17 vs 15 inch gaming laptop (Which is better in 2023)


Are you looking for a gaming laptop? But stuck in decision-making on-screen size, well you are not the only one.

It’s not a bad thing either to think over 17 vs 15 inch gaming laptop as you are putting your hard earn cash into the gaming device and everyone has the aim to use the laptop for a longer period of up to 5 years or above.

In this post, I am going to discuss and analogize 15 vs 17 inch gaming laptop so you can make a savvy decision.

I was also going through this confusion while peeking for the best gaming laptop, so I will discuss my experience and how I did my analysis before purchasing a gaming laptop you must think over all these points while making your decision.

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17 vs 15 inch gaming laptop (Quick Answer) 

17 vs 15 inch gaming laptop

The 15″ display laptops are in huge demand and a large number of models are made with 15.6″ as it is considered the standard size for most users.

Also, a large number of people do prefer this as it makes a nice blend between portability, convenience, and performance.

Besides, for gaming a large number of patrons are students and the more youthful generation, so they are to0 find gaming laptops more comfortable with small and sleek designs, 14 to 15-inch machines are quite popular for gaming.

Yet a large screen brings a lot of comfort in terms of viewing and also it performs slightly better due to its better offering of the cooling system in a laptop, now let us go through each point below to understand in detail.

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Comparison between 15-inch and 17-inch gaming laptop 


Size Comparison is a must:

There should not be any surprise that a large screen laptop will have a big size as compared to a 15-inch laptop but how much is the difference?

Well, it’s not necessary to get a physical laptop for comparison or to check, as you can go online on shopping sites and search for models every manufacturer includes the dimension of the gaming laptops.

However, if you do not find them on normal e-commerce sites then you can visit the brand’s official site to read about size, I would share my experience as I have used both screen sizes as a developer I have to operate on different machines every time.

There is definitely an enormous contrast between both sizes this becomes paramount for those who have to use the laptop on the go while traveling as you must be carrying the laptop in your bag all the time.

So you need a device that fits easily into your backup, and a 15-inch gaming laptop is sleek and easily fits into your bag, overall, on average you can notice a difference of about 40-50mm in size depending on the model to model.

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Design and build:

The design of the chassis is similar in 17” and 15” gaming laptops yet there is a remote contrast in its bezels if you look at both closely.

The large screen laptops are typically designed with broader bezels however it is subjective and personal preference yet I prefer small bezels as it ensures a smooth viewing experience from sideways.

Moreover, there are a few models that build the largest screen gaming laptops with narrow edges, specifically from brands like Asus, Sager, Lenovo, and MSI, overall it looks stunning and ensures good visual quality.

For gamers and professionals like video editors, and designers a large screen is far more comfortable than 15”, as it gives a huge advantage over your enemy, and for work, you can see the smallest details quite efficiently.

However, both are quite suitable for these tasks yet 17.3” devices have an edge over its counterpart.

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Weight and Portability:

The 17” display is widely known for its heavy weight and it’s not a hidden fact, for instance, many users think a bigger screen makes it more comfortable for your eyes.

As you do not have to consternate hard while accomplishing long hours of work, that actually to some extent holds true.

Still, there is a compromise in the form of the weight of the machine, most average gaming laptops are equipped with 2kgs to 2.20kgs weight which is a little bulky when compared to regular notebooks and business laptops.

But 17” gigs are the heaviest above 2.40kgs making them difficult to carry outdoors, Lastly, in modern gaming machines, you can find 14” gaming laptops but they are more suitable for content creators.

Under these machines, manufacturers use underclock GPU that is not as powerful as the graphics card used in 15” or 17” gaming laptops.

So if you are into design, animation, and rendering work you can consider 14” rigs, overall average weight in a 14″ laptop can balance between 1.70kgs to 2kgs.

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Cooling System:

Gaming laptops are often criticized for their average cooling system and many times it’s been said due to high-powered CPU and GPU.

For instance, this is not the only reason there are a lot of factors including small space, manufacturers have to put all the hardware in a very small area.

However, technology has evolved now there are amazing gadgets available with excellent cooling systems yet gaming laptops do heat, anyways the point is if your machine has ways to dissipate warm air laptop won’t heat up much and stay at the limit.

The 17″ screen offers better cooling, especially for high-end gaming and during heavy tasks such as 3d modeling, rendering your device does not overheat.

