut delivers exact colors on this panel.

It is designed with different kinds of technologies to ensure gamer get as much comfort as possible, firstly G sync and Free sync support keeps away any stuttering on the screen while running fast pace game on it

There is also DC dinner, Dolby vision, And HDR 400 system applied on the screen, overall incorporating hardware and screen, the laptop ensures power-packed gaming hours.


Other features

This laptop downs the thermal so it does not overheat and avoids any glitches during gameplay.

The design is nice there is the legion logo at the top lid, the keyboard also looks attractive, and the build quality is excellent, the side bezels are sleek still Lenovo has given the 720p webcam.

Battery life is decent in this Lenovo laptop you can use it for 3 hours after full charging, however, it depends on work intensity and speakers create good noise there is also a dual microphone added.


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Buying guide the Best gaming laptop under $2000

We have discussed the gaming laptop under 2000 with detailed reviews yet if you have any confusion then read the below-mentioned estate on how to choose a gaming laptop.

As priority changes with a budget, so let us discuss what you can expect from the laptop on a budget under 2000 dollars since you are spending a hefty amount you deserve a high-end gaming machine that can run everything on the system.


Graphics card (Graphics Processing Unit)

The most noteworthy preference is a dedicated graphics card, now every laptop do have integrated video chips, but what makes gaming laptops different than other ones you get a  separate GPU along with an integrated GPU; therefore, it performs better than regular laptops.

There are 2 brands majorly popular in graphics cards for gaming gigs, Nvidia and AMD, but intel also might come into competition in the coming days for dedicated GPUs yet, for now, these two are in the market.

Specially Nvidia in particular, as most of the laptops for gaming in the market right now come with Nvidia GPU, and I also highly recommend Nvidia GPU as you get multiple opportunities also, they perform nicely and are cheaper as well.

However, AMD GPUs are also good but there are very irregular and they are slightly more expensive compared to Nvidia.

Now having said that the biggest question in your mind must be which is the best graphics card for a laptop under 2000?

There are multiple options you have in the budget you can see RTX 20 series GPU with RTX 2060, 2070, and 2080.

This is a reasonable prospect but since you are spending on a gaming laptop under 2000 then I suggest you go with Nvidia RTX 30 series GPU.

Now in this budget, you have RTX 3050 which is a decent one and good for playing the latest titles but in this budget RTX 3060, RTX 3070, and a few options of RTX 3080 are available which are excellent for gaming.

Also, there are Max-Q & Max-P GPUs designed by Nvidia, now these are nothing but options for you.

Basically, if you want a gaming laptop with full performance dedicated to games only then Max-P is for you and if you want to use the laptop for video games yet want to use it more for productive work you should consider Max-Q

Also, Max-Q design graphics cards are quite sleek and light as well, as less power consumption gives good game performance but not at the level of Max-P.

Overall Max-Q is for those who are looking for a lightweight gaming laptop that is easier to carry and wants to have a little better battery backup for working, but honestly, I prefer Max-P sheerly due to its capacity to deliver top performance.


Processor (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU is also a critical factor when choosing a gaming laptop, in fact along with your graphics card it also consumes CPU power that eventually helps you to run games smoothly.

There are 2 brands in this leading the market, Intel and AMD, both are good but nowadays AMD Ryzen comes with a powerful CPU, especially for gaming, and Intel is also a nice choice for gaming and working.

Also, this really matters of preference as there are many CPU variants produced by both brands, latest 12th gen CPU has outperformed Ryzen CPU so right now in this budget your aim should be to go with Intel processors that are 12th gen intel i7 and i9.

Moreover, some of the other processor models are as below you can also consider these as they are quite powerful and comes with multiple cores, however below listed CPUs are also available for under 1500 dollars.

Intel- 10th-gen Intel core i7 and 11th-gen Intel core i7 are good picks, always higher the generation is better for you.

AMD Ryzen- AMD Ryzen 7 5800H to AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX options you have in this budget.

Remember this we have mentioned according to budget if you have a lower funding than a different generation and lower CPU range such as 10th gen intel core i5, AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, 5600H, and Ryzen 7 4800H are some of the good choices but remember these are decent enough for entry-level gaming.


Ram (Random Access Memory)

This is not the biggest headache as in most of the gaming laptops under 2000 you get 16GB DDR4 ram in fact few beasts are available with 32GB to 64GB onboard ram.

Now if your laptop is having 16GB DDR4 ram onboard then try to go with a laptop that has upgradable options though currently, 16GB is efficient for running multiple tabs and software but always better if you have future upgradability.

Additionally, DDR5 technology has also been released in the market, this can boost your performance a lot and adds a lot of value to your gaming setup, especially if you want to stream the game on twitch and youtube you can consider DDR5 memory technology.

Even though DDR4 technology also runs streaming smoothly yet in a budget of 2000 dollars DDR5 is something you should have in your gaming setup.


Storage Capacity:

If you are into video editing, and streaming, and like to play multiple games then you have to store them in your system then 1TB NVMe SSD storage capacity is definitely nice to have in your machine.

Despite in case you are going with a device that comes with a 512GB SSD then again make sure it has an upgradability possibility in the future, however, a 512GB SSD is also sufficient.

Also, remember in this budget you have a few options with a 2TB SSD which is more than capable of storing the heaviest files, games, and data.


Display size and quality:

Apart from the above hardware next in your checklist should be the quality and size of the screen, in gaming laptops I prefer a 15” to 17” screen size.

The 14” is good for portability, 15.6” is the best pick and 17.3” is decent for those who like to play games on a large screen and want to do editing work, however, 17 inches becomes a little heavy.

Overall best is 15.6” with FHD or QHD resolution, after the screen size for gamers refresh rate of the panel also matters though 120hz to 144hz is going to give you a smooth performance.

If you want a higher frame rate, then it’s always good, as a higher frame rate means you will get maximum performance, and honestly, you deserve a more additional frame panel in the best gaming laptop under 2000.

Now if you are a content creator or designer where color accuracy is needed, in this case, the display color gamut must be 100% Srgb or 72% NTSC as these are going to throw accurate color images.

Moreover, if your main aim is only gaming and going to use regular work then color accuracy does not require but make sure your screen has IPS display technology.

Lastly, there are few machines available that offer good color accuracy with IPS-type screens, this type of panel delivers true color visuals but side viewing angles would be average, but from the front angle, you enjoy the game it does not put any performance issues on gaming.


Connectivity and ports:

In a gaming laptop most important port is HDMI, USB type A, and USB type C ports, also if you are into content creation SD card reader is a very handy option yet if it does not have you can manage with an external Card reader.

However, I also prefer the thunderbolt port but if it does not have as there are multiple laptops that do not come with a thunderbolt then it should at least comes with USB type C.

For internet RJ45 Lan support with Wi-Fi6 and Bluetooth 5.1 for wireless connectivity is a must in this budget bracket, moreover, if you like to attach a monitor to the laptop while playing games then Dsipalyport is also a pleasant addition to your device as it provides much better facility then HDMI.

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Frequently asked questions: 


What is the best gaming laptop under 2000?

This budget allows you to get a robust gaming machine that can run any title smoothly, The Asus Rog Strix gaming laptop is one of the top-rated laptops for gaming under 2000, This laptop offers you Intel-i9 with RTX 3070ti graphics card and a screen is meant for gaming. 


Is 16GB ram enough for gaming?

Though 8GB is decent for gaming yet 16GB is recommended nowadays to give you better multitasking.

But note that Ram does not help in extra FPS still dual channel Ram with a 16GB option, helps you to run heavy software and the latest games smoothly.


Which laptop brand is best for gaming?

While choosing a laptop for gaming you should concentrate on its feature rather than brand value, however, some of the best laptop brands are Asus, Acer, and Lenovo.

These brands make a budget for the most expensive gaming laptops, moreover, if you have spending power above 1500 dollars then you get more choices like Razer, Alienware, and Gigabyte, these all brands are known for making premium gaming laptops.


Final words: 

In this article we have curated some of the best gaming laptops under 2000 with a detailed buying guide, we have listed laptops for all purposes from heavy gaming to working.

In this budget, you deserve the latest CPU with RTX 30 series graphics card so we have listed those alternatives for you, but it does not mean RTX 20 series GPU is not good for gaming but as discussed RTX 3060, and 3070 graphics card has a slight upper hand.

Also, with ram 16GB DDR4 technology is the minimum you must consider with the upgradable slot, however anything above this can give you a lot of value for your money, And for storage try to choose a laptop with 1TB to 2TB SSD onboard whereas 512GB SSD is also a sufficient choice.

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