Moreover, it also depends on the model to model it should have enough vents and fans to manage the thermals yet a large screen provides little extra space to eliminate warm air definitely enhances performance.

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The latest gaming laptops have been very effective and productive machines, they are made with super-efficient components capable of running highly intensive visual tasks such as video games.

In fact, many gamers use gaming laptops for streaming too, but the components are not the talking point here.

The reason why a 17.3” display has a slightly better performance compared to a 15.6” screen, is its cooling factor as a large screen eliminates heat quickly and it puts influences efficiency.

Especially on heavy games, otherwise, it’s not a big matter you can do gaming on 15-inch laptops as well.

Additionally, the visibility of games and another productive task also improves immensely, due to more space to see smooth and clear visuals.

Overall efficiency is a pretty cool option right now for gamers who want more screen space as it adds the advantage of putting a few more FPS on your gameplay.

Screen resolution and refresh rate are the top priority

In gaming laptops, you need to put a lot of attention to their quality and refresh rate, this is even more crucial for serious gamers as the high-resolution screen shows crisper and clear images putting you on top of your games.

Besides to enjoy games you need a good refresh rate that is capable of delivering a minimum of 60FPS on every game, on a low budget few gaming devices do offer dedicated graphics cards with only 60hz frame rates which are not very ideal to play the latest games.

For playing games not only the size or graphics card, but the panels refresh rate is also very important to get that extra advantage over your competitor.


The full-size keyboard is in trend as it supplies you with more user-friendly and numeric pads ensuring a desktop-like experience while typing.

However, in both the displays you resolve to get a keyboard with Numpad yet the 17.3” device has a sizeable advantage and the spacing in keys is very narrower you get used to it pretty easily.

Additionally, the few older gaming laptop with 15.6” displays do not build with Numpad so basically you need to see the specifications in case you need full-size keypads.

However, the design is quite similar and depends on budget as in lower range single backlit keyboards available and for above 1000 dollars gaming devices you will have much improved colorful keyboards.

15” vs 17” laptop for programming

This is tricky for programmers as portability is necessary as you have to travel with laptops for meetings, also for coding and programming if you have a large screen, you can do it more efficiently as you can view the entire code in a single frame.

Therefore, it’s a little complicated however 15” is not a bad laptop for programming as while traveling it is much more comfortable and easier to carry if you are worried about more screen space you can always connect an external monitor through HDMI or DisplayPort.

While in meetings with clients outdoors you have to manage with 15.6” or in case clients have projectors you can connect your laptop to give presentations.

However, the extra monitor will put stress on your pocket still it’s worth the solution, lastly, if you work in one place from office 17” is always the preferred option available. 

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Frequently asked questions 


Do 17-inch laptops have better cooling?

Yes, 17-inch laptops have better cooling as it allows a few extra spaces to manage the thermals of your laptop.

However, you need to make sure the laptop has a minimum of 2 in-built fans in the opposite direction with a proper venting system to remove heat from your device while playing games or running any heavy application.


Are 15 inches too small for gaming?

It’s not that small either you can still play games easily on a 15.6” display, its transportable and much easier to take around.

Besides as I discussed above in case you like to play games on a larger screen but do not want to compromise on its portability you can attach external monitors during your gameplay in your studio.

Moreover, screen size is not the only factor that makes your gaming session smooth your laptop must have a good configuration to run your games.


Are 17.3 laptops too big for gaming?

This is a little complex topic as most probably you are planning to get a gaming laptop for you because you are someone who is always on the go and desktops are not the ideal option for you to play games, in this case, yes the 17-inch screen is big for a laptop.

As it actually constructs as a mini desktop version otherwise for gaming the larger screen monitors always made your whole experience comfortable so overall to play games 17 inches is not the that big screen.

Final words on 17 vs 15 inch laptop

Gaming laptops have become very widespread not only due to their excellent performing ability to run games but also because it makes your workflow quite smooth.

Many users always get confused between a 15-inch laptop Vs 17 laptop for gaming, for instance, as I said earlier it’s good to be confused as you will do proper research before taking a big step, as a result, you will always get the best gaming laptop for longer use.

Lastly, I will share my thoughts on both of these popular options for gamers, well I have used both, and undoubtedly while running high-paced games you get a tremendous advantage on a 17-inch screen.

But it’s not bad either on 15”, however for me as a developer always need to carry a laptop for client meetings so I preferred a 15-inch screen, overall it depends on your purpose if your aim is to play only games then 17” is for you.

